~ Everything comes to an end ~

In 2015, I entered the world of Ingress under the nickname OhneNot. It didn’t take long until I discovered the missions for myself. When I noticed that there weren’t only missions but also mosaics, I was even more thrilled and started to search for a webpage with an overview of them. Unfortunately (or luckily), the community couldn’t help me in this regard – that was the beginning of IngressMosaik. Due to my former unemployment and my strong interest in programming, I had enough time and engagement to create a webpage that would offer exactly what I had been looking for.
Three months after having begun to develop the page, I shared it with the community. IngressMosaik was well received, so well, that I decided to revise it and design it more user-friendly. You contributed with many great ideas to improve IngressMosaik. After I had rolled out the update, the number of users and the number of registered mosaics exploded. The webpage grew rapidly - even worldwide. IngressMosaik administers 60.000 mosaics. That’s amazing! This development wouldn’t have been possible without you.
For five years I have been part of the game Ingress together with many amazing and interesting people. I really enjoyed taking care of the further development of the page and your concerns in cooperation with Heinz. However, one day you reach a point where you develop yourself in a new direction and discover new interests. Heinz, who mainly took care of the community, retired a few weeks ago. I actually already did a long time ago. Ingress just isn’t the same for me anymore as it has been before. I have developed in a new direction and discovered new interests for myself. That’s why I have thought about the further existence of IngressMosaik. I have decided that IngressMosaik deserves more than a half-hearted maintenance. And that’s something I can’t provide anymore. There are too many ToDos, not just in my new life but also in view of IngressMosaik.
That’s one of the reasons why I have decided to send IngressMosaik into retirement as well. It really has been a wonderful and amazing time with you. I have learned a lot and even found a great new job because of IngressMosaik. I will always keep this chapter of my life in my heart and will remember it with joy. To all of you out there: We, Heinz and me, wish you all the very best. Stay healthy, enjoy life and remember to take your eyes off the screen once in a while, there is so much more out there!
If you would like to say good bye to me as well, you can send a message to
I’m looking forward to hearing from you. However, please don’t ask for a reactivation of the page. Even though I feel very sorry for it, my decision is final.
And if you want to leave a little thank you for the last time, you can do that too.

~ Thank you for having been part of IngressMosaik ~

O h n e N o t

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