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Ingress LEGO
Good banner in a fun part of town. A couple places where you're isolated, but other than that, it was comfortably done after night. (Use your discretion.) Would have benefitted from mixed IAO/sequential.
#IngressFS Couch Park
nice short banner through couch park and area


i didn't experience any issues... just hack and go...

i was able to whittle down my pioneer badge a little...

2 thumbs up (:
Biocard Recursion Prime 2018 Palma
Very nice walk though the city. You see some places you would otherwise not see as a tourist.

Just at mission 29/30 there was a slight misunderstanding regarding the intended way across all portals, but nothing to fear, just unusually long.
Create Harmony R vs E
A nice journey through greater Copenhagen, lets you see places some of which you'd have never visited otherwise. Was done as a combination of walking and taking the S train, took two days - 9 and 8 hours, 28 and 24 kilometres walked respectively. Was very very tired but most happy with a beautiful banner on my profile.
B- Global XFAC Cancer Awareness Project
where do i get these images to make my own ??
Explore Sedro-Woolley
Completed in just under 60 minutes. Drove the first, and walked the remainder. You could probably drive all of this if the traffic is quiet, however walking allowed me to capture all of the adjacent portals, make some fields.

Nice banner, good route.
Minneapolis Remembers Prince
Solid mission banner; it's an exploration of Prince's Minneapolis rather than a speed banner, so don't expect it to be perfectly efficient. Drift in the downtown core can be a pain.