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# Name Portale Aktion
1 The Gevaert Tour 18 Der Reihe nach A tour in the neighbourhood of the Agfa Gevaert Factory in Mortsel. Mission best done on foot.
2 Olense Boerekes 12 Versteckte Mission A small and quick mission in the centre of Olen. Mission best done on foot.
Ostuni - La Città Bianca
   09-09-2018 15:54
Every new mission starts at end portal of previous mission with a hack? 5. In waiting or Manny HS. Better to make that question “what number of mission is this”

We used lots of HS and even some MH....

Den Blauwe Verzetter
   12-01-2018 11:30
Leuke middagontspanning

   12-01-2018 11:29
Leuke banner, Thx.

Michonne Day Merksem
   18-10-2017 14:52
nice banner, thx

SID 6581
   02-05-2017 23:04
leuke banner

The tears of a fallen angel
   02-05-2017 10:44
Leuke banner

Lisse banner
   27-03-2017 21:08
nice banner, fast in the beginning starting from 8 a bit slower.

The key to perception
   27-03-2017 21:02
good banner enjoyed it, too bad however we had do come back especially for the last portal of mission 23. That part of the park is closed in the weekends. Lucky us we had booked an hotel already. Otherwise this would have been painful..