MDPH QC 2019: QCX Museum

Eigentümer MDNia

Status Online

Land Philippinen

Reihenfolge Beliebig
Zeit 07m 43s
Gesamtlänge 0.32 km

Portale 6
Unique Portale 6
Distanz Start / Endportal: 197.7 m

Hacks 6


QCX, an interactive 'social history museum', a big, spacious museum that allows visitors to learn more about the history and culture of the sprawling city.

# Name Aktion
1 Enchanted Well Portal hacken
2 Zen Fountain White Version Portal hacken
3 Hanging Skull Art Portal hacken
4 The Jaycee Creed (Marker) Portal hacken
5 QMC Garden Gazebo Portal hacken
6 QMC Main Entrance Fountain Portal hacken