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Northeastern University
   06-12-2018 7:36
Dec 5, 2018
Missions not quite good. Same portal needs to be hack in one mission and the following one. Mission 5 and 6 need more walk.

Estimated time will use: 1-2 hrs

Starry Lane
   06-12-2018 7:30
Dec 6, 2018
Perfect mission series, portals are compact. Left side of the road is recommended, to mission 15 there are portals on the right side, but mission 16 is back to the left side, so be careful about the car. Mission 19, one waypoint is close to the portal, which is also need to hack, make sure you have done both. Mission 20 is a little bit far from mission 19, for me it is on the second page. It takes me 2hrs in a hack without key style and some Glyph.

Estimated time will use: at most 3 hrs, Glyph in all portals. If just hack and go, 2 hrs is enough.

Harvard University
   04-12-2018 22:17
Easy to finish. Estimated time will use: at most 1 hr.

Boston Red Sox
   04-12-2018 22:16
As others say, easy one. Estimated time will use: at most 2 hrs.

Sello de Worcester
   04-12-2018 22:13
October 2018:
As the mission, easy to finish, just hack the portals, they are well connected. Actually, it is a quite long distance, so a car or bicycle is highly recommended. Easy to find the parking place, whether to pull over the roadside or in the free parking lot. Estimated time will use: 4-5 hrs.

Viva la Resistance
   02-12-2018 0:31
Dec 1, 2018
Not hard to finish, but long way to walk. Took me 2:30 in a fast walk style, with some run and hacking without Glyph. Typically 3-4 hrs is totally enough.