Party Hard Ingress Harder

Eigentümer BlueFluas

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 28/08/2019

Missionen 36
Gesamtlänge 363.5km
EFF 2.13
Zu Fuß 6t 2St. / 4St. 04m Ø
Per Fahrrad 2t 16St. / 1St. 47m Ø

Portale 3573  /  99.25 Ø
Unique Portale 3573
Distanz Start / Endportal: 3.92 km

Hacks 3573

Zu Fuß (0%)
Per Fahrrad (100%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- NDSM Cross faction Banner0.15 km
- MD 2019 Amsterdam0.18 km
- Abaddon Colors Amsterdam0.18 km


The MOAB of Amsterdam. Almost all portals within the ring road A10. Enjoy and be brave!

Kommentar des Erstellers
This banner consists of two 18 mission banners. Start with the Ingress Harder and continue with the Party Hard banner.
Almost all portals within the A10 are included.
The 1st mission starts on NDSM wharf. Sometimes events prevent access to portals. Make sure this is not the case before you start


16-06-2018 18:30

The time it took me:
- The first 24: 2,5 h and 15 Km per mission. Woonwijken waardoor portals over het algemeen beter zijn opgebouwd en beter gefield.
- The rest: 1,25 h, 8 Km a piece. The city center and it's obvious a lot more game activity is going on. Low reso count, and lot of those are low-level as well. A lot of uncaptured portals.
- A grand total of 75 hours. It took me 11 visits to Amsterdam to complete this monster.

There were no real problems. One portal was in the middle of a construction yard but I had some nice GPS drift to help me out (@BlueFluas has been notified the moment I was there, probably fixed by now). And the starting portal of mission 31 was removed from the game but the mission could still be started (the mission could not be found by selecting a portal and then choosing the option to show all available missions).


15-11-2017 20:49

This banner is simply vast and quite rightly so named the Mother Of All Banners for Amsterdam.
As stated by j00rtje below, the portals and routes feel maintained.
Portals are quite reachable if there are no events, although this is Amsterdam so construction might force you to take the odd detour. Very rewarding if you are collecting uniques and AP.

j00rtje states this mission can be done in 46 hours. I've seen estamates of 80 hours, which is more likely if you want to build, link etc along the way.
Dare you be the 13th bannerer on this mission???

Ps. I did the first two missions on foot. I can't reccomond it though; this is a biking mission.


20-08-2017 21:16