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Пушкин в Ингрессе (res variant)
Внимание! 5-6 и 11-12 миссии имеют альтернативные варианты для каждой фракции.
Приятный маршрут, оформление с юмором. Описания и пасфразы - 5 баллов. Этот баннер нужно не бежать сломя голову, а читать описания и подсказки к порталам, тогда вы получите максимум удовольствия.
San Jose Ingress United
Banner is nicely done and does not have any major issues. It is exhausting to do in one go and will take several hours depending on how lucky you are with crosswalks and how fast you walk. I biked it in roughly 3 hours.
Happy New Year 2018 - Rosicrucian Museum
Banner has multiple customization options, which is nice. Starts at the Municipal Rose Garden, so don't park at the Rosicrucian unless you like that little extra walk.
A quick-to-complete banner that is capture/upgrade only. Make sure portals are low level or destructible as there are repeated capture/upgrades. Transmuter Cat is also nearby.
Transmuter Cat
Can be done at all hours. Make sure portals are low level before you begin as the mission is high in capture/upgrade. Darkside is also available nearby.
Lost Boys of Santa Cruz
Banner seems random at some points, but everything makes sense as you complete it. Nicely done.
Show your colors
Banner is quick, fun, and practically made. Can mix up the letters to spell SISTER if you're feeling spunky.
Monarch Butterfly
Should be done during daylight hours as the last portals are inside a state or county park. Unsure why owner did not retroactively change the name of the misnamed mission. Also be aware that portals are annoying but not impossible to get if the boardwalk is closed. Otherwise is a beautiful banner and a gorgeous walk provided the weather aligns.