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Philadelphia Cassandra RES
   01-04-2019 2:19
Easy and enjoyable banner set. Took me about 2 hours and I’m typically slow. Great for uniques if you’re not from here.
Flow is great and minimal to no drift issues or back tracking. Also very easy to navigate the streets by foot. Takes you through pretty neighborhoods. Thanks!

¬ △ Toy
   12-01-2019 1:03
This was one of my favorite banners. Easily a 2-hour walking tour through some of the most beautiful areas in Tel Aviv.
Many of the portals are really close together. A few here and there are spread out but not far or hard to get to.
Although this banner can be done in any order, I highly recommend doing it in order or you will backtrack a lot and will take longer than 2 hours.
Passphrases are fun and easy. Loved it and highly recommend!

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
   24-12-2018 22:32
Fun exploration of the cemetery. A little bit of backtracking and definitely had WiFi / drift issues.
Also I found it a little harder to navigate because no streets. That said it was a cool mission and did it all on foot.
Check the hours — cemetery closes.

Montague Street
   24-12-2018 22:28
Cute little banner that took me about 45 minutes to complete at a leisurely pace. Portals are accessible. Minimal drift issues. Takes you around the little streets off Montague Street in Brookhn Heights

Highly recommend. Good for beginners.

Jersey City Waterfront
   24-12-2018 22:24
Enjoyed this banner series. Fairly easy and straightforward. Some of the typical WiFi and drift issues but nothing out of the ordinary.

At the end there is construction and one portal was a little more difficult to reach but still attainable.

Great views of Manhattan from the jersey side. Highly recommend.

Pepsi-Cola Sign
   24-12-2018 22:20
Enjoyable banner mission. Easy to do. Logical order with no backtracking. Portals are easily accessible. Did not experience any drift or WiFi issues. Takes you through cool areas of LIC.
Great for a beginner. Highly recommend.

Governors Island
   24-12-2018 22:15
Great banner mission to take you around GI. Believe it hits all the portals on the island. Any back tracking is to get you to the next area or because of limited portals on the Island.
NOTE GI is only open from May through October. You need to take a ferry to get there. Last ferry out is around 7 pm.

Great banner. Highly recommend.

Hearts for Agents - Alexandria VA
   08-09-2018 6:33
This was fast, easy, and fun! Think it took less than an hour by car. Probably quick on foot because only 6 and mostly close together.
Thanks! I <3 it!!

Destroyers of Alexandria Vanquisher
   08-09-2018 6:28
Really enjoyed this set. Time as reported by others.
Routing was great. All portals close together within each mission and minimal back tracking. Last hack in some were out of the way but mostly to move the Agent to a new area.
With a car highly recommend. Not sure on foot or bike. Although hacks are close together not all missions are. Believe to do this in one day player probably needs auto.
Thanks. It was really fun!