Vilnius Cathedral Square 8/18

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Ort Wilna
Land Litauen

Reihenfolge Der Reihe nach
Zeit 04m 18s
Gesamtlänge 0.23 km

Portale 6
Unique Portale 6
Distanz Start / Endportal: 163.4 m

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After the city was occupied by Germany in 1915 and the local Polish administration was allowed to govern the city, the monument was destroyed and the St.Casimir's Fair was moved to the Łukiszki Square

# Name Aktion
1 Paminklas M. Dobužinskiui Portal hacken
2 Lietuviška baladė / Lithuanian Ballad Portal hacken
3 Unavailable Portal hacken
4 National Museum Portal hacken
5 Ancient Brickwork of the Cathedral Portal hacken
6 The Royal Palace of Lithuania Portal hacken