Amazing Frog

Ort London
Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 29/04/2019

Missionen 42
Gesamtlänge 19.68km
EFF 5.91
Zu Fuß 6St. 23m / 09m 08s Ø
Per Fahrrad 3St. 13m / 04m 36s Ø

Portale 288  /  6.86 Ø
Unique Portale 253
Distanz Start / Endportal: 2.1 km

Hacks 255
Wegpunkt 1
Fragen 1

Zu Fuß (100%)
Per Fahrrad (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- The Cake is a Lie0.55 km
- Soho Rainbow0.57 km
- Chessmen0.64 km


Welcome to Fitzrovia with its rich history of artists, interesting architecture and great restaurants & pubs. Start near Goodge St tube station

Kommentar des Erstellers
A tour of Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Mayfair.


02-05-2019 21:28

I have to say this is absolutely, without doubt, one of the best banners I've ever done (over 1,100 missions at time of writing).

Is it perfect? No. My biggest issue would have been with the answer to AF2 Mission 12 as pointed out by other reviewers. It is possible to find the answer (how else was it found otherwise?) but it's not clear as it once housed other embassies, for example.

That aside: This banner is fantastic. The difficulty escalates beautifully - it's not just a simple walk and hackfest for 42 missions. It introduces passphrases and directions that not only get you to think - they get you to look around you. Literally - lift your head out of your phone and you might find the direction you need to go.

It provides context and information about the places you're visiting that don't otherwise exist in the game. The level of research and thought that went into some of these missions must have been immense.

I loved it. Well done. I was left only wanting to do more of the more thoughtful missions.


11-02-2018 23:05

Based on the previous reviews we almost didn't start this, so glad we did. Completed in just over 5h starting early (9am) on a Sunday.

Had an issue with the passphrase on 12/18 of the second part but thanks to 4NG3LDU5T we got the answer. The clue based mission were a good change up from the monotony of straight hacking. We found the answers to the clues within the closest few portals.


30-10-2016 2:18

Just The facts:
- missions 1-12 very good no problem.
- second frog mission 12/18 phassfrase is '' spanish embassy'' you can 't find it anywhere(google)... So lost a loth of time there.
-third frog:MY GOD THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!, you must Google, use iitc, have a good idea how 2 use the scanner compas, and a loth of patience...
If i knew al this before i started, i wouldn' 't walked this banner!!!!


30-10-2016 1:54

What started off as a lovely banner from mission 1-12 changed into complete frustration from mission 13 towards the end: during some of the missions clues 'guide' you to the next portal. For tourist these clues can be difficult; also general knowledge is necessary!
Part 3 of the banner: third frog is hopeless!!! Mission 5/12 is -again - with clues: we wandered around for an hour (!!) and through the help of and Google and iitc we found the location of Mr Buchanan's portal...
Keep in mind that although you find places to eat/drink or toilets easy in London not so in part 3 of this banner
Total walking time is definitely not 6,5 hours, we needed nearly 11 hours to complete