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California resistance
Being a California native I had to get this mural even though I am Enlightened. I was on crutches though while doing this which was not great so we opted to just car-gress the whole thing. Surprisingly the whole thing is almost able to be driven. There is just one or two portals at the end of the pier that you will need to get out for. This might be difficult for a wheel chair. Crutches... not easy, but just try to go slowly and hopefully the uneven boards will treat you well.
PS Windmills
Great picture that was brought out for First Saturday and Mission down on May the 4th, 2019. Easy walk, but it does get hot in the summer. So enjoy some of the many great places along the main strip to keep yourself hydrated.

There are also a couple spots that have some odd pathing. Bare with it though, the picture is worth it :).
Fuzzy Faces By Kevin Lyons
This mural is painted on the side of a building to the southeast of town. Great painting, but unfortunately someone decided to paint over part of it :(.

Easy fast mural. At night there are some characters in Vegas so be mindful of where you're at.
The Eat Beautifully Mural at The Market
Another great mural on the side of a building and a fairly easy Ingress mural overall.
Fremont Urban Art Festival
Great picture and easy. I really enjoy many of these great painted murals that are painted on some of the buildings as well.
Nevada Bobcat
Unlike many of the random murals in Vegas, this one seems more about the wildlife around Nevada which I enjoyed. Overall the mural was fairly easy, but some of the pathing near the end sends you away from the start and leaves you in a separate parking lot. Since this mission is made for walking it wasn't a big deal, but I felt it would have been better to start and end closer to the same location.

Lastly if you're planning on doing this mural along with others on UNLV note that there are a few portals that will be hacked 3 times. So You may need to worry about hack mods.
The Statue of Liberty
I had many of the same comments on this one that xaxinn had.

To add though, I did this one when it was 104 deg F outside. Phone was overheating the whole time. I couldn't put my case or charger on my phone or it would just turn off due to the heat. This turned out to be an ok time though to just go relax in the shade for a bit to cool off and have some water. Turn off my phone for a half hour and let it charge. Also, bring lots of water since it does get hot in the summer there and when school isn't in secession I didn't see a lot of drinking fountains.

Another thing to note is that the final 6 missions on this sequence 151 -156 are not up and part of what mosaic is showing you as this mural. So your last mission will be 150/156. My OCD wasn't happy with this.

On good notes though, you can get free WiFi on the campus for 3 days which is nice for the people that tend to exceed their data plan. Also many of the groupings of portals seem to keep the same order... over... and over... and over... and over! So I found it sometimes easier to just click on the next portal in the sequence and find the next mission though the portal mission options.
Unofficial Auckland Darsana Prime Blue Media
Very easy to complete in no time