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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Rhyl Train Yard 15 Beliebig In its heyday of tourism and freight Rhyl Train station had three platforms, multiple sidings and a large rail yard where the supermarket now stands. Many former rail features are still visible.
2 Brickfields Pond 10 Beliebig Take a leisurely walk around the Brickfields Pond, any direction, any order and visit the many works of art hidden within.
the Union Jack banner
   06-03-2019 11:03
A great banner with simple short missions. Follows the streets/pedestrian areas simply.

If you're on foot approaching the start (i.e., not train), don't hack the surrounding portals - many are a part of missions 1 & 2. Otherwise, a little delay at the start should be expected waiting for cool down. As Pangarban mentions there is one mission which begins with the final portal of the prior mission also.

The 18th part finishes at the Town Hall with a portal and way point. The Town Hall hosts many events in Manchester. Be prepared for crowds & other oddities. In my case, I didn't check and the Town Hall was barriered preventing access. I got lucky as it was late & a couple of workers were kind enough to allow me to walk "10m that way & exit again". :)

Roman Chester
   27-12-2018 11:36
Great walk around Chester taking you through the Roman-centric locations. At the time of walking it the portals in the missions were back-to-front (first portal being the furthest from the prior mission) but as it's an any order set of missions this doesn't make any difference. The first two missions do overlap the same area, so on the first mission be sure to only hack those portals of the mission - you'll get the rest in the second mission. :)

The Roman paths do not lend themselves to wheelchair access but it should be possible as there are slopes in most places. I'm not sure if all the portals are 24/7.

Jaguar E-Type
   26-11-2018 23:06
Easy banner for walking. Like most ancient British cities, there's lots of up, down and some cobbles making it potentially difficult for mobility impaired and some significant detours for wheelchairs.

Coventry City of Culture 2021
   26-11-2018 22:57
There's several points in the portal selection that require walking 20-50m in one direction only to u-turn for the next portal. Sometimes this will take you past a portal that's then needed later that mission leading to some frustrating standing around or heat sink uses. There's one mission that does this u-turn and then go on a hike through more only to lead back to a portal a few yards from the u-turn. Classic case of the intended route being better designated as any order.

Great looking banner, however, and touches on several portals that aren't regularly used across other banners.

MD Coventry
   26-11-2018 22:48
Completed the set of 24 on the day. Although the passphrase answers were given out in the Xfac chat on the day I could not be bothered to scroll through the chat and find them again. It was quicker to look at the portal as all the answers were easy to spot. The south "long walk" took my wife and I some three hours (we weren't pushing hard and took in some non-mission uniques along the way).

A pedestrian pace
   15-11-2018 10:12
An easy path through town and onto the pavement areas of the beach front. All paths have either flat or sloped ground available.

Chester Cathedral Banner
   06-11-2018 11:49
Chester was designed long before any disability ideas were formed so it should be no surprise that this isn't ideal for disabled users. Cobbles & kerbs are hindrances and part 4 starts with a climb up steep steps to Godstall Lane. It is possible to avoid the steps by going a long way around to the top of Godstall Lane & then down but would have to turn around back up Godstall Lane. Despite designing the mission route & knowing the route where Godstall Lane was, I still went the wrong way after climbing the steps... Go right, not left. ;) Otherwise, this is a lovely short mission banner which starts at the Cathedral, spirals around & back to it. Part 6 is the reverse of Part 1.

Iconic Rhyl
   27-08-2018 20:20
Finally finished it today. I've corrected a couple of missions after completing them (one in particular required a mile round trip because of a mishap with portal selection!). The pedestrian bridges (steps) are always going to be an issue for wheelchair users but the two pedestrian bridges used are either side of the 'H' bridge which has long steady slopes but is a significant detour where used (twice).

Coronation Gardens and Botanical Gardens (next to each other - the Eastern-most portion) are closed at sundown and open at sunset. Brickfields Pond (Southern-most), Glan Morfa Community Woodland (South-Western section) and The Cut (joins the latter two) have no lighting but are open at night: probably wisest not to attempt at night, though. These sections are always linked after each other & then head back to lit streets afterwards. Try to plan ahead.

Plenty of iconic history missed in the banner - more for another?!

#FSLIV - 5th March 2016
   30-05-2018 16:58
Down from Moorfields area to the docks, round the docks a little and back up. A couple of locations are difficult in the dark and the hills may prove a struggle for those with lesser mobility.

Beatles in Liverpool
   30-05-2018 16:56
A wander through the business district, mainly roads. Had some detour due to ongoing building construction but otherwise would have been straight forward.

Liverpool Maritime Heritage Tour
   30-05-2018 16:54
The route keeps going back on itself so make sure you only hack the mission points as needed.

There's a couple of sections which require either stairs or a significant detour to avoid them. Liverpool's dock area is significantly lower than the business district near the end.

Castell Caernarfon Castle
   29-05-2018 9:28
Great banner for the on-foot player taking in large swathes of the sites available in Caernarfon.

Stairs, cobbles and steep hills will probably make the banner difficult or require significant diversions necessary. The missions start repeating use of portals at Mission 10 - back to the start - but there's no repeat routes used.

#MP Cancer Awareness - UK Rhyl
   16-05-2018 10:14
There is repetition of use of portals but the cool down should have occurred easily by the time they are reached again (train station portals used three times and others twice). Two bridges are involved in the banner - Vale Road and Ffynnongroew Road. The latter is a pedestrian bridge with stairs and a five minute detour over the H bridge is possible for wheelchair users.

Rhyl sights and sites
   10-05-2018 10:17
This is relatively long 18-parter. Recommend using a vehicle for the first part. There are various parking spots along the way but multiple parts have no vehicle access. Part 8 will likely cause some frustrations for wheelchair users as the H bridge is the only accessible means and will require significant back-tracking. Otherwise, the whole mission should be fully accessible. Plan ahead for Part 13 as the gates close for both Gardens at sundown.

Chester City Walls
   07-05-2018 11:41
A great banner following the wall of the city. Due to the age of the wall, some sections are particularly unsuitable for wheelchairs and would require long detours. Signal is spotty in places and is the only reason there were delays in getting around it - dropping down to poor 3G with long waits for the hack to register.

Brogress Chester Edition
   03-05-2018 18:38
Wheelchair users may find the start a little difficult as it is a up a relatively steep hill where the pavement is not that wide but otherwise this is an easy banner to collect. :)

A Walkabout in Whatman
   10-04-2018 18:25
Roughly the same course as the tail-end of the Maidstone Bridges banner and roughly the same course as the start of the Maidstone Skyline banner, you'll end up repeating your steps. There's at least six banners with parts that amount to the same thing as this whole banner.

While there are pedestrian paths around the park, some of the routes are more cross-country as the crow flies, so if you have to stick to the paths for any reason, expect some long treks and some difficult portals (some in the middle of the greenery).

Once were dinosaurs
   10-04-2018 18:14
Pretty straight forward pedestrian banner takes you from Maidstone West train station South, across the pedestrian bridge and then North into town. Did it at midnight but that's not advisable to anyone wary of dark places - no lighting in several areas.

Maidstone Bridges
   10-04-2018 18:12
Quite winding at first and the mud under the bridges made the most obvious pedestrian path impossible. Definitely don't hack anything that isn't on the missions as it does retrace paths using different portals.

MD Maidstone
   10-04-2018 18:05
Completed all 18 missions on the day, including the Mote Park in the pitch, dodging moving blobs on the ground which turned out to be frogs. :) Passphrases are relatively poor due to their exacting requirements - Brenchley Gardens and the St Peter's Bridge particularly. A few of the missions are significantly longer than typical (Prison & Mote Park). The missions don't flow that well together either - some end points position you in the middle of the next-nearest mission.

Typed into the wrong bit & don't see how to delete this...

Marine Lake
   03-12-2017 16:04
Bring plenty of Heat Sinks with you as each mission starts with the final portal of the previous mission - especially part 5 (duplicates several portals of part 4). :( Several meandering parts around the park too but otherwise fairly easy portal progression.