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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Nørreport Station Area 7 Beliebig To the inhabitants of Copenhagen, this is the "real central station", as it gets more local traffic than Copenhagen H
2 Rundetårn 6 Beliebig This 17. century building was built under the reign of king Christian IV
3 Vesterbrogade 30 Beliebig Vesterbrogdade defines the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg and is one of the main traffic routes to central copenhagen.
4 Litauens Plads 8 Beliebig Discover this hidden sqare in the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. The sqaure is know locally as "Knoldens plads" - nobody knows why.
5 Gammeltorv / Nytorv 7 Beliebig These two sqares were the location of city halls, over several centuries
6 Gammel Kongevej 14 Beliebig Discover the old royal road into Copenhagen
7 Hack Allegade 10 Beliebig Discover Allegade - the historic bar and entertainment street in Frederiksberg
8 Botanisk have 22 Beliebig the Botanical Garden is located next to the previous technical university in central Copenhagen. Visit the massive greenhouse with plants from around the world - the garden is closed at night.
9 Frederiksberg Alle Minifarm - Protect 6 Beliebig Protect the farm by adding shields or shooters - or add multihacks to get a better yield
10 Frederiksberggade 6 Beliebig Visit this part of old Copenhagen, turned shopping street
11 Vor Krue Kirke 9 Beliebig The title translates into "The Church of our Lady" - one of the largest churches i copenhagen
12 Halmtorvet 7 Beliebig Discover the Halmtorvet part of Vesterbro, Copenhagen
13 Amalienborg 6 Beliebig Located on the waters edge, this sis the home of the queen and the royal family.
14 Enghavevej 6 Beliebig Follow enghavevej in vesterbro, copenhagen
15 Ørstedsparken 23 Beliebig Visit this old, landscaped park in central Copenhagen. Open 24/7
16 Kongens Have 19 Beliebig This park was originally the garden of the Royal Pleasure Palace (Rosenborg) in Copenhagen. The park is open to the public during the day, but is closed at night.
17 Carlsberg Visitors Centre 6 Beliebig The visitors centre is located in the South-West corner of the old Carlsberg brewery site in copenhagen. It contains a museum as well as a product sampling facility (bar).
18 Holbergsgade 9 Beliebig This small street in the old part of Copenhagen links the Parliament (Christiansborg) with the old port of Nyhavn.
19 Kongens Nytorv 9 Beliebig "The Kings New Square" -located at the end on nyhavn, this houses the old Royal Opera.
20 Israels plads 6 Beliebig Visit the shopping center for Copenhagen Foodies
21 Frederiksberg Alle Minifarm - Capture 6 Beliebig Capture the minifarm for your team - or upgrade it to get better gear
22 Blågårds Plads 6 Beliebig Discover this square in the heart of old Nørrebro
23 Krystalgade 6 Beliebig Krystalgade resides in the old university part of Copenhagen. It is best known for being home to the largest Synagogue in Copenhagen.
24 Hack Pile Allé 7 Beliebig Discover the old street of Pile Allé on Frederiksberg
25 Nyhavn 7 Beliebig Although the name directly translates to "New harbour", this is one of the oldest preserved harbor sections in Copenhagen.
26 Hack den Kongelige Veterinære Landbohøjskole 26 Der Reihe nach A tour of the Royal Veterinary Collage in Frederiksberg, Denmark
27 Hyldebjerggård 6 Beliebig Discover Hyldebjerggård just outside of Copenhagen
28 Enghave Plads 10 Beliebig Discover Enghave Plads, located in the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen
29 Statens Museum for Kunst 6 Beliebig Visit the national Art museum, housing centuries of Danish art. This mission may require admission to the museum
30 Nørregade 7 Beliebig Take a walk on this street in Copenhagen Centre
31 Statue of King Christian V 6 Der Reihe nach This statue is placed at the centre of the royal palace - for some reason multiple instances of the same statue has been acceptes as portals. This mission will take you to all copies
32 Frederiksberg Allé 15 Beliebig Walk through the old theater street in Frederiksberg
33 Østre Anlæg 13 Beliebig This is the northern most of the series of parks built on the old defences around medieval Copenhagen.
34 Niels Ebbesens Vej 6 Beliebig Located in central Frederiksberg, away from the main roads, this is the quiet part of the City
35 Sankt Annæ Plads 9 Beliebig Home to a number of smaller embassies and consulates and the newly built Royal Play House, this old street lies between the royal palace and the old harbor of "Nyhavn"
36 Kronprinsessegade 7 Beliebig Running past the royal garden, this street linked the northern defenses with central Copenhagen.
37 Frederiksberg Alle Minifarm - hack 6 Beliebig Discover and Hack the minifarm on frederiksberg alle
38 KVL main entrance 6 Beliebig Visit the main entrance to the veterinary university in frederiksberg
39 Vesterbros Torv 6 Beliebig Discover the central square in Vesterbro. This is a good place to get a beer or a bite to eat in one of the numerous bars, before continuing your ingress game.
40 Dronning Louises Bro 9 Beliebig This bridge is one of the main traffic arteries for Bicycles going into the city center
41 Rosenborg Slot 6 Beliebig Visit the old Pleasure Palace, Rosenborg Slot. The palace now houses the royal collection of jewelry and regalia. Admission to this museum may be nessecary.
42 Frederiksberg animal hospital 6 Beliebig Visit the area around the animal hospital in frederiksberg
43 Istedgade 6 Beliebig This street is one of the entertainment centers of Copenhagen, traditionally offering a wide range of leasure activities
44 Holmens Kanal 7 Beliebig This old street links parliament with Kgs Nytorv. It also houses the nation bank and a number of government institutions.
45 kampmansgade 9 Beliebig Discover this secret backroad into the city centre
46 Thorvaldsens vej & Danasvej 9 Beliebig Located between the main traffic arteries of Vesterbrogade and Åboulevarden, this road is the quiet, bicycle friendly, way into the city.
47 Rundt om Frederiksberg rådhus 6 Beliebig Take a walk around the city hall of Frederiksberg
48 Enghaveparken 6 Beliebig Visit the enghave park in vesterbro, copenhagen
49 Sankt Peder Stræde 6 Beliebig Discover this street in the medieval part of Copenhagen
50 Frederiksberg Old Cemetery 18 Beliebig Discover the old cemetery of Frederiksberg
51 Frederiksberg Alle Minifarm - Build 6 Beliebig Build the farm by linking it together
52 Capture den Kongelige Veterinære Landbohøjskole 32 Beliebig Capture or upgrade KVL and KVL gardens in Frederiksberg
Lund City Unique Tour
   28-06-2016 9:33
I created this banner in order to get around to all the portals in Lund inside the ring road. It is hack only and you will be guided around the city in the shortest distance possible (or close to it).

The route has been made for walking, but you can do most of it on bike, all though you will have to dismount for some of the central, pedestrian areas. The Banner is not easily accessible by car.

Start and finish is close to the central train station - here you can rent a citybike for the day.

   26-06-2016 1:04
This is an odd banner. As I gather, it has been created by merging 54 existing missions, changing the images and names.

Having 310 hacks on only 53 portal will pose challenges - bring heatsinks and virusses.

If you want your mission coounter to go up, this is for you. If you are after unique visits, look for a different banner.

We did it on foot and had a car available for the outlying missions. The parts in the city centre cannot be done by car and some not even on bike. Expect to spend considerably more time than the estimated 6h

Unique Tour of CPH
   25-06-2016 3:28
This is my favorit banner in Copenhagen. It is very well laid out and is focused on guiding you through all the high-portal-density areas in the city center (i have tried overlaying it with a portal heat map - its a perfect match). You will get a unique visit about every 50 meters.

The effort needed is mostly in the distance, Copenhagen is flat as a pancake and almost the entire route has sidewalks as well as bicycle lanes. If you do it on bike, you will have to dismount for some parts as you enter the pedestrian-only zones.

We did it in around 7½ hours on foot - as a group, with a couple of beer breaks and no particular hurry.

The Banner has intentionally been made to be available 24/7.

Berliner Fernsehturm
   07-06-2016 10:37
This is a real challenge, which is great :)

Any park, cemetary or other places that are closed at night, is omitted from the mosaik. This means 24/7 availability for the banner itself. It also means you will have a lot of opportunities to make detours during the daytime when cemetaries and museums are open.

I spent 4 full days doing it and walked considerably more than the 140Km stated in the description - and got about 700 extra visits.