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Wet Panda
Missing mission 24
Милый баннер. На мой взгляд, лучше всего проходить его на велосипеде. Пешком довольно много топать.
Медный Всадник
Хорошо прогулялись. Было, куда зайти погреться (в одном месте нас даже угостили чаем с пироженкой). В общем, зимой баннер тоже доступен.
Gatti illuminati
Very nice mission set. Easy, logical routing and a wonderful picture. In just 90 minutes I fininshed this one.
Night Cats Mülheim
A three hour walk through Mülheim. I didn’t particularly like the back-and-forths. IMO the routing should have been changed long ago, because the bridge is still under construction. This makes the banner a bit nasty. I was to0 eager and visited portals because they were grey, but there is no need for that; nearly all portals you see are in the mission set. Took me 3 hours walking.

The picture is the real reward, so pretty.
The KRoss and the KRow
It was a lovely walk. Hearing the crows making there characteristic sound during this mission set made the experience even better. The 3 times you visit most portals is never annoying, because it gives the opportunity to build, link and field. In 3 hours I got this one done.

The only downside is the unused portals.
Let s Go Ride the High Line
Leuke banner jammer dat de antwoorden in de vraag staan was niet nodig geweest leuk om te doen
Die umgedrehte Kommode
Durchaus auch in 5 Stunden machbar. Gut, ab D2 werden die Wege länger, aber dafür bekommt man noch schöne Eindrücke von der Weser. Knapp 20km hatte ich in der Fitness App (inkl. Weg zum Auto)
Würde wieder laufen, hat mir gut gefallen :)