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Gedrehtes Motiv, finde ich persönlich gut. Die Abschnitte (Uni Stadt) sind schnell zu machen und wem es zu mühselig ist, am Schluß mit dem Auto rum zu fahren lässt halt die letzte Reihe aus.
The Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace
Nice banner taking you around the beautiful surroundings of buckingham palace. Great to explore some historical sites of London. Only disadvantage is the random order of the missions so had to adjust my course several times. Can recommend using the map of every mission to avoid this.
Can highly recommend this banner.
An easy welcome mission for Kyoto. It starts and ends at the railway station. Some portals in the first mission are not easy to reach from outside the railway station. We finally managed with some GPS drift. Later we saw that you can take an elevator/escalator up to the higher levels. Probably this is the solution to the problem
A very nice mosaic that takes you through many highlights of eastern Kyoto. Not suitable for wheelchairs, since it goes up and down a lot, including stairs.
The questions are very simple. No need to speak any foreign language :)
A day at the museum
The second half of this banner is currently in the review queue.
Kaunas Musical Theatre
Misijos lengvos, dauguma pėsčiųjų zonoje aplink/per laisvės alėją.
Pradžia vienybės aikštė, pabaiga girstučio rūmai.
Baneris į vieną pusę, laukia vieni laiptai.
Greičiausiai dviračiu, įveikiama ir pėstute. Mašina? Reikės vis išlipti.
Geriausia automobiliu, dar dviračiu, bet yra nuolankių / įkalnių.
Misijos patogiai sudėliotos.