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Enjoy a walk around Mountain View parks, and see a variety of flora. Eagle Park has a veterans memorial, and Pioneer Park remembers the early settlers to this area.

Kommentar des Erstellers
Difficult banner that goes from Pioneer Park, up Stevens Creek trail to Rengstoff House, then down Permanente Creek trail, down Castro and back to Pioneer Park. Best done by bicycle, 21 km long. Must be done during day light due to parks


25-04-2019 18:05

A really nice route around Mountain View -- I hadn't been on this part of Stevens Creek Trail before and it is gorgeous.

Takes around 2.5-3 hours by bicycle. It would be extremely long on foot, and a car won't help for the parts on Stevens Creek Trail or Shoreline Park.

Includes some parks, temples, and corporate campuses, so probably best done during the day.