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Las Muerte
Don't be afraid of the size! It can be done in 2,5 h by walking fast and hacking only. Take a hand full of heatsinks with you and you'll be fine. It is hack in sequence and the first task in every mission is to name it's number
Spanish Galleon
Mission 22 is Not doable in the Night because the Bridge is closed.
Spiral Jetty
Completed in just under 2 hours walking. Nice looking, fairly good route,have to cross to other side of road occasionally. Could do with some route updates, missions 6 and 7 share 3 portals. Mission 16 has one portal next to the final portal of mission 17, which means you need to walk the entire block, then turn around and walk back to the start of the block again.
Batman s Villains
Missions can be done in any order. Two are easy, two are moderate, and two are hard. Some missions are capture upgrade, so doing them cross faction may save you a bunch of viruses if you are doing them with a group.

Challenge/completion Coins are still available as of May 2018.

Was able to Google all answers, but punctuation and case are key.
I did this in the winter & walking, that is probably not the best time/way to do it depending on cold tolerance and fitness level. All ports are walk/bike friendly.

There are some 'small gravel' paths and stairs that make the banner shorter however to my remembrance it would have been possible to do them all from a wheelchair or vehicle with lots of looping.

I found Riddler mission the most difficult, ymmv.
Local knowledge is useful, however intel/portal list in IITC can assist visitors in looking at possibilities.
Riddler mission is the most spread out so suggest doing that last possibly with a bike.
Hint provided by when Creator: Riddler mission is in iconic shape.
Milling Around
Answer to question 8 is poat
Answer to question 15 is 1929
Answer to question 18 is 18th
Porta hacking experience #1 3
Das ist entweder eine Tour fürs Auto (an einem Abend zu schaffen, aber man ist dennoch mehrere Stunden unterwegs!) oder man nimmt das Rad. Da wird ein normal sportlicher Mensch aber kaum alle 3 Teile an einem Tag machen. Es sind ganz grob geschätzt 70km und es geht 3x aufs Wiehengebirge hoch. Trotzdem ein interessantes Mosaik - man lernt so ziemlich jeden Stadtteil kennen und sieht erstmal wie groß Porta ist.
Journey of Nils Holgersson
This banner gives a nice and interesting walk in Lanskrona.
Sagrada Familia 2026
Why are there so many Portals with opening hours INSIDE?

Also 41 has the Problem with opening hours