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Katowice by night
Sometimes a bit confusing as it is in any order (not sequential). But easy and nice walk in the city centre.
The Banner of Piazza Pretoria
Good choise to see main sightseeing’s of Palermo. But route isn’t designed well. Often you have to hack portal, come back to another and then return again
Сибирский кот

1. Миссия 32. Изменен маршрут. Теперь не надо обходить здание института и проходить вглубь корпусов.
2. Миссия 33. Из миссии удален портал 4, который не доступен 24/7. Теперь миссия доступна в любое время.
3. Миссия 8 - чтобы вы не заблудились, сделала строгий порядок прохождения.

Walking Into The Rainbow
1hour seems to be a fair timing. With the setup I. Prime I found it annoying to hit the waypoints, especially the ones with several waypoints underneath one mark.
I do not have any issue with the security staff at the city hall, but in the beginning couldn‘t reach waypoint far inside the building.
The access to the last set of waypoints/portal might be difficult for disabled agents, yet I did not check wether there are different ways to access.
Houston is Inspired
Nice mosaic, and the indicated time is fair if you walk through with hack, only. It took me some more time as I also went to the portals left and right of the banner sequence. As usual, the „complete in any order“ creates some additional distances, but not a big deviation.
Thanks for the banner!
Actually, this is the continuation of another banner. Just look for the 18 mission part A with a similar name. The same problems apply.
There are renovations until March 2021, so be careful doing the detour. Also don't over hack because there is some backtracking over the A part portals.
Otherwise, lots of fun!
Thanks for the mission!
Passphrases are half in Chinese but are multiple guess so very doable!
Lots of backtracking so don't over hack or bring heat sinks and multi hacks.
Parts of Mission 7 and 13 are in an area under renovation until March 2021! You can finish with detours but it becomes a harder path. Best done during the day, gets pretty dark at night in some spots.
蘭潭夜影 - Blue Moon Shadow Lake