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Bonner Republik - Path of Democracy
Schöne Runde für den Feierabend.
Wegführung der 6. Mission könnte m. E. sinnvoller Richtung Ausgangspunkt gelegt werden.
Whaleomaly is Coming [Berg am Laim]
Nettes, kurzes Mosaik für die kommende Anomalie. Leider ging es ab und zu zurück/im Kreis, da hätte es evtl. eine schönere Wegführung gegeben.
Took me 3h17min to do by foot, i walked a bit over 17km for this one. Not the perfect banner but not the the worst either, route is quite good at the beginning and becomes difficult at the end where you need to go 750m to reach next portal and it repeats couple of times in 21 and 22 missions. However i enjoyed it most of the time, caught a lot of unique portals and saw some interesting parts of town.
If you thinking of doing this banner consider how much time you have.
Magnus Reawakens Luminescent Heart (Basel) - Phoenix
Still a nice banner to see the city, thanks!!
Sheppey Sheep
Not a set for the faint hearted! The roads on the Isle of Sheppey are narrow and some are little more than tracks. The set required driving and walking. Both could be tricky in places during wet weather, so plan to do this set on a fine day. Data can be an issue in places. The first portal is on the smaller of the two bridges onto the island, so be prepared. That said, this was an enjoyable tour of the island with a great little banner at the end.
Nuernberger Tand
Mir haben die Bilder sehr gut gefallen. Ich hatte nicht viel Zeit in Nürnberg, deshalb habe ich mich für dieses Mosaik entschieden. Sehr schnell zu Fuss zu machen. Sehr gute Wegführung.
Forest Lawn Cemetery - Burnaby
Fun banner. Took around 40min to complete and hit most of the stops in the graveyard. Not a 24/7 banner
Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
I would drive this one as it is a bit far to walk. If you have access to a bike and some time you could do it too