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MAAT and 25th of April Bridge
This is a great banner mission where you can get many unique captured easy. I probably did a serious detour crossing the highway between mission #9 and #10. Do avoid the same mistake as I did walk back (towards Lisbon) and find an underground passing or a bridge). I probably walked 2 kilometers extra because I started to walk in a direction I thought was the obvious choice (opposite direction Lisbon in direct direction of mission #10).

And if you do mission #12 after the opening hours of Belém tower you have to sneak under a "gate" and walk prox. 20 meters on a bridge to get to a portal and two waypoints.
Visit Lisbon
Nice Pic
You must have 3 mh for this mosaik and sometimes you have to walk back. We make it by foot in one houre
Banner is really nice. First three missions are smooth, then... mess with sequence in 4th, ~1km runs between portals in 5th and then 6th ended in a sandpit with graffitis.
SA Riverwalk
This is truly an awesome banner for fun, good routing, and speed. Take a day with friends if you can, and enjoy it along the way. Lots of scenery, great restaurants and bars, and sometimes fun events along the way. (Hint: start on a Sunday morning so you can enjoy the Pearl farmer’s market as part of your trip.)
Stoke Town (Resistance)
Mission one can be done either first or last, there is a version to get the resistance logo and one for enlightened logo.
The goddess of wisdom
The banner contains more waypoints than portals, and even then I needed a few heatsinks because I had to hack some portals twice in short succession.
Leiden Stad van Ontdekkingen
Een mooie plaat en een leuke banner, prima te doen met de fiets en als je een beetje doorstapt kun je hem ook lopend doen.
Хранители леса
Хороший баннер, но зимой не рекомендую - придется полазить по сугробам и по льду в Екатерининском парке, убирают там не очень хорошо.
В Прайме ответы на вопросы приходится брутфорсить.
Онлихак примерно три часа. Возможно проходить и быстрее, но не зимой - скользко. Нужно иметь с собой бомбы - одна из миссий капчур/апгрейд.