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Where did we park
Are these in the right order or are they in reverse order?
Enlightened UEA
Had great fun completing this banner and discovered some areas of UEA and Earlham Park that I didn't know about. I split doing the banner over a couple of days (due to health issues I can't walk as much/fast as I'd like) but it could be done in a whole day, as each mission flows on nicely from the next and it was a shame to stop! We especially enjoyed having to look up facts for one of the passphrases. Would definitely recommend.
Ettlinger Innenstadt
Schönes Mosaik, gute Strecke, sehr zu empfehlen.
Cosmic Wolf
Mooie banner en uitstekend plaatje in je scanner. Met slopen linken fielden ruim 5 uur over gedaan. De portals bij de kinderboerderij zijn van buiten af te hacken. Thanks voor de mooie banner.
2018 Pittsburgh Mission Day
I only did 6 of these, all on foot,for Mission Day, but feel qualified to make some general statements. Most of these were drive able. They are in historic neighborhoods of Pittsburgh so the traffic is manageable. They were also very enjoyable for me.I would suggest referring to the maps here when you go out and do them. I did some extra roaming because I missed a portal and had to backtrack to get the last portal. I enjoyed all of the missions except Riverfront Trail. It's supposed to be less than 2 miles, which means I should be able to do it in 40 minutes. But it took well over an hour. And it was a long ways between portals. That one would be good by bike, and there's a road that runs parallel to the patch so you could probably do it by car. You would think a riverfront walk would be nice, but the area is semi-seedy and not maintained, with overgrown brush obstructing the views in many areas.
Easy walkable and great flow around CBD. Do be aware of your surroundings
Welcome to Muizenberg
Would definitely suggest walking this banner as it goes against traffic. Good flowing and easy walkimg.
Flamingo Vlei
As an Ingress Tourist and not knowing the area, the banner was free flowing and straight forward