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For the most part, this is a decent banner to complete. The first issue for some players will be that most actions are capture/upgrade. However, Stamford has no regular players so chances are most of it will be neutral when you play.
Mission 6 has one portal which is quite a distance from the rest (St Leonard's Priory). When I had that one portal left it was about 900 metres away, so I went back to my car and drove out to it. In addition, mission 6 has some portals from mission 1, but this time you have to hack them rather than capture/upgrade. The banner also misses several portals towards the north part of town: 3 in Stamford park, 2 at the swimming pool, and 2 western part of the town. Otherwise it covers the town pretty well.
If you are lucky enough to be in Stamford with 1 to 1.5 hours to spare, this is a pleasant walk around a beautiful little town.
鉄道の旅北海道 The Journey on Hokkaido Railway
KSU Peace
Best day on small spurts, parking, picking up a few portals by foot and drive park to next section.. Not bad at all, pretty easy to do, but not all reachable by car. Should easily be doable within 1 to 2 hours.
Hersheypark Happy
Some of the portals/waypoints around the Music box theater are in restricted areas on foot, but might be reachable when riding the Monorail. One of the staff was kind enough to escort me to those portals and back on foot. For Mission 8/9, the portal "Blowing in the Breeze" can be reached by riding the Dry Gulch Railroad. Since the same portal is the end of one mission and the beginning of the next, it requires riding the train twice or a quick deploy of a heat sink. The rest of the mission series was very easy and had a nice flow. Overall a very enjoyable mission series.
Минск Столица
Хороший простой банер. По собирал уники.