LOTR - The One Ring

Eigentümer GandalfGrey

Typ Mosaik
24 / 7
Status 100% Online
Letzte Überprüfung 14/07/2019

Missionen 18
Gesamtlänge 14.16km
EFF 4.28
Zu Fuß 4St. 51m / 16m 12s Ø
Per Fahrrad 2St. 18m / 07m 43s Ø

Portale 166  /  9.22 Ø
Unique Portale 163
Distanz Start / Endportal: 828.3 m

Hacks 165
Wegpunkt 1

Zu Fuß (100%)
Per Fahrrad (0%)
Auto (0%)

Nächstliegende Mosaike:
- Enlightened City Pulse0.2 km
- Secret Society0.33 km
- Cambridge Jack0.35 km


Visit Hobson Conduit, Department of Chemistry, Scott Polar Research Institute and the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs.


02-04-2017 0:00

I've got mixed feelings about this banner. On the one hand it's a good way of getting around a good part of Cambridge. On the other hand it feels like the setter lost interest after the initial run of missions 1-9 keeping pretty close to the centre - missions 10-16 then head off a long way out with the main frustration being the way it sails past plenty of perfectly useable portals. Without lots of faffing/ prior research (as these are sequential missions), you're not sure if you can pick up the peripheral portals or whether you'll soon need them. 17 miles walked today doing this one and benchgression first in the botanical gardens, took 6.5 hours at a good pace on foot and increasingly less focus on smashing or diverting to get uniques. Tip: take a printout of the detailed map with you to see where it's going and what other uniques you could pick up if that's your thing