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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Crazy skull...7/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the bredabaan in merksem a wunderfull place 2 shop,eat and drink or just having a good time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
2 Crazy skull...2/12 8 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the bredabaan in merksem a wunderfull place 2 shop,eat and drink and just having a good time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner
3 Crazy skull...3/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place to shop,eat & drink or just having a pleasant time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
4 Crazy skull...11/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place 2 shop,eat & drink or just having a good time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
5 Crazy skull...9/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place to shop,eat & drink and just having a pleasant time...after this walk you''ll have a nice banner on your scanner.
6 Crazy skull...10/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place 2 shop,eat & drink or just having a good time...after the walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
7 Crazy skull...5/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place to shop,eat & drink or just having a good time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
8 The battle of the skulls...8/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the bredabaan in merksem a wunderfull place to shop,eat and drink or just having a good time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
9 Crazy skull...1/12 6 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place to shop,eat & drink or just having a pleasant time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner
10 Crazy skull...4/12 7 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the bredbaan in merksem a wunderfull place 2 shop ,eat and drink or just having a wunderfull time...after this walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner
11 Crazy skull...6/12 7 Der Reihe nach Welcome 2 the Bredabaan in Merksem a wonderful place 2 shop,eat & drink or just having a pleasant time...after the walk you'll have a nice banner on your scanner.
Enter upon own risk - Schoten
   20-07-2019 23:24
The route was smooth as ''ice''
The horrorsmurfs are pretty ''freaky''

Nice banner made by a local & the best way 2 visit Schoten.
I'm a horrorfan so i must have this banner on my scanner.

Rondje Princenhage
   17-07-2019 16:36
Nice little tour around Princenhage
A place that i didn't know it exist without this banner/ingress.
So thx @BroerWolf for creating this banner.

Dark Fox
   12-07-2019 14:47
Nice route for visiting a little part of Liège.
And offcourse the end is in a bar...
Thx for creating this banner @GustafValentine aka TheLicker :-)

Schiedams Cultuur
   06-07-2019 17:20
Nice route/banner for discovering a part of Schiedam.

Plantage Schiedam
   06-07-2019 12:34
Small & easy banner...Bring 1 heatsink... you'll need it.

Dragon Dongen
   02-07-2019 17:30
Very nice way 2 discover Dongen ( never heard of this village, so thank you for creating this banner)
Lovely route ...just one thing ; the last 3 missions or going a little bith criss/cross in the park...so just hack & walk on...you'll come back for the other portals.

Freilassing Mosaik
   28-06-2019 11:56
First things first...it's a great souvenir on your scanner.
@ the moment the banner isn't playable because of construction works on the swimmingpool area...you can't reach the portal in a safe way...
(We were standing on a rooftop of a garage & with drift we hacked the portal).
The route isn't the best you're going back & forward for 1 portal.
In mission 10 we walked 2.5km for just 1 hack...just 2 crazy.

Land Tirol
   20-06-2019 21:11
The facts ;
- lovely picture & souvenir on your scanner!!!
- the route is not so logic...you most go forward & back all the time...
- Bring 1 heatsink you will need it @ the end of B12 & start of C1.
- maybe update the banner , because opr created many portals...i had +400 upv's...

Seefeld in Tirol
   17-06-2019 17:44
Fun way 2 discover beautifull Seefeld...
Only the first portal is a little bit far from the rest.
Thx for creating this banner @UNIXGuru

Nordkette Innsbruck
   16-06-2019 18:58
WE (GoodGirlxXx & me) DID IT!!!!!
This banner is really a challenge...
In mission 2 portal ''Kreuz am wegesrand'' is offroad/downhill...not safe 2 hack!!!!!
In mission 4 portal ''Waldbrunnen'' is very unlogic...you must go back...steap downhill...hack this portal...same steap way uphill...2 continue your route.
Tip for creator; leave these 2 portals out of the banner.
We did the banner in 2 days...
Day 1; 1-6
Day 2; 7-12
Bring food & drinks...& be carefull !!!!

Hohe Munde
   14-06-2019 16:01
Very beautifull banner every portal included...(offcourse opr can chance this)
Lovely route...first outside the city & than slowly working the way in 2 the center...
best way 2 discover Telfs.
Recommend this ''city tour'' 2 everybody!!!!!
Thx for creating this banner @AnHo71

The Enlightened Fairy
   30-05-2019 18:01
Very Nice banner, great route, many upv's...
Perfect way 2 discover Wateringen
Didn't Found the Fairy ;-)
Maybe 1 tip Bring some drinks & food.
Thx for making this banner @Evyuna

Amsterdam Canals
   13-05-2019 15:08
Nice & easy walk...

We are the Resistance
   11-05-2019 0:59
Great & logical route
A very Nice way 2 get many upv's & see a ''big'' part of Amsterdam...
And offcourse a lovely picture/souvenirs on your scanner.

Roeselare city tour
   19-04-2019 1:48
Very nice banner
The route & portal order is just great!!!
Recommend this banner 2 everybody!!!

PS; banner isn't 24/7...because you walk through a cemetery that closes after the sun is going 2 bed ;-)

Ypres Banner
   16-04-2019 19:19
The route is logic...but we went POCO-LOCO & captured every portal in Ieper...because opr created so many new portals...(more than 100 upv's)
It's a fine & beautifull way 2 discover the city.
Thx @kevbbs for creating this banner!!!!

Diksmuidse Banner
   15-04-2019 20:41
Banner ''in any order'' ... But the route is clear & logic...
This banner guides you through al the portals in the beautifull Diksmuide...
So job welldone & thx for creating this banner @leutigefietser

   12-04-2019 19:27
Very Nice & logical route.
This banner takes you past every portal in the park.
TIP...check website of the park for events & opening hours.
We walked about 5 hours (destroy-glyph-link-field) & 17km...so maybe Bring something to drink with you...the end is near a restaurant/lunchroom.
I suggest this banner 2 everybody!!!!

Comics in Brussel
   24-03-2019 23:28
Quick & easy banner.

Parc du Cinquantenaire
   24-03-2019 23:26
Lovely route
Perfect for discovering a new part of Brussels.

Ps; in mission 17 is a waypoint...not easy 2 catch for some cellphones...that's no comment on the creation of the banner...just a fact.

Run Devil Run
   18-03-2019 12:45
4NG3L meets Devil... Run devil run...lol
Serious very great banner!!!!
Route is amazing
This banner is so much better than the big banner (150 missions) in Rotterdam...
So my conclusion ; if you've the time & would like many upv's...this banner is for you!!!!

   01-03-2019 21:15
Fun banner with crazy easy questions (love it)...very good banner for making your stay in the park more pleasant.
Always swimming isn't good for our AP...;-)

   28-02-2019 11:04
Great banner
Great route
Maked by a agent that know's what making a great banner is al about!!!!

   23-02-2019 18:37
Quick & easy banner...
Please change 1 portal in mission 1 ...than is the banner 24/7 accessible.

Discovering Piraeus
   22-02-2019 23:45
It's a great banner 2 visit the beautifull city of Piraeus..
The route is not always logical and a good condition is recommended.

Destination Technopolis
   21-02-2019 16:26
Nice little banner 2 visit a part of Athene.

   31-12-2018 21:55
The banner is great for visiting Steenbergen & Welberg.
The route is ok.
Problem ; the last portal of mission 6 is the first portal of mission 7...= Heatsinks/Jarvis/ada.

Antwerp Baroque
   26-11-2018 0:19
Nice banner for discover a little piece of Antwerp...
And you learn a little bit baroque history with this tour...

Oudenaarde Banner
   08-11-2018 21:02
Nice way 2 discover the beautifull city of Oudenaarde.
Great & logical route.

   23-10-2018 7:24
The route of the banner is not always logic
But is a lovely banner on your scanner and you see a different part of Frankfurt...

Old Town Frankfurt
   23-10-2018 7:21
Lovely picture on your scanner
Good & logical route for exploring the beautifull old town of Frankfurt.

Euro in Frankfurt am Main
   18-10-2018 21:50
Great banner
Lovely route
Best way 2 see a part of the lovely city of Frankfurt.

Rondje Brielle
   17-09-2018 19:06
They only good thing about this banner is the lovely town Brielle!!!!!

The first 3 mission by car with u-turns...parked the car & start walking.
The route is so so so frustrating!!!!
you'll go back and forward from the left 2 the right...the portal ''beeld voor de lotus'' hack it in mission 2 with the car, in mission 10 and you'll end the banner with this portal...( Why i don't know)...
Tip for the creator ...please take the banner in review and make the route logic...you can make the banner great because portals enough.

Green Dragon BoZ
   16-09-2018 19:21
With this banner i discovered new places in BOZ,
The route is most of the time very logic.
I walked the banner and i really enjoyed it.
Thx for making this banner @kanaiva.
Recommend 2 everybody!!!

Fort Vier Mortsel
   15-09-2018 22:04
Easy & Fun walk in the ''jungle'' of fort IV.
Go offroad and have Fun ...
The banner Will go back on his footsteps so you can link and field every portal!!!...

Lone Wolf
   02-09-2018 19:42
The route is very logic and you'll discover Hidden gems.
We used the car 2 times between mission 9 & 10 And between 13 & 14...you can park your car for free by every ''new'' start.
Start early because you stop in a park that closes when they day turn into the night.
Thx for creating this banner @TheL0neWolf

Explore the Earth
   27-08-2018 1:05
Nice way 2 visit Namen...
ATTENTION IN MISSION 10...Because of constructionworks a portal is reachable through they museum (closed on mondays & open from 10am-5pm) or via a stairway next 2 the water (you must make a detour) ..
Offcourse that's not the fault of @Valckyrie.
Thx for making the banner - lovely picture!!!!

Wasbeer in Barendrecht
   08-08-2018 21:44
We walked the banner around 20km.
It was a lovely banner in a very nice and beautifull town.
We walked about 5 a 6 hours ... glyph-link-field & having Fun
So i can only say thx for the banner @NatteWasbeer.

Eeklo Resist
   04-08-2018 1:31
Very nice way 2 visit Eeklo, a town i woudn't visit/ know about without a banner/ingress...
Logical route & good easy walk around the city.
Great job creating the banner @Wolfieke123

   03-08-2018 19:06
Good way 2 discover Middelkerke!!!
Nice & logical route!!

   03-08-2018 13:34
Lovely banner
Great and logical route
I recommend this banner 2 every agent!!!!
Thx for making it so great @cedric74

   15-07-2018 13:52
Very nice way 2 discover Woudrichem...
I Recommend this banner for everybody.
Great job creating this @grijzesik.

CityView Gent
   08-07-2018 1:36
Nice and easy banner...
Logical route
So great job creating this one!!!!
Thx kevbbs.

Klagenfurt the Capital of Carinthia
   26-06-2018 18:34
Like the creator wrote the first portal is in the shopping center so not 24/7 reachable...
The route is not always logical you go for & backwards...especially @ the end.
And you miss aloth of portals...
But it's a good way 2 visit Klagenfurt because you go around & through the city.

I Like Klagenfurt
   26-06-2018 18:27
Easy walk
Lovely souvenir on your scanner!!!
Thx for making this little banner.

   19-06-2018 21:12
The route is...not always so logical
The route/banner skips many ( 2 many) portals
...it's a nice souvenir on your scanner from a lovely town!!!...

Day of the Dead viva la Mexico
   18-06-2018 21:40
Just Loving the picture very much!!!!!
Nice & logical route
Best way 2 visit Ljubljana...

Recommend this banner to everybody

Make Roosendaal Great Again
   27-05-2018 18:34
Great way 2 visit Roosendaal
Lovely banner not 24/7 because the park closes @ midnight until 6am...
Route is logical
Great job making this banner !!!!

Visit Mechelen
   17-05-2018 20:23
The route is not always so logical
This banner covered a another part of Mechelen so upv's.

The tears of a fallen angel
   10-05-2018 23:13
Thx for the feedback and comments @RexInfernus



   24-04-2018 15:32
Amasing banner with a lovely picture..(ok maybe i've a twisted Sense of humor).
The route is very logical
You visit places with this banner that otherwise you'll not come as a tourist....so more upv's
So with the words of NIKE ...JUST DO IT!!!!
Again i love the banner on my scanner...
I highly recommend this banner to everybody!!!
PS not 24/7 ; cemetery is open every day from 730am-8pm.

Bonn Beuel
   22-04-2018 19:45
Very nice banner on the otherside of the bridge...so very good idea for getting more upv's.
Very logical route.

   16-04-2018 18:35
Nice walk through the city...
Route logical for 99%,
A lovely banner for your scanner...
Good banner for a lovely day in Breda.

Leiden by night
   10-04-2018 22:18
Lovely way 2 visit Leiden,
Easy and logical route through the beautifull city,
So thx for making this banner @toscane...

Fresque Montmartre
   26-03-2018 10:37
Very unlogical route you going forward & backward and thats means up & down over there.
A tip do not hack the portals 2 much because of the route you'll come back otherwise the portals get burned.

Champs Elysées et Arc de Triomphe
   25-03-2018 0:11
Lovely banner picture/souvenir on your scanner
Nice route through some highlights of the city
And it's a quick and easy going banner...

Paris Jardin des Plantes
   25-03-2018 0:06
What a beautifull walk it was in a lovely area...you get the portals in and out of the Jardin des plantes.
So my conclusion is : very good banner & recommend it 2 everybody !!!

The Eiffel Tower Banner
   24-03-2018 9:59
Pretty heavy banner 30km
Logical route
Start by Eiffel Tower - TIP :be there very early otherwise you gonna lose aloth of time for entering the Tower area....(body search)
It's a very nice picture on your scanner.

Green Tardis
   19-03-2018 11:18
Sometimes the route seems unlogical...you walk past portals but a few missions later you'll get them...so just go with the flow.
A tip for resistance agents; Bring aloth of xmp's...it's a walk through frogcity.
Great job making this banner thx @Maredon.

In the footsteps of Tijl Uylenspiegel
   13-03-2018 12:28
Fun trip around Schoten.
For more info ask icefr34k or th3v4p0r4z3r

Fox Angel - Station Hengelo
   11-03-2018 0:48
The route is very very logical
Hengelo is a beautifull city 2 discover
Only one little ''problem'' with the banner...the capture or upgrades...if you start the banner it's no problem but @ the end you pass the same portals ...and than you must upgrade/capture them...so one tip for the creator...please chance it in just hack.

Biocard Enschede
   11-03-2018 0:44
Nice souvenir and lovely route.

Around Knokke
   23-02-2018 11:31
Nice banner
Logical route
A ideal way 2 visit Knokke!!!
Thx @cedric74 for making the banner.

Ostende the city by the sea
   23-02-2018 11:29
I contact the creator door changing mission 10...
No response...so a 3 km walk for 1 portal is stupid in a banner otherwise it's a great banner.

Banksy - Girl with Balloon
   15-02-2018 19:04
The route is not always logical...
Nice Banksy picture.

   15-02-2018 14:26
Most of the time a logical route & a good way 2 visit Tienen...

Kontichse Wandeling
   11-02-2018 20:01
Short & good banner for visiting Kontich...
You'll discover the ''hidden portals'' so good work @prunie

Goes old market
   04-02-2018 18:59
Nice banner
Lovely & logical route
A very good way 2 visit & discover Goes!!!
I recommend this one for everybody!!!

So thx MaffiaXL for making this banner.

Spinola Tour Etten-Leur
   29-01-2018 20:47
A very well designed banner;
* Logical route
*Every portal included
I recommend this banner for everybody!!!!

@franky008 great job making this banner & thx 2 you we discovered a Hidden gem that called Etten-Leur.

Happy Breda
   21-01-2018 17:17
Nice banner for Discover a little bit of Breda.
Logical route and Nice original picture.

Antwerp Skyline
   14-01-2018 23:19
Nice banner with a logical route...you need 1 heatsinks and sometimes you need some ''driftluck''.
And a lovely picture for your scanner.

dijken langs de Schelde
   14-01-2018 12:12
If you make a easy banner in Antwerp please make a effort 2 make the route logical and use every portal on the route...
So i don't recommend this banner.

Dead Frog
   13-01-2018 16:35
Lovely and easy walk 2 discover Westerlo...
And the picture is just amazing...great job @Runner81

Den Blauwe Verzetter
   16-12-2017 18:08
Nice and easy route in & around fort v.

Feline Fantasy
   04-12-2017 21:12
Nice banner
Logical route
Great picture

   03-12-2017 23:10
Nice banner & Lovely souvenir of the anomaly!!!

EXO5 MD Bruges
   03-12-2017 23:02
Did 12 missions and had no problems...so good job.

In Bruges
   03-12-2017 13:04
Great banner

Winter in Bruges
   02-12-2017 17:53
Nice walk through Bruges...

Tranquility in Bruges
   01-12-2017 15:54
Very nice and Unique walk around the city...
Great job fvanstra.!!!!

   18-11-2017 19:28
Nice banner on your scanner,
Lovely souvenir of a beautifull city.

Diep in de Zee
   18-11-2017 19:25
Very logical route and the ideal way 2 discover Scheveningen.

Noordwijk banner
   17-11-2017 22:31
The route started very unlogical...@ the end it gets ''better''.
It's a good way 2 discover Noordwijk...
Bring 2 heatsinks because 2 missions start @ the portal were the other one stops...
Also this banner skips many portals.

Can you Handle Middelburg
   06-11-2017 15:42
Nicely created banner and a lovely picture on your scanner!!!!
We walked the banner 42km...day 1; untill mission 29 and day 2 we finished the banner...
Sometimes the route seems unlogical but wait 5 minutes and you'll see the logic.
This banner is not 24/7 playable because you go through an Abbey (open from 7-8am - 1030pm).

Arenberg Castle
   01-11-2017 21:09
Very nice walk through & around Leuven,
The route is very logical,
Many unique portals,wunderfull hidden places of the city...so..
I recommand this banner for everybody,
And my respect for the creator...great job/well done!!!

Het Oude Raadhuis
   23-10-2017 16:21
Nice & easy banner.
Good way 2 discover Oud-Beijerland.

D n diek
   21-10-2017 9:14
The route is unlogical.
So many portals in Middelharnis and using portals for a second time??? It good be a very nice banner if you put a little work in changing the route and make it logical...

Tour Middelharnis
   21-10-2017 9:10
A Nice way 2 visit the city,
Most of the time the route is logical, anyway a great way for having a good time!!!!

Vesting Banner
   25-09-2017 23:51
Very very good and logical banner in a wunderfull town...the ideal way 2 appreciate/discover Hellevoetsluis.
My respect for the creator...job well done!!!!

Maassluis City
   25-09-2017 18:32
Leuke & logische banner
Goed gemaakt en een ideale manier om Maassluis te ontdekken...

Zierikzee banner
   19-08-2017 10:34
Nice picture of the beautifull Zierikzee,but the route is very very unlogical.

010 Euromast Banner
   08-08-2017 18:45
We started with mission 31 because we didn't know of the problems with the construction works in the previous missions were solved.
From mission 39 until 56...you doing 2 times the same route...and that's stupid in a big city like Rotterdam.
From mission 120 the route becomes very very unlogical (i wonder if the creators did a testrun).
And than from mission 140 until the end it's just getting worse...it's like they inspiration of the creators was empty and just wanna finish the banner.
Ok it's the biggest banner in Rotterdam but a missed chance for making a big and great banner!!! So many portals that you missed....and bring heatsinks along...you must go in a park that's not open 24/7!!!!!

Schiedam Black Banner
   08-08-2017 10:52
For tourists without a chipcard isn't possible for doing this banner because mission 1 Starts in the trainstation behind the ''gates'' where you need that chipcard.
Just a tip for the creator...

Ommoord tour
   02-08-2017 8:50
Nice little banner and lovely souvenir.

Blue Moon
   01-08-2017 20:22
Very nice banner with many upv's.
The route is very logical and the picture is breath taking.
Complements for the creator!!!

   27-07-2017 11:23
Overal nice banner.
We did the missions in Moordrecht untill mission 4/3 and than with the car 2 Gouda and start mission 4/4...
I love the picture.
1 minor issue with the last mission you go in a street and for the last 2 portals of the banner you must return on your footsteps back down the same street...very strange because there're aloth portals ahead of you.
For the creator maybe change the route of mission 18/18.

Het stadhuis van Gouda
   27-07-2017 11:13
Very very nice banner with a logical route, you'll discover hidden places in the city and that's always nice.
If you're in the area it's a banner you must do!!!

Leuven Beer Tour
   21-07-2017 23:59
The best banner in Leuven that i walked so far,because the most uniques portals,a very logical and easy route 2 follow.
With this banner you visit another side of the city than with the other banners.
So a must do if you're in Leuven and there is one question in the banner but that's not a BIG problem.
Respect for the creator.

Michonne Day Merksem
   15-07-2017 13:11
Very nice banner with a logical order route.
So respect for the creator.

Reinaert de Vos
   03-07-2017 15:39
Overall nice banner...
A good way 2 visit the city.

Tour Zierikzee
   02-07-2017 23:05
A very very unlogical route...
You walk from left to right,going back on your footsteps...and yes back again...besides that Zierikzee is a lovely place 2 visit...

Banksy - Pulp Fiction
   01-07-2017 20:44
Small walk through the city.
Not always a logical order of the portals.

1217-2017 Sint-Niklaas 800 jaar jong
   30-06-2017 20:01
Nice walk through the city...

Killesbergturm bei Nacht
   13-06-2017 22:18
A very nice banner that let you discover very beautifull places/parks...in the city....
A must do if you're in the neighbourhood!!!
Respect 2 the creator.

Crow Episode
   09-06-2017 1:00
It's a heavy banner around 30km...
Not always logical order... But the maker gonna fix it...
So if you gonna do this lovely banner bring some drinks & food with you...
.... !!!Cargress isn't an option!!!!...

Play your cards right
   21-05-2017 17:04
* Free parking at the start '' p&r stadspark''
*The banner is not 24/7 playable!!!
*Opening hours beguinage; 7am-10pm
*Opening hours cemetery; - 1/04 - 30/10: 8am-7pm
-2/11 - 30/03:8am-1730pm
-and on 1/11:8am-6pm.

Enjoy the banner en the picture on your scanner.
Looking forward to read your feedback.

Middelheim Museum - Open Air Artwork
   07-05-2017 2:06
Fun playing in Middelheimpark... Simple, easy & a nice way 2 discover the park.
Great job fvanstra

   01-05-2017 22:01
A nice walk through the city... and a lovely city 2 visit!!
Just 1 thing:... Bring heatsinks with you 4 or 5 missions start with the same portal that the other mission ends with.

Little Red Riding Hood
   04-04-2017 13:54
I nice and easy hack banner 2 visit a little bit of the city...

Jarvis banner Antwerp
   21-03-2017 17:52
Nice easy banner through the city, ter route is very logical and after you finished this banner you can make your way back to the start doing the Ada banner...also a nice banner.
Great job making the 2 banners hydrotherion.

   16-03-2017 19:02
Nice walk through the city.
Logical route & fun 2 do.
Thx pinballfranky... Great banner.

Echternach Panorama
   05-03-2017 22:19
A nice little walk through the city.

IRL - Ingress Resistance Luxembourg
   04-03-2017 20:01
Very very nice walk through Luxemburg.
But beware i'm trained walker and it's a heavy walk many climbs... Aloth of fun.
Thumbs up for the maker of the banner

   04-03-2017 9:08
Very nice way 2 visit Luxemburg and nice route 2 folllow.

Trier Porta Nigra
   04-03-2017 9:05
Sometimes the route is strange, but overall not a bad banner 2 visit & discover Trier...
And it's a lovely picture and souvenir on your scanner.

Discover Deurne banner
   17-02-2017 15:51
Very intens walk... But you walk in another neigbourhood than the most banners, so very good for upv's.

Antwerp Panda 大熊猫 banner
   29-01-2017 22:09
Very nice and easy banner to do...
We did it in 1,5 hours.

Dendermonde Ros Beiaardstad
   20-01-2017 16:20
Allround great banner and the perfect way 2 visit Dendermonde.

   14-01-2017 18:52
Leuke wandeling in het dorp enkel de poorten zijn in '' Any order'' dus je loopt soms terug en in de laatse missie zitten 2 portal '' capture or upgrade''.. Kan problemen geven als je met meerdere spelers de banner doet...

Wall-e in Brussels
   09-01-2017 17:08
Very nice and easy banner 2 walk...
Very logical route 2 follow.

   03-01-2017 19:16
Voor de cargressers onder ons is dit een zeer zeer goede, knap & logisch ontworpen banner!!!!
Respect voor de maker... Over deze banner is nagedacht en dat merk je.

Verviers Banner
   04-12-2016 20:58
Nice walk through Verviers

Anomaly badges
   28-11-2016 20:36
Nice little walk in the city... Lovely reminder/souvenir of the past anomalie's.

The key to perception
   28-11-2016 17:40
Pretty good banner, Sometimes you must go back and forward again.

We Love Lille
   28-11-2016 11:52
We did The large banner lille city trip of the same maker and that one was great and this little one was more crisis cross with no logical route...

   28-11-2016 11:49
Very nice little walk through The city.
Maybe 1 tip... Make The question in englisch...

Lille City Tour
   28-11-2016 11:47
Nice walk through The city.

Drakenfontein S-hertogenbosch
   24-11-2016 23:53
Zeer leuke wandeling,enkel met missie 17 moet je voor 1 portal de spoorweg oversteken om daarna uw weg terug verder te zetten aan de andere kant vd spoorweg.

Safariparks Beekse bergen
   13-11-2016 12:30
Leuke ontdekkingstocht door het natuurpark...

Sint-Andries Tour
   09-11-2016 12:33
Geen slecht bannertje,al loop je soms in rondjes.

Bruges Banner
   08-11-2016 16:24
Leuke wandeling, en goed gemaakt... Ideaal opwarmingsbannertje

Churches of Mechelen
   05-11-2016 18:52
Fun & easy banner 2 discover Mechelen.

Amy Winehouse - Legend
   30-10-2016 20:13
Lovely quick banner 2 do...
I don't know it's 24/7 because You'll walk through Camden market...
Also a very nice picture of Amy Winhouse.

Camden Banner
   30-10-2016 13:40
Quick and easy!!!

Chinatown Run
   30-10-2016 2:22
Easy, fast banner did in 55m...
Nice way 2 visit chinatown.

Amazing Frog
   30-10-2016 2:18
Just The facts:
- missions 1-12 very good no problem.
- second frog mission 12/18 phassfrase is '' spanish embassy'' you can 't find it anywhere(google)... So lost a loth of time there.
-third frog:MY GOD THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!, you must Google, use iitc, have a good idea how 2 use the scanner compas, and a loth of patience...
If i knew al this before i started, i wouldn' 't walked this banner!!!!

Enl London
   29-10-2016 1:22
This is Just 1 of the best banners i walked so far!!!! I did over 1600 missions and this one is made so very good!!!!
The route is very logical designed, You'll see London like you never seen it before...
I wish every banner was made as good as this one...
My compliments for the maker.

Enjoy the Tower Bridge at night
   28-10-2016 8:52
The start of this banner is not good.
Bud when you're ad mission 5 it's very nice made.
Lovely picture for souvenir.

NEC Banner Missie
   23-10-2016 22:00
Het eerste deel tem missie 28 blijf je in de binnenstad van Nijmegen en is redelijk goed ontworpen enkel 2x eindportaal van de ene missie is startportaal Vd volgende missie= headsink... En je gaat redelijk een aantal keer op je stappen terug...
Het 2e deel is mooi ontworpen... Maar de '' grand finale''eindigen aan't stadion van NEC... valt wat in het niets omdat je er met een vorige missie al langskomt.
En dan vh stadion naar startpunt is toch een 3km lopen...

Nijmegen City
   22-10-2016 14:40
Ideale banner om de stad te leren kennen... Snel gemaakt en knap resultaat.

Leidenpool - richting Noord
   18-10-2016 13:07
leuke banner/missies om leiden te ontdekken en het symbool van deadpool is een grote bonus!!!!

My Precious Gorinchem
   17-10-2016 17:08
Deze banner is absoluut GEEN aanrader!!!
Het is een leuke foto en de eerste 13 missies geven je een leuke rondleiding in Gorinchem.
Vanaf missie 14 loop je nog 5x exact dezelfde route waardoor er zovele portals en mooie plaatsjes niet worden benut.
Als dit je eerste banner zou zijn, doe je er nooit nog 1 na deze...

Antwerp Winter is coming Banner
   16-10-2016 0:11
Je begint in middelheimpark waar je kris kras rondloopt zonder structuur.
Missie 24 en 25 zijn niet zo goed qua overgang... 24 was beter enkel in park Den Brand geweest en 25 simpelweg gestart op de bist.
Naar het einde toe overbrug je soms lange afstanden tot aan het volgende portaal...
En het was mooier geweest als je terug eindigde op de bist ipv op de Boomsesteenweg...

Balade de lln
   11-10-2016 12:44
It's a nice way 2 visit louvain-la-neuve, when you to this in The weekend it's like walking in a ghost town,because it's student town...

Belgian Flag
   11-10-2016 12:39
Nice walk in namen, easy banner 2 make..and with this banner we discovered New places.

De Grote Kerk Dordrecht
   08-10-2016 8:29
Zeer goede banner om Dordrecht te leren kennen,MAAR absoluut geen goede banner om unieke portalen te hacken... Waarmee ik wil zeggen slaagt enorm veel portals over op de route wat wel spijtig is...

Discover Vlissingen
   07-10-2016 0:59
Leuke tocht om stadje te ontdekken

Res Helmond Banner
   01-10-2016 14:59
Zeer mooie banner en ideaal om helmond te leren kennen enkel zonde dat je werkelijk 2x hetzelfde rondje loopt...

Harmony Unity
   26-09-2016 8:30
Very nice way 2 visit The city, and Lovely picture

Hacking Hilden
   26-09-2016 8:27
Very nice and Quick banner, only The part/missions in The park are boring... 3 times The same route, same portals... No fun.

   25-09-2016 7:35
Very nice and very fast banner 2 make.. And a wunderfull souvenir of the anomalie

Visit Leuven
   11-09-2016 19:16
Leuke banner, niet de beste wegen.
En zoals vermeld niet 24/7 doenbaar maar wel een aanrader...

I Love Limburg
   09-09-2016 19:25
Super makkelijke en aangename snelle tocht door Hasselt... Niets speciaals maar wel tof wandelingetje

Ostend-Bruges Connection banner
   07-09-2016 11:34
very hard and long banner we walked 45km and did in 15hours,so better do it in 2 days 1 day brugge and the otherday oostende,because in oostende you're going away from the beach first and not really nive place to walk in the dark...

Manneken pis
   07-09-2016 11:02
Zeer kleine leuke en snelle missies die goed te doen zijn.... Leuk gemaakt.

   07-09-2016 10:59
Zeer mooie route en je ziet eens een andere kant dan waar de meeste banners in Brussel heen gaan.
Beetje conditie is wel nodig want je gaat veel berg op en berg af...
Maar zeker een aanrader...

Wandelbanner Den Haag Centrum
   06-09-2016 11:39
My God this banner i'll never do it again it was hell...he start and end in The station where your cellphone is flipping from left 2 right over and over again...
Than in mission 29/30 yeah almost finished(you think) there is a portal '' trapped statue'' that's really a trap... You can not reach it... So you must have al The luck in The world 2 spoof the portal i hacked it after 30m...
So i already contact The maker and ask that she remove this portal, otherwise agents DON'T DO THIS BANNER!!!!!!!!

Discover Haarlem
   06-09-2016 11:21
Nice banner 2 visites The city...
I took me about 6 hours walking...

Balade dans Charleroi
   30-08-2016 22:36
Not The best banner, Sometimes you going back-forward and back again, bud it's a nice way 2 visit Charleroi...between start and endpoint or 35 mintes walking distance.

Liège City Trip
   25-08-2016 10:02
Nice picture and very fast, we did it in 5 hours.. Relax walking and hacken en fielden included... And very good The last mission you can chose between enl/res or neutrale so very well done

Liège X-faction
   25-08-2016 9:57
Nice banner, not 2.long and a good way 2 visit luik

KITT Switchpod
   07-08-2016 13:28
Smal and good!!!
Nice way to enter Rotterdam

De Verlichting
   06-08-2016 21:08
It's a beautiful banner in a beautifull city.
BUT... you must walk from left 2 right, going forwards and back again...cross the street and cross again a bith later,and in the beginning you walk around in circles...and ther're so many portals to visit that running around in circles is stupid.

Royal Delft
   31-07-2016 19:51
Zeer goede manier om delft te ontdekken, flaneren door de rustige mooie straatjes en kanaaltjes, een goede mix tss cultuur en winkeltjes... AANRADER...

Leiden Spiral
   30-07-2016 23:18
Zeer toffe banner NO Doubt!!!!, hebben 44km gelopen 12u over gedaan,en we zijn best geoefende wandelaars. De eerste 20 missies vergen veel tijd... Maar eenmaal rond missie 28 kom je in een stroomversnelling en gaat het heel vlot. We hebben dankzij deze banner de gezelligheid van leiden ontdekt...
Kleine mededeling tem ongeveer missie 25 zijn zeer weinig sanitaire mogelijkheden...

Leiden Banner
   30-07-2016 15:35
Leuke wandeling, geen moeilijkheidsgraad... Goede opwarming.

ST Ships
   27-07-2016 10:40
Zeer goed opeenvolgende banner, enkel de ships gedaan wegens tijdgebrek maar knap werk!!!

Aachen in one row
   27-07-2016 10:39
Superklein maar superfijn bannertje, en mooi aandenken aan aken

Breda de Vesting
   27-07-2016 10:35
Banner geeft je een mooie rondleiding in de stad, dus...aangenaam om af te wandelen...

This story is for the Love of God
   27-07-2016 10:33
Mooi bannertje voor je collectie, geen problemen ondervonden, sommige missies hebben wel een andere naam... Maar dat wijst zichzelf uit.

Kralingse plas Skyline
   27-07-2016 1:59
Nadeel missie 2 is in een kinderboerderij met sluitingstijden... En dat word nergens vermeld...

Aegis Nova Rotterdam
   27-07-2016 1:56
Niet de gemakkelijkste maar wel een zeer mooie prent als. Je eindelijk klaar bent!!!!

Rondje Breda De Parel Van Het Zuiden
   27-07-2016 1:52
Zeer vlotte banner

Grand Place Flowers
   27-07-2016 1:50
Sommige vragen waren toch niet zo simpel waardoor je veel tijd verliest.

Zeer snelle banner en aangename wandeling

Belgian Revolution 1830
   27-07-2016 1:46
Geen problemen ondervonden, ging snel voorbij.easy banner

Balade à travers Liège
   27-07-2016 1:42
Every belgium resistance agents must have this picture... OUR Colors... Nice way 2 visit Luik... 1 problem....2 many waypoints... I think more than 13...behind eachother... No fun... And you end ad a totaly far place than were you start...

   27-07-2016 1:37
Zeeeeeeeer goed opletten laatste missies zijn in een openluchtmuseum dat om 18u sluit....
EN de andere missies duren ook lang omdat de portals niet in volgorde staan en ver uit elkaar liggen... No fun!!!!
Heb deze banner niet kunnen afmaken door deze vorige punten maar wou het wel mededelen...
Teveel minpunten voor maar 6 missions.

Olen shield missions
   27-07-2016 1:33
Not bad bud nothing special...

Oostende Banner
   27-07-2016 1:30
Very nice picture for resistance agents... Maybe for The frogs not The best lol... Anyway Lovely route and nice walk in oostende.

Antwerpen 1572s
   27-07-2016 1:26
Een ideale banner om het stadscentrum va' Antwerpen te leren kennen...

❁ War of the Roses Bruges ❀
   27-07-2016 1:23
Mooie banner ideale Brugge kennismaking

❁ a War of Roses ❀
   27-07-2016 1:22
Uiteraard deel 1 en 2 gedaan een ideale manier om. Brugge te leren kennen voor jong en oud.

Mysterious Wolf
   27-07-2016 1:09
Best niet te voet doen maar met. De wagen en bij voorkeur savonds... Veel heen en weer

Ceci est une pipe
   27-07-2016 1:08
Nice banner 2 see a part of Brussels

Utereg me stadsie
   26-07-2016 14:43
Heb deze na de banner v domtoren gedaan en was een prima aanvulling van men collectie.. 96 missies op 1 dag... Leuk daggetje in utrecht

Utrecht Domtower
   26-07-2016 14:41
Zeer leuke banner om te doen en de ideale manier om de stad te verkennen

vorselaar banner
   26-07-2016 14:34
Zeer lastige banner... Niet afgemaakt, 6tal poortjes die over en over en over moet naartoe gaan... Dan hacken, dan linken, dan fielden... Om zot van te worden...

Ostend-Bruges Connection
   26-07-2016 14:31
I did this banner in 14 hours, i dont use a car or bike just walking... It's better 2 make this banner in 2 days... 1 day Brugge and the other day Oostende... Because the first missions in Oostende go away from the beach and to places that are very dark and not so safe to walk at night...
ps; make sure you bring enough food and drinks with you...Especially the part of Oostende.

Kortrijk Banner
   26-07-2016 14:26

Very nice to walk. And discover The city

   26-07-2016 14:25
It's a very nice made banner.
Respect for the maker,you'll see Gent like you never seen it before...
So thank you.

Westerlo Banner
   26-07-2016 14:23
Not The best and funnest banner to do

Antwerpen Centraal Mosaic
   26-07-2016 14:21
Zeer mooie banner om Antwerpen mee te ontdekken

De Haan
   26-07-2016 14:20
Very easy... Nothing special

Aachen Cathedral
   26-07-2016 14:18
The questions are easy and fun, we had a very great time.doing this banner

Aachen Skyline
   26-07-2016 14:16
Easy banner 2 do