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Tradicion Cruceña
Mision modificada, Zona del bingo bahiti, solo se necesitan hs normales
Klasse Wegführung und schnell erledigt. Zudem sieht man Prenzlberg von einer etwas anderen Seite. Danke dafür.
HB Solar Eclipse
Drive through 2 shopping malls (all portals reachable from the car), then go to Old World and walk a bit, then go to Golden West College and walk a lot more. Then drive down to Huntington Beach Pier (about 6 mile drive) and walk out the pier. The malls are annoying, GWC is a really nice stroll, and of course HBP is unparalleled. It's not my favorite route, would rather be in one place and walk or bike, but the picture is great and there's nothing too annoying. Old World may close and the pier definitely does. I'd do this mural before 11pm
Touring MTSU
I just finished this a couple of days ago. I'll admit I didn't fully understand the geographic spread of the banner missions before I started. 1-12 are pretty straight-forward on foot and they cover a good amount of the MTSU campus. During 13 I got a bit annoyed by the amount of walking to the Slick Pig Bar-B-Que portal. There's no direct way to walk there and it is a hike. From that point on the distances are considerable. When I completed 15 I took the long walk back to my car (I was a visitor to the area and had parked where it started) and I cargressed the rest of the banner. Overall I think this took me about 3.5 hours. Early on it was easy, the second half was a grind but once in I didn't want to give up. Some of the portal sequencing led to much longer walks than was necessary.
Mystic Haw Par Villa
Bring / buy some water ! We did this banner in a sunny morning of March... weather was really hot, but Haw Par Villa is a strange place to discover and the banner is very nice !
Bilbao for Tourist
Very nice picture and nice visit of the city center
Zeist Dragon
Pretty decent walk. Couple of weird double backs, but not in a terrible way....
Froggies: bring lotsa heavy bursters
Schwebebahn Rathausbrücke
Die vermutlich flachste Mission, die in Wuppertal möglich ist (was die Wegführung angeht). Man läuft im Wesentlichen auf zwei Parallelstraßen im Kreis mehrfach dieselben Portale ab. Wenn man etwas Zeit hat also am besten in den ersten Runden capturen, deployen und Keys sammeln und am Ende alles verfeldern.