Vasa Warship

Eigentümer JoyriderSpb

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 10/03/2019

Missionen 48
Gesamtlänge 12.65km
EFF 9.94
Zu Fuß 4St. 32m / 05m 40s Ø
Per Fahrrad 2St. 38m / 03m 18s Ø

Portale 288  /  6 Ø
Unique Portale 288
Distanz Start / Endportal: 1.41 km

Hacks 288

Zu Fuß (80%)
Per Fahrrad (30%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- The Literary Stockholm0.1 km
- Gold Ingress Items0.33 km
- Stockholm City Hall - co...0.75 km


Take a walk through Vasastan and get a picture of the famous Vasa warship

Kommentar des Erstellers
If you have any questions, please write to us in telegram @PermanentEvil and @JoyriderSpb


09-04-2018 8:00

Continuous route. Easy to follow. Sometimes in private area but the banner is definitely worth the effort.
I am happy to made it just before it is removed.


19-02-2018 4:15



30-09-2017 17:26

To many detours in crossroads so u have to cross the road several times. A couple of times u had to go round a whole block since the crossroad was in separate levels.


26-09-2017 17:39

Schönes Banner, ist mit dem Fahrrad machbar wenn man etwas auf dem Bürgersteig fährt oder mehrmals um den Block fahren will. Mit der kurzen Variante dauerte es 2 Stunden und 20 Minuten. Bei dem Wetter heute, Sonnenschein, herrlich.


26-09-2017 10:01

I did the banner at night in 3 hours straight, so there were no problems with any detours or crossing heavy traffic roads. I was only annoyed by the "penalty round" in mission 31, a real pain in the ass. But never nevertheless great banner and worth the effort!


25-09-2017 14:23

Easy enough to walk through in 4 hours. In mission 31 we had to walk 0,5 km around a block to get from portal no 1 to portal no 2 due to very large difference in level/height and no stairs.
Beautiful banner and well worth the effort!


20-09-2017 21:52

Route is terrible but doable in an afternoon and well worth the effort. ;-)


20-09-2017 9:27

It is somewhat frustrating since the creator apparently has no local knowledge so at times you have the next portal across a wide and busy street with the next pedestrian crossing far away, or on the other side of a fence having to go round an apartment block or even on a completely different street level again rendering an unnecessary detour.


16-09-2017 13:23

Upd: mosaic will stay forever!


15-09-2017 17:07

Any last date for that mission?