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Bord de Seine
Don't do it on weekends. We had to stop at 36 because of policeblockades due to weekly protests
Tenebras Lux
Very nice banner but unfortunately there are 2 problems:
- Mission 27 doesn't exist any more because departure portal was deleted after being reported (nearby a school)
- The portal "Genma" of mission 22 is not accessible because there is a building undedr construction. I was able to hack it by unenabling my GPS and drifting but this is really not ideal
So it needs modifications at this time but otherwise, great banner!
Grüße aus Elberfeld
Die Strecke des Mosaiks ist deutlich länger als hier angegeben. Start und Endpunkt sind zudem fast einen Kilometer von einander entfernt.

Any order ist kein Problem, wenn man jeweils das Startportal mit der Navigationsoption markiert.

Man merkt das den Ersteller am Ende die Lust ausging. Die Portale sind sehr weit auseinander. Letztes Portal 17 = erstes Portal 18: also warten oder wenn möglich Headsink benutzen. Man muss in 18 einen großen Umweglaufen, um über eine vielbefahrene Straßezu kommen.
Sadly, because some people used single letter missions to spell rude words, this lovely chili-pepper alphabet has had its art removed.

Each mission took you all over town to portals starting with the same letter to get that latter on your profile.
Old New York - City Hall
Thanks for the banner!
This one is pretty straight forward. The only passphrase has the answer given in the question.
Just Invader With A Parasol
Thanks for the banner!
I can safely say this is the quickest 48 mission banner I've ever done!
Besides the aforementioned tips about doing light #9 and then dark #9 (actually #10 misnamed) and bunches of waypoints used repetitively. So walk, don't run. And don't overhack.
Otherwise, enjoy!
Come Home to Austin
Easy walking. Don't attempt to hack non-mission portals. It will come back where it starts.
Glyph Austin
Since the layout of each mission portals is trying to mimic each character in the word "Austin", you will have to walk back and forth in different directions - you will not get a good flow. Besides this, the letter banner looks good.