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Harmony Unity
   15-05-2019 16:27
This is an excellent tour of the main city centre of Dusseldorf.

The route itself does a good job of covering the area. Ignore some of the negative comments about the banner already made- by definition if you are going to complete a circuit of an area of the city, at times you will go close to where you have been before! The route follows a good sequence and by the time you have finished you will have had the opportunity to do all the uniques within the area of the mission.

3 hours is fine for this banner

I really like the banner graphic too (even though I don't understand why it has a mountain as a background for a very flat city on a flood plain!!)

Schwebebahn Rathausbrücke
   15-05-2019 16:20
A nice little banner in a small part of Wuppertal. Be prepared to either be careful with your hacking or carry a few heat sinks- even knowing that portals get re-used more than once I did manage to burnout a couple of portals.

The route essentially goes round the shopping area of Wuppertal Barmen three and a half times(*) so If you feel like maximising AP it is certainly possible to gather keys as you go along and do some strategic linking from the second circuit onwards.

Overall a nice banner to have on the scanner (although the picture could be clearer)

*the final half circuit on missions 23 and 24 was an annoying finish to the mission banner. I expect most people will start (park or arrive by train) near mission 1 but missions 23 and 24 take you all the way along the main shopping street again- away from the start point. No big deal as its not a huge distance to go back when you've finished, but if the mission author reads this it would make things a lot neater if mission 24 ended back at the start point.

Cologne Cathedral
   15-05-2019 16:08
It is quite appropriate that this is number 1 mission on this site! A wonderful tour of an excellent city. I split it over two days, missions 1-24 I the morning prior to a FS in the City, then missions 24-48 in the late afternoon. On the following day, missions 49-72 took a while (by foot) as this part goes further away from the city centre and the portals are a little spread out. The time altogether is comfortable at around 10 hours (depending on how distracted you get by nearby uniques and the opportunity to field in the denser portal areas!)

The route finding is excellent almost without exception.

Thoroughly recommended if you have a weekend (or a long day) available in the City.

Overall, a fantastic banner to have on the scanner

Chester City Walls
   12-04-2019 18:52
A nice enough banner but I did find that it involved some unnecessary zigzagging which is particularly frustrating when you have to drop off the high wall to do one portal then get back on it, or in another case find that you are the wrong side of the wall to reach the next portal and you have to detour to get through a gap in the wall to get to it. One mission also literally starts at portal one, goes in a straight line to portal 3 or 4, then goes back along the same straight line for the remaining portals.

Having said all that it was a nice enough banner, it can still be done in the time stated and takes in a good variety of the city

#MP Cancer Awareness UK Chester
   12-04-2019 18:48
An excellent banner, exceptionally well laid out, it all flows well and its possible to do it somewhat quicker than the mosaic time (think I was only just over the hour mark to complete it, not hanging around)

Chester FS 2019
   12-04-2019 18:44
A very well laid out and straightforward banner from the river, into the City, through some parkland and back to the river

San Pedro Waterfront
   31-01-2019 0:20
Good straightforward banner. No accessibility issues and a good amount of LA port free Wi-fi along the route if you’re looking to save data.

Emerald Planet
   06-01-2019 21:22
Another good Beeston banner with logical sequences.
One word of warning, the author (at the time of writing, 6 January 2019) will be editing mission 2 soon to avoid the current 1.5km detour to the 4th portal, the Baptist Church, which was relocated after the mission went live. Currently it adds that extra walking distance but does pass other portals en route anyway.

Weymouth Harbour Lights
   02-12-2018 0:05
A very enjoyable and straightforward banner. All the missions follow a good, logical sequence. The two hours suggested should be more than enough for most players. I did it in 2.5 hours including diverting to all the unique portals on the south side of the harbour out to the end of the stone pier beyond Nothe fort.
The passcodes are exceptionally easy

Project Omniscience London
   08-09-2018 13:38
Straightforward banner, easy to do in the time stated, if you don’t get distracted by other portals

Plymouth Battleships
   26-08-2018 18:26
This is in my top 3 mission banners so far. Very well thought through layout, straightforward route finding, good scanner pic at the end.

The start and finish are at different locations (starts at station, finishes on the Hoe), but the last portal is a memorable landmark and its only a 10 minute direct walk back to the station.

Overall I took 5.5 hours but I took some considerable unique diversions so 4- 4.5 hours would easily be possible if you have the discipline!

   04-08-2018 14:04
A very well laid out, straightforward and quick banner

Tappan Zee Bridge
   30-05-2018 23:45
I don't get this mission! For some inexplicable reason it is set up so that you have to do 4 circuits of Hudson Park then move across to do 2 laps of Matthiessen Park, just to get 36 hacks yet there are 40 portals just in Hudson Park. Why not make 6 missions that take in all of the portals in Hudson Park then maybe make a Rip Van Winkle mission banner taking in Matthiessen Park and the rest of Irvington (there's plenty in easy reach to have another, different, 36 portals)?
Oh, and Tappan Zee bridge is in the process of being dismantled but I suppose there's nothing the author can do about this!

HP Magic London
   30-05-2018 22:27
A good quick sequential banner. I didn't experience the issues reported about locating the portals or the sequence of the missions.

It's not 24/7 though as there is a mission within the British Library plaza

   30-05-2018 22:22
A straightforward and interesting banner around a much improved part of London. Plenty more portals (or banners) within easy reach if you have the time and inclination. I didn't mind hack any order (it was my own fault that I hacked the first portal of mission 4 when completing mission 3 so had to wait for the cool down, but they are right next to each other)

The Bridge From St Pauls
   09-11-2017 18:02
A straightforward banner in a logical sequence, easy to do in the time suggested, if you don't get distracted by all the other portal opportunities en route!

Forever Green
   05-11-2017 0:36
This isn't a circular mission* but its straightforward enough. There are plenty of other portals in and around Beeston!
* If you have more time, Emerald Spacegirl starts and finishes at the station

Emerald SpaceGirl
   05-11-2017 0:33
A straightforward sequential banner mission that starts and finishes at the station. The missions follow on from each other in a logical order, there is only minor doubling back and one reasonably long walk between mission 16 and 17 of about 800m. All in all a very good way to cover Beeston. Don't worry about "The missing Emerald"- number 13 shows up in the scanner as normal now

Explore Port Douglas on foot
   14-08-2017 11:41
A straightforward, well laid out mission banner. No difficulties. A few other uniques around the route to watch out for.

Brogress Derby
   11-04-2017 20:53
Enjoyable, straightforward 6 banner mission that is well set out and a quick one to do (if you don't get distracted by neighbouring portals!)

   09-04-2017 17:54
A very pleasant banner if you're in the area. Worth having a quick look at Intel before starting because there are a few extra portals that are easy to grab just off route with the main detour (which is r commended) to get the portals along the river. Well constructed for a straightforward loop of the town with no backtracking if that's all you're after

LOTR - The One Ring
   02-04-2017 0:00
I've got mixed feelings about this banner. On the one hand it's a good way of getting around a good part of Cambridge. On the other hand it feels like the setter lost interest after the initial run of missions 1-9 keeping pretty close to the centre - missions 10-16 then head off a long way out with the main frustration being the way it sails past plenty of perfectly useable portals. Without lots of faffing/ prior research (as these are sequential missions), you're not sure if you can pick up the peripheral portals or whether you'll soon need them. 17 miles walked today doing this one and benchgression first in the botanical gardens, took 6.5 hours at a good pace on foot and increasingly less focus on smashing or diverting to get uniques. Tip: take a printout of the detailed map with you to see where it's going and what other uniques you could pick up if that's your thing

   01-04-2017 23:47
Lovely banner, a perfect example of how to design a set of missions that cover all the portals in a park, follow a logical sequence, join up neatly and don't backtrack. Just one word of warning (as at 1 April 2017) there is some work underway in the SW corner (mission 10) that puts one portal out of range. I nipped around the low level barriers quickly to get it. Check website for opening hours. £5 entry fee.