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Bei mir kam es vor das einige Missionen nicht in der Missionsliste erschienen. Da müsst ihr die Einzelmission hier auf der website suchen und euch per googlemaps hinnavigieren lassen.
Keine Angst vor den Fragen, die Antworten stehen in der Frage.
Some of the passphrases are hard to find, i needed to spend a lot of time on google to complete the banner. The order of the portals make you go back and forward on the same road a couple of times. :-(
Прошел только серединку баннера - с 211 по 330 - 20 строчек. Собирал вечерами по 3-5 строк.
Получилось 1,5 круга. Первый круг проходится интересно. Второй кажется уже скучным, особенно, когда свои же порталы встречаешь.
Маршрут сделан очень-очень хорошо. Всегда по переходам, без темных улочек и в одном направлении.
St-Ptrsbrg Autumn
Красивый и не сложный баннер
The Huntington
This mission series is a bit of a headache. Some tips to make it easier:

1. The first portal on mission 1 is the Oxford Ave entrance. Make sure you get this before you enter the gardens, otherwise, you'll have to come back out to get it.
2. Be careful about selecting the right mission number, especially on the last few missions. They are pretty clumped together.
3. Allot 3 hours (a generous but I think prudent estimate), and remember, the Huntington Library closes at 4:30pm. The docents will start ushering people out, and you don't want to have to pay admission again the next day!

Some things can't be helped though. The any-order-hacks is really annoying and you may find yourself backtracking if you don't look at the map before starting every mission. Also, there were definitely times when the mission path seemed to suggest, oh I don't know, walking through some bushes (near the statues) or going through the orchard (stay on the path?) or looping the Chinese garden twice. Strange.
U Hack Dortmund
1.5 hours by bike. Accessible 24/7. Should be doable without bike within 2.5 hours.