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Marine Banner
This banner is complete but here it says not complete.
Matroos der 3e klasse
This banner is complete but here it says not complete.
BRO Frankfurt aka BrailleGress
Ohne die Mission 6 würde es sogar ein paar Sterne mehr geben. Aber leider ist die 6. Mission die längste, die anstrengendfste und sie lässt einem, als ortsunkundiger, irgendwo mitten in der Pampa stehen.
1-5 sind gut geeignet zum gemütlich das Inventar vollzuhacken und nebenbei ein Banner abzuhaken.
Oerlikon Power
Mosaik is designed to be done directly after the Schwamedingen Fear mosaik

As of 23. march 2017 the image shown here on is wrong, but reload not possible yet. So just imagine a meaner hulk on the mosaik who doesn't have his face cut into 4 pieces ;-)
Kiwi bird
recommended to do at night time or weekend to avoid the traffic...

need to watch out the round about in Avondale... exit on 3rd exit then go into Mobil to start next one...

Nice banner in Clichy. You have to be aware that the first mission will force you to walk aroud again to the other side of the housing block at/after portal 4. There is currently a building location that blocks the road that is normally there. From portal 5 to 6 you have to walk to the other side of the block again. Good for your tracker badge though :-)
Takes approximately 15 minutes to complete this 18-set. 15 minutes total. Beginning to end, 15 minutes.
Hunt For Jarvis
No longer able to be done. Cemetery has off limits signs to anyone playing any game since the massive Pokémon influx smashed headstones.