Barrie Skyline 4/6

Eigentümer Jetkidish

Status Online

Ort Barrie
Land Kanada

Reihenfolge Beliebig
Zeit 11m 46s
Gesamtlänge 0.49 km

Portale 6
Unique Portale 6
Distanz Start / Endportal: 361.6 m

Hacks 6


Visit the Barrie Waterfront and add the skyline to your profile. This is a walking mission best done on a sunny day. Complete missions in order for the full picture!

# Name Aktion
1 Steamboat J.C. Morrison Portal hacken
2 Rotary Club Of Barrie Centennial Fountain Portal hacken
3 Barrie Waterfront Fountain Portal hacken
4 William C Clark Memorial Plaque Portal hacken
5 To the Children of the Future Portal hacken
6 Spiky Shelter Portal hacken