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Viktualienmarkt München
Top. Especially that I discovered the Munich museum this way. Thanks!
Nice and easy banner.
50min while just hacking (nothing blue)
Munich Tramgress Mosaik
In the visitor TG I was already told that Tram lines are changing within Munich. Thus my way was:

1. Tram 19 till Max-Weber-Platz (walk to the Tram 17 stop)
2. Tram 17 till Romanplatz (actually a little bit before, then walk to Romanplatz)
3. Tram 12 till Scheidplatz

Mission 1 I did by foot since at Pasing station I would have to wait 8 minutes until the Tram 19 starts. Till mission 7 everything went well, but then I missed the first portal (Schlafendes Eichhörnchen). I had to tram back, but I missed another portal by drifting too far away. So, I finished mission 7 by foot :( I lost my way at mission 11, left the tram and had to wait on the next one to continue. At mission 13 and 14 again I drifted away and missed two portals, so I repeated and did it partly by foot. The rest went more or less smoothly.

The largest problem is that the last portal of a mission and the first portal of the next mission are sometimes far away. And the Munich Tramgress missions often did not appear under "Mission" in the scanner (maybe the first portal of the next mission was too far away).

All together I needed a bit over 3 hours to complete the mosaic. Very nice mosaic with some hurdles ;)
18 and 12
Banner is intended to be walking, but the first few missions are a ways out around the south side of the stadium and the last 5 or 6 missions are also spread out with some back tracking. It was ok overall, but allow a 2-4 hours and I'd even recommend a bike.
Cardiff Skyline
Nice quick banner, except for the first portal of mission 9 being a bit off course.
Also mission 10 may not be accessible when the walkway is closed.

EDIT: contacted creator, first portal of mission 9 was moved, mission edit has been submitted already
Great banner with a fairly logical route. The only possible downside I can think of is that the missions are any-order, but in this case it's acceptible.
Awesome banner to do in a quick walk through Bremen