Wonder Woman Enschede

Eigentümer Katth

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 16/07/2019

Missionen 48
Gesamtlänge 167.24km
EFF 1.9
Zu Fuß 2t 21St. / 1St. 27m Ø
Per Fahrrad 1t 8St. / 40m 04s Ø

Portale 1355  /  28.23 Ø
Unique Portale 1305
Distanz Start / Endportal: 112.2 m

Hacks 1308
Fragen 47

Zu Fuß (0%)
Per Fahrrad (100%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- Hooge Heeren0 km
- From Train to Centre0 km
- The Great War0 km


This banner will take you through Enschede and contains almost every single portal in the city.

Kommentar des Erstellers
This banner will take you through Enschede and contains almost every single portal in the city.

Periodic updates are made to improve route and add new portals.

Last update: 3-4-2019 (Over 250 new portals added in this update)


14-07-2019 13:33

Is a hard route it’s because of the adding of new portals and nia with the updates.

I don’t like to backtrack but I understand it’s because mission edits are not easy and al the new portals.

Do it by bike !!!! Don’t try to do it by car or walking.


13-03-2018 17:47

Did this on bike at the Mission Day Weekend in Enschede (The banner only had about 1000 Portals at that time). Using anything else but a bike is not advised (except maybe for the last 12 missions that you can also easily do on foot)

The first 12 missions took me about 6 hours.
The second 12 missions took me about 8 hours (This is the hardest part)
The third 12 missions took me about 5 hours.
The last 12 missions took me less than an hour.

So, altogether, roughly 20 hours, not counting any breaks, but counting attacking and deploying portals along the way.

Some parts play in areas with no regular lighting. So, if you want to play these missions in the evening or night, make sure to bring some good lights on your bike.

Some few parts lead you through forests where the ground was muddy. So, don't wear your Sunday shoes.

A lot of the missions take you through residential quarters where the streets are like in a maze. Often, there are passages you cannot see on the Ingress map but that can save you a lot of time and that the mission creators seem to have been aware of. So, if you are sent to a nearby portal but there does not seem to be a way on the map, look out for passages between houses that you can use.

Parts of Mission 29 lead through Volkspark which you are not allowed to enter with a bike. Park your bike at the portal "Het Volkspark Paviljoen", then enter Volkspark and do all hacks up to including "WW2 Memorial Statues" on foot. Then return to your parked bike and continue outside.

Parts of Mission 33 lead through Wooldrikpark which you are not allowed to enter with a bike. (But I did and you can because the entrances are not blocked as with Volkspark). But you do not lose a lot of time if you park your bike at the portal "Zigzag Kunstwerk" and then do the hacks inside the park by foot up until including "Totem" and then return to your bike and continue outside the park.

Altogether, in all the missions, the routing is quite good, but you have to remember that this banner is trying to have you visit every single portal in Enschede. So, you will sometimes have to go a km to a single portal and back just because there are no other portals close by.

Don't try to deviate from the mission path because you are afraid of missing some close-by portals. You WILL come back to those eventually. Over the full banner I only noticed maybe 3 or 4 portals that were not part of the banner and all of those were in hack range of a portal that was part of a banner mission.


12-03-2018 16:44

That´s the kind of banner i like to do more often. You get to see the whole city not only the center.

It took me nearly a total of 25 hours (in 2,5 days) mostly with the bike

As a non local i have to say the track is mostly great, but sometimes you can´t just go into the direction the scanner shows you. I recommend to check the way need to go with another map (googlemaps or somthing like that).

However i have to recommend that mosaic if you want to discover and enjoy all the beautiful small parks and places in Enschede.


22-01-2018 11:26

I was the first to try out this banner together with the maker. So i have some stuff to share. It took us overall approximately 18 hours to do this banner over the course of 5 evenings and 1 Saturday afternoon/half an evening. Since then some changes were made and this probably means you could do it in 17.5 hours. But beware: this is without breaks, since we did the banner over several days those were our breaks. It's hard to say how long exactly it would take you if you would do it in one go. If i had to take a guess i'd say that by bike it would be around 24 hours.

It is best done by bike. Given the distances the banner is not really made for walking, not saying that it is impossible. Cargressing would mean getting out of the car a lot and having to take lots of detours compared to bike. The routing is overall pretty good. There are some desired changes still but unfortunately some of them have been declined by NIA.

The passphrases are always the mission numbers and are on the first portals of the missions, which are also the last portals of the previous mission, so there is no issue whatsoever with hacks or needing heat sinks. They are purely in there so you are not searching for the start portal of the next mission, this ensures a more smooth routing.

This is my first city tour banner and i have to say it was a great experience to see so much of a city, even greater cause in this case it's my own city. It even got me 173 UPV.