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Leiden Spiral
Leuke banner, missies worden steeds korter uiteraard tot je in het centrum bent en bent beloond met de prachtige banner. Complimenten voor het in elkaar zetten!
Kurzes Mosaik das mann relativ schnell erledigt hat. Leider etwas mehr grün als Blau.
Friedhof / cemetery , Not 24/7
Grolsch Brewery
Great bicyclebanner which nicely leads you from Enschede through Usselo to end up in Boekelo. Got me some nice uniques this way.
Good job @Rubyredhead ! :)
Tour Zierikzee
Yes, I read the comments of other agents who walked this banner and they don't lie!
If you hack every portal on your way be carefull: chance are you'll get burned
Isenburger Schloss Offenbach
Schöne Mission
Metro Line Series
Much easier to do OUTSIDE of the promenade; drift is a killer inside.
Apple of my eye
Super simple mural. Just one thing to remember Spring Park is open from dawn to dusk so don't go traipsing around the park in the middle of the night. Also, there are a few one way streets that you have to be mindful of. Only took me 51 minutes to complete. The beginning of the mural does require walking and also the end brings you back to Spring Park and you have a little bit of walking again.