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Kingdom of Brunel
Nice and easy banner that takes you through every portal on the campus.
Horseshoe Bay
Nice banner. Easy to do if you have an extra hour while waiting for the ferry.
I walked all of it, but some parts have hills to get to the next portal, so it could make it difficult for people who can't walk very much. Car is an option, but you will have to get out at the park and a couple other places to get portals.
Passphrases are easy. Look on the terminal board for other ferry options. When it asks for what island on the last question, don't type the "island" part.
4 Castles of Baarn and Lage Vuursche
03:15min gefietst over 28 km. Het was een mooi rondje. Hebben ervan genoten!
Прогулка с Принцем вдоль Тверской
Очень приятный баннер с чудесной картинкой и удобным маршрутом. Спасибо автору!
Blaue Köhlbrandbrücke
Ich kann mihc meinem Vorgänger knilch nur anschließen,

allerdings habe ich die Wegführung ausgenutzt und auch rast in einer der vielen kleinen Lokale in Altona. Der Balkon am Ende ist einfach grandios.

Kleiner Makel am Ende, etwas unnötige Wegführung in den letzten 3 Missionen ( doppelter Portalweg) daber sind genug Portale schon vorhanden. Die Straße queren ist nicht so schlimm, denn bei richtigem laufen, ist der Gehweg vorgelegt.
Lily Pad
This is a very nice banner. Definitely NOT a walking banner! A couple of things to remember though are you can't do this one 24/7 because there are two cemeteries involved and you can't be in most cemeteries before dawn amd close at dusk. There is construction on #13 and you have to find your way around the construction to hack some of the portals. Also, the entire mural is in consecutive order.
Green Tardis
Sometimes the route seems unlogical...you walk past portals but a few missions later you'll get them...so just go with the flow.
A tip for resistance agents; Bring aloth of xmp's...it's a walk through frogcity.
Great job making this banner thx @Maredon.
If you think "lets do it, i have two free days" you are wrong, you need at 2,5 days if you are fast. This banner it self, driving on the roads is over 2400km long. It is doable only by car.
For the beginning of banner is recommended signal booster, cellular is Edge...sometimes.
Tips. Plan your trip, mark portals in advance on the map, because often portals are 20min. away one from another. Distance between and of one mission and start of another sometimes is hour away.
P.s. Part of this banner is in Nida, but to get there you need to take ferry. Car costs 10+ eur. + about 1 eur for person. Latter you need to pay ecological fee to get in Simtyne (Nida is inside Smildyne region). At summer for car it is 20eur, other seasons it is 5eur.

This is a challenge, it takes a lot to do it, to tests your self and company you are doing it with