ABSTRACT Barcelona

Eigentümer porcy

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 19/09/2019

Missionen 72
Gesamtlänge 59.92km
EFF 5.28
Zu Fuß 23St. 30m / 19m 35s Ø
Per Fahrrad 12St. 14m / 10m 12s Ø

Portale 1095  /  15.21 Ø
Unique Portale 1094
Distanz Start / Endportal: 0 m

Hacks 1095

Zu Fuß (100%)
Per Fahrrad (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- Books and Roses0.25 km
- Palau de la Música0.34 km
- Port de Barcelona0.47 km


This Mission is a part of the ABSTRACT Banner There are 4 parts. Part A, B, C and D. This Banner will help you to make your Unique Capture in the city of Barcelona.


21-07-2019 0:50

1.- El banner es muy chulo, muy abstracto...
2.- La dificultad es la misma para todos, la distancia. Todo es accesible ya que son las calles de una ciudad... eso sí, en verano (2019) todo lleno de obras.
4.- La dificultad radica en que es muy largo, aunque al dividirlo en letras te lo puedes repartir. Es cierto que se dan muchas vueltas pero no sé si eso se puede mejorar. Hay que destacar que en un par de ocasiones las misiones no salen en el radar y hay que venir aquí para ver por dónde cae .
5.- La ruta, increíble. Yo soy de cerca de Barcelona y he ido muchas veces, pues he descubierto muchos sitios nuevos y los nombres de varios que ya conocía.
6.- Yo la he hecho a pie en dos dias (unas 19-20h). Recomiendo llevar crema solar.
7.- No hay problema en hacerlo cualquier dia/hora.

Aquí la tracucción de Google...
1.- The banner is very cool, very abstract ...
2.- The difficulty is the same for everyone, the distance. Everything is accessible as they are the streets of a city ... yes, in summer (2019) everywhere full of works so it is more complicated.
4.- The difficulty is that it is very long, although by dividing it into letters you can distribute it. It is true that there are many twists but I do not know if that can be improved. It should be noted that on a couple of occasions the missions do not appear on the radar and you have to come here to see where it is.
5.- The route, incredible. I am from near Barcelona and I have gone many times, because I have discovered many new places and the names of several that I already knew.
6.- I have done it by foot, in two days (about 19-20h). I recommend bringing sunscreen.
7.- There is no problem in doing it any day / hour.


15-07-2019 3:46

It was really exhausting to complete this banner. EVERY mission was done as a loop and in every one I need to walk twice the distance since it goes to look for a portal and come back and walk in the other direction. It seems it was designed in this way in purpose. I would not reccomend this banner unless the agent intending to do it has plenty of time and patience. Be warned that even in the complete map path it looks like feasible the outcome is looping and not optimized.
I think the author should set a warning regarding this type of path or remove all missions from the scanner and release a deep revision.