Moscow Aegis Nova 16/18 Pokrovka.

Eigentümer manonknits

Status Online

Ort Moscow
Land Russische Föderation

Reihenfolge Der Reihe nach
Zeit 12m 57s
Gesamtlänge 0.54 km

Portale 8
Unique Portale 8
Distanz Start / Endportal: 421.9 m

Hacks 8


This banner is to commemorate the occurrence of the AegisNova Anomaly in Moscow. Walking around the oldest streets and bridges of Moscow enjoying its beautiful architecture, panorams and monuments.

# Name Aktion
1 Церковь Троицы Живоначальной Portal hacken
2 Dog Art Portal hacken
3 Зубастик Portal hacken
4 Женщина Фреска Portal hacken
5 Puppets Museum Portal hacken
6 Angels Portal hacken
7 Лебеди Portal hacken
8 Art lamp Portal hacken