#NotMP Earth Day - DE - Lengerich

Eigentümer Jaline

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 11/09/2018

Missionen 18
Gesamtlänge 7.29km
EFF 4.92
Zu Fuß 3St. 35m / 11m 58s Ø
Per Fahrrad 2St. 37m / 08m 45s Ø

Portale 110  /  6.11 Ø
Unique Portale 91
Distanz Start / Endportal: 1.56 km

Hacks 93
Fragen 17

Zu Fuß (0%)
Per Fahrrad (100%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- Weinberge und Bismarcktu...7.24 km
- Lienen Haus des Gastes7.26 km
- Hagen a T W Mosaik7.3 km


Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 with events worldwide in support of the environment and to raise awareness for the environmental protection and care of our planet.

Kommentar des Erstellers
I had to rename the banner to #NotMP EarthDay - because the creators of the MissionProject were pissed about my design.


02-04-2018 2:30

I am the first who finished yet.

First of all: A wonderful picture for every profile.

positive: Nearly all portals in Lengerich were used
negative: some very large distances, example 595 meters

It is the compromise in smaller cities for every mission creator: Better to use longer ways or prefer to use some portals twice.

The author will do some small fixes.

Best done with bicycle!