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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Uxbridge MAGNUS Builder 20 Beliebig Blitz your way through Uxbridge town centre, and get those resonators down for your MAGNUS builder badge. Or more likely, to remember when that was a thing.
2 LAX Terminal 3 9 Beliebig Hack your way through Terminal 3 as you pass through LAX on your travels.
Red Laser Sword
   11-08-2019 23:36
A nice quick banner for someone who wants a lightsabre in London's financial district... which is not a singular category, but this banner has a bit more substance than the nearby London Skywalker banner, so I found it more satisfying.

Bromley Resistance
   07-08-2019 20:26
NB: Creator review.

Banners seem to crop up wherever I sit too long, and this is another. I endeavoured to keep the route straightforward and well-paced, seeing most of Bromley town centre, and I think I've managed it pretty well. Only fix that needs making is that I included one of a pair of portals that are exactly on top of each other, which makes it hard to select.

For the most part, agents with mobility issues should be fine - with the glaring exception of missions 9 and 10, which involve a horrifically steep incline into and out of the park, and might include stairs.

The Balance Of Power
   14-07-2019 17:03
NB: Creator review

I knew from the moment I saw Nanospectro's artwork on Reddit that I wanted to make it into a banner. And I wanted to make a good solid walking banner in my local area for a while. So combining the two made good sense, especially once OPR kicked in and provided some extra portals down the canal.

Having finally got round to completing it... it's a fine banner, but it does also feel like two banners back-to-back. The route does lend itself to breaking it up at mission 9, where all the transport links are, and the feel of the Denham section is very different to the Uxbridge one. But it's all good fun in both halves. I'll make some tweaks that should make doing the last three missions by bus a lot easier once I get a moment.

Note on transport links: You can get the 724 bus from Uxbridge to the start of the mission, and once you finish in West Drayton, basically any northbound bus will take you back to Uxbridge.

#IngressFS Canary Wharf June 2019
   02-06-2019 21:16
NB: Creator review

So the FS banner thing seems to be a tricky thing to pin down. Distance between portals? Not too long. Access on weekends? Mostly alright, apart from one transition. But what's the thing you might forget in Canary Wharf?

How about massive skyscrapers that send the GPS location berserk? That certainly made the middle third of the banner interesting!

#IngressFS Uxbridge May 2019
   06-05-2019 16:41
NB: Creator review time

So like an exciting game of whack-a-mole, I've fixed one issue for a FS banner (long stretches without portals) and found a brand new one - gates that are shut on weekends with minimal provocation or notification. Beasleys Yard normally takes 30 seconds to get to on a weekday, but on the day required a 5-10 minute detour via the police station. And lord help whatever fuckwit moved the Safe Hands portal out of the civic centre and into the middle of fucking nowhere, because that was a common complaint.

Otherwise, quite a nice FS banner.

Flowers of Kingston
   07-04-2019 23:05
I seem to only ever do floral banners with my wife :D

A pleasant enough banner in the heart of Kingston, that takes a brief jaunt up the river. Not as much road crossing as the other Kingston banner I did, which was nice. Mostly reasonable terrain. Really, the worst I can say about it is a.) it reuses a portal in missions 5 and 6 b.) I don't really like pastel flowers. One of these is a minor fix, one is answered with "then why did you do a banner with pastel flowers you numpty".

The doughnuts
   07-04-2019 23:01
So this is a very retro-style banner, by which I mean it makes very heavy use of passcodes at the start of missions, that are on the same portals as the end of the preceding missions, so you start each mission where you ended the last one. Some people like this, I'd rather just have more hacks and look around a bit.

The bigger issue is that Kingston itself is not a pedestrian town - it's full of constantly busy dual carriageways, and this banner crosses many of those. This is a banner where being able to dart across roads and not get hit by cars is an advantage, and players with mobility issues won't be locked out of anything or have to take longer routes, but will be waiting a lot.

The pictures are nice though, and I suppose the passcodes are cute - apparently the yellow stuff you get in doughnuts is not butter...

The Raven Banner
   03-04-2019 21:27
So hopefully by the time you read this, most of the points I raise will be fixed - I'll amend this review if so.

This banner's a bit of an odd one - it's got the feel of a banner that's bigger than the town it's in (see also the Staines Massive) - but it's got more than enough portals for the size of the banner, since there's several missions that stretch up to 12 portals. So you alternate from trekking out of your way for a few errant portals on one mission, and grind through a massive mission the next.

Fortunately, there's a reasonably straightforward triage to fix the issues and make an excellent banner.
- Take every portal in missions 17 and 18, and just throw them away. In fact, get rid of everything in mission 16 as well, for good measure. They're just a gigantic amount of extra walking for no real benefit.
- Stretch the portals in the other 15-16 missions out to make up 18 missions - there's still enough for the full banner in there alone.
- Make a quick check for sections that double-back on themselves, or go out of their way for one or two portals.
- Have a look at some of the new portals from OPR, and see if they can be integrated in without undoing any of the previous fixes.

The artwork is good, you see the highlights of the town, and the route is essentially good up until mission 15. Some steep hills in Church House Gardens may make it tricky for players with mobility issues, but they should be good apart from that.

Bristol cat
   24-03-2019 21:16
My only significant gripe with this banner is that the last mission being the longest and hilliest is a bit mean, especially after a long anomaly-and-MD weekend. Otherwise, a pleasant and enjoyable banner taking in a good chunk of Bristol.

MD 2019 Bristol
   24-03-2019 20:26
Did 6/24, the six closest to the registation portal. Good solid MD missions, no messing around with passcodes, nice areas of town. Cobblestones may have been a mobility issue for some players, but missions slightly further out from the registration probably would have been fine.

MK #IngressFS
   02-03-2019 18:05
So by normal banner standards, this is a fairly comfy 4-star banner, taking in a nice walk round scenic Camperwell Park, that at worst has one duplicate portal and a final mission that got accidentally set to Any Order. Worth doing by the time you read this review.

But as a First Saturday banner, it's a bit of an odd one - it sends you out of town immediately, and sends you walking a fair ways between hacks, which is not ideal when you're trying to crank AP in a short space of time. It probably would have been better to keep it within the town centre, where the scenery is less appealing but the portals are denser.

That said, I did the same thing for the Chesham Feb19 FS banner, so glass houses etc.

Periodic Table Nonmetals
   26-02-2019 20:17
It might just be me being tired after doing the other Berko Periodic Table missions back-to-back so quickly, but this was just the worst of the lot. The missions ran the opposite direction to the flow of the banner, so I had to do it backwards. Large numbers of portals were unnessersarily reused. Lots of hill climbs and road crossing - in one case, using both to access a reused portal. And the route went odd places - the "fifth" mission sent me into someone's back garden to get a portal. Just skip it.

Do note that if you do all the Periodic Table serieses, the duplicate portals and duplicate routes start adding up very quickly.

Periodic Table Metalloids
   26-02-2019 20:13
This route features the biggest hill climb of any of the Berko Periodic Table banners, a good smattering of duplicated portals, and otherwise isn't very exciting.

Do note that if you do all the Periodic Table serieses, the duplicate portals and duplicate routes start adding up very quickly.

Periodic Table Group 1
   26-02-2019 20:07
A nice little banner, a few duplicate portals, but nothing that spoils a good walk ending with a fantastic view from the castle.

...is what I would write, if missions 1-5 didn't have their routes completely flipped from the direction of the banner. I ended up starting at the castle, and doing the banner backwards (thank mercies the banner concept allowed for it). Plus, there's no excuse for duplicating so many portals in such a portal-rich area.

Do note that if you do all the Periodic Table serieses, the duplicate portals and duplicate routes start adding up very quickly.

Periodic Table Noble Gases
   26-02-2019 20:02
If you're doing to do one set of the Berko Periodic Table missions, this is the one to do. Reasonably straightforward route, only two hills, only one duplicate portal, and the missions go the same direction as the banner.

Do note that if you do all the Periodic Table serieses, the duplicate portals and duplicate routes start adding up very quickly.

HP Magic London
   21-02-2019 17:18
So this is the very model of a quick banner - 20 minutes flat out, nice flat terrain, nothing challenging. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the tides of pedestrians and you'll be alright.

As other reviewers have observed, mission 6 is absolutely not open 24/7, which is a shame with the effort put in to make the first five missions so.

Passport to Pimlico
   19-02-2019 0:20
A nice little lunchtime banner, covering a concise area of London. Mostly acessbile, a mostly sensible route (apart from one portal that requires some drift). Were I to nitpick, I'd suggest replacing the unavailable portals with OPR-fresh ones. Were I to actively complain, it'd be my usual MAKE YOUR BANNERS SEQUENTIAL FFS.

#IngressFS Chesham Feb2019
   02-02-2019 21:35
NB: Creator review

So the route of this one didn't benefit from happening on a market day two days after snow - it would be basically fine on a summer's day on a Friday, but was somewhat challenging on the day of the event. A few too many long stretches in missions 2 and 4, but in my defence, I was avoiding replicating the route of other Chesham banners. Otherwise, an entirely pleasant little banner.

Ruislip Lido and Woods
   27-01-2019 16:31
Having grown up with a Scouting background, one thing I've missed with Ingress' focus on manmade objects is that you don't get to bushwhack it through some woods very often. Which meant I enjoyed missions 2 and 6 of this banner very much!

The main problem with this banner is that when it was created, there were not quite enough portals for the banner. So there's an initial detour via a nearby sports field, a few fieldtrip waypoints, and some doubling up on missions. Fortunately, plenty of portals have been added since then, so this wouldn't be hard to fix.

It's still a lovely walk round the Lido, well worth doing. Not ideal for people with mobility issues - while the Lido itself has a good path round it, there's a few offroad portals, and getting into and out of the Lido was enough of a challenge in good hiking boots!

London Eye Night View
   12-12-2018 10:00
A perfectly fine banner, with a perfectly straightforward route (so straightforward, you could almost miss the non-linear missions, tut tut). It took me about four hours, with moderate fielding and dropping off some kit on the way. It goes through the Southbank and Westminster, so be prepared for your phone signal to soil itself at some point. Mostly accessible route, just one or two smallish staircases that can be routed round with a minor-to-moderate detour.

MD Coventry
   25-11-2018 19:47
Completed 6/24 missions due to my wife's medical exemption.

The most densely clustered mission day I've done yet meant that it was easy to complete the required missions. And the missions I did went through some nice parts of town.

Still perplexed by the necessity for passphrases, when every single answer was attached to the xfac TG discussion well in time for the actual mission day.

Abaddon London Shards
   20-11-2018 20:50
I completed this in one day during double AP season, as a powerlevelling exercise and to complete an outstanding London megabanner. And this is an excellent choice if you want to aim for every signal blackspot in London. I spent an hour stuck in Trafalgar Square fighting for enough signal to finish four of those missions, and my word was it a hateful experience.

Apart from that, the route is mostly alright, taking in some of the nicer bits of London scenery. The other main problem is that there is a huge amount of unnecessary road crossing, including an impossible section by Hyde Park Corner. I managed to miss mission 13, and I think it's because it was hidden down a sideroad of Westminster way further away than the following mission.

And finally, it would be nice if some of the waypoints were replaced with newer portals from OPR, but considering how arsey NIA are about missions with letters in, it's understandable.

Brum s Most Wanted
   11-11-2018 10:21
The big problem I had with this banner is a time based one, as building works around the library meant that missions 15 and 16 needed massive loops round the building works in the library gardens. For all intents and purposes, the banner is unplayable until they finish in 2019.

While that issue has biased my perception of the banner, there are other objective issues. There was a fair chunk of doubling back and road crossing involved, and one instance near the end where the route suggested you had to jump off a bridge (there was a ramp down, but it was so well hidden we just did a massive detour instead). The passcodes were probably unnessersary, and felt more like Mission Day spoofer checks. And there were enough hills and stairs that players with mobility issues might struggle. And lastly, the missions we're all over the place with length - some were 10, some were 4. It probably needs revising in the wake of OPR and the subsequent portal removals.

The picture is nice though, and I always appreciate a banner that actually remembers to use linear missions. And I really am hoping that my hour of wandering round the edge of a building site hasn't biased me against the rest of the banner.

The Humber Bridge
   03-11-2018 18:46
Author review time!

Hull very often gets a bad rap from people who think finding rhymes for town names equates to social commentary, and I'm glad to have made a banner that showcases the town, for better and for worse. It does indeed cover everything in the town centre, old town, and old dock district (not the actual docks, contrary to the description), and is a pretty good banner too.

Unfortunately, it's horrifically unfriendly for people with mobility issues - it crosses lots of bridges over the marina that you literally can't get a wheelchair onto or around, and there's plenty of stairs as well. And those bridges might not be 24/7 - I think they are, but there is a chance they're closed at night.

Uxbridge Trail Of Cats
   01-11-2018 20:19
Creator review time!

A nice quick banner around the prettier parts of Uxbridge. The second mission is a bit of a hike, but it's not too bad, and the rest of the mission flows by quickly. And I think it's all accessable to boot!

London Sky Walker
   16-10-2018 23:02
Really, the decision on whether you want to do this banner or not lives or dies on whether you think a ludicrously quick banner is good or not. I've had coughing fits that lasted longer than this banner, but I myself chose it for that reason.

I personally found it lacking - the Bank area is not so short of portals that it needs bulking out with passcodes and waypoints, and why in god's name do people make non linear missions in banners -but it's hard to get annoyed by the issues, because the banner's over before they start to irk. Besides, b what smurf doesn't want a blue light saber in their repertoire?

MD Southampton
   09-10-2018 0:38
Completed 12/24 missions, all centrally based.

A perfectly lovely mission day in a city I haven't visited as an adult. The individual missions seemed longer than other MDs, but that could easily just have been my bias against doing any walking (my wife and I had finished the 200km Towers Of London banner the night before, so were thoroughly done with the whole mission thing :D). And I don't think I've seen a mission day that actively required a boat to 100% it before!

Previous MDs have had a few passcode questions as anti-spoofer gates. Now the last MD I went to just had an online crib-sheet for these, which seemed to miss the point completely, but Southampton just didn't have any pascodes at all. I'm hoping the extra-streamlined registration process had fallbacks for catching abuse on that axis...

Towers of London
   09-10-2018 0:27
So I liked how there were no non-linear missions...

I kid, I kid. It's a bit foolish trying to review this myself, because a.) how do you review a banner that's bigger than some minor countries? b.) I orchestrated its creation, so I'm not exactly in a position to be neutral.

So instead, I'd like to do a creation retrospective, and analyse how well I did with the goals for the banner. Because while it did start off as just a drunken smurf pipe-dream about an insta-Onyx-SpecOps banner in London, it did grow a bit in the telling.

F***-off big banner: It is the fourth biggest banner in the world at this point - third if you go by unique portals. It's so big, that it's not possible to finish it without getting gold Explorer and silver Trekker. You can complete it in ~50 hours, but I'd earmark 100 hours of play time for it, unless you're planning to one-tap it on rocket skates.

Cover as much of London as possible: Well, when you need to get over 3000 unique portals in, you have to cover a lot of ground. And as a result, it sends you to just about everywhere in London - places some players had never thought to visit. And it's fascinating to see how London changes from borough to borough, and sometimes from street to street.

24/7: We're most of the way there. A few sections weren't 24/7 on launch, but they're all patched out now, and as far as I know, the only section that's not open all hours is in Kennington Park - but that's next on the list.

Easy to stop/start: Well, cribbing the loop format from the Berliner Fernsehturm banner means that if you can manage a loop a day, you'll always have an Underground stop in central London. But in practise, nobody manages a loop a day. Fortunately, London has a very robust set of trains and buses, and there is a station about halfway through each loop too. I'd get very familiar with TfL's website if you do this one.

Lots of parks: This is, I feel, the only failing of the banner - since most of London's parks are not 24/7, you don't get to visit any of London's green spaces. You get to walk past a lot, and look wistfully in at all the unique portals you're walking past...

So any advice from the creator? We've got a TG group in the author notes - please, please join that, as you'll find advice from creators, locals, and veterans of the long banner rather helpful. And don't try and complete it while renovating a house...

Monsters Day Trip
   08-10-2018 0:18
First off, having just finished Towers Of London, it's very weird to have a banner that I can finish in a day, let alone just an hour and change...

A nice little banner, covering a nice little chunk of Southampton. There's a few staircases and a few cobblestones, but for the most part fairly accessable. The passcode at the end seems unnecessary, but it doesn't hurt anything. And how can you not love a banner that actually uses sequential missions?

Emerald Castle
   25-05-2018 4:24
My wife and I did this across two days, taking about 12 hours due to excessive fielding and my wife's GPS signal being politely describable as "utter shit".

There's lots of fine sights in Indianapolis, perfect to use as a first impression or a final note when doing a large-scale banner. So it is utterly inexcusable that this both starts and ends in a grotty, dilapidated alley which is nigh impossible to access. And it's far from the only section that doubles back on itself - I swear, half the banners in Indy stick to just the zoo, the museums, and the canals. And of course, there's the usual fly in the soup of non-linear missions in a linear banner.

The image is very nice though, and it's a good summary of the key notes of the city. Just don't start or finish it at night, because lord knows who you'll meet there.

   19-05-2018 2:20
So most of this banner follows a nice route along the canal, taking a broadly sensibly route along the canal. The only problem is that it does reuse a sizeable chunk of portals - several mission transitions happen on the same portal, the loop via the Scottish Cathedral loops back on itself, and several portals on the canal get revisited.

Indiana State Museum
   17-05-2018 4:25
My wife and I did this banner over two days, due to time constraints. The first day, my thoughts were "why is this banner missing three-quarters of the portals in this museum?". The second day, they were "well, why didn't they include these portals to start with?". It takes a really weird route around the museum when a more encompassing route would have worked better. Plus, non-linear missions, which are my bane, and definitely didn't help the navigation. A few too many stairs to be disability-friendly, but it does all seem to be 24/7, and the area is nice.

Maidstone Skyline
   08-04-2018 12:38
DISCLAIMER: My wife and I skipped the first row, as she only wanted the image and not the text. However, since those missions follow a nigh-identical route to the two Whatman Park banners. we still essentially walked the complete route.

A nice banner, covering many of the more interesting sites in Maidstone. Linear missions and sensible routes means an overall good banner.

Mostly accessable for agents with mobility issues, with the notable exception of the bridge out of Whatman Park, which requires either a really steep flight of stairs or a massive detour round the park.

A Walkabout in Whatman
   08-04-2018 12:24
A nice walk round Whatman Park, with a sensible route.

Main problem is that the route is essentially identical to the Whatman Park Lightning banner in the park - only difference is that it misses two portals and isn't non-linear. One of the banners ripped off the other, and essentially meant I did the same banner twice.

Whatman Park Lightning
   08-04-2018 12:23
A nice walk round Whatman Park, with a sensible route.

A few problems with it tho:
- The route is essentially identical to the A Walkabout in Whatman banner in the park - only difference is that it hits two more portals and isn't linear. One of the banners ripped off the other, and essentially meant I did the same banner twice.
- The portal at the top of the bridge at the end means that agents with movement difficulties are f****ed - to finish the banner, it's either an extremely difficult stair climb or a massive detour

MD Maidstone
   08-04-2018 12:13
Completed 6/18 of the missions.

A mostly average set of MD missions, nothing exciting to report. Complete failure on the passcodes though - the idea of MD passcodes is to keep out spoofers, but the passcodes were so obscure and impossible to find on-site, that a list of answers was both required and publically available, [faction-partisanship]which seemed to result in many high-profile ENL spoofers coming out of the woodwork[/faction-partisanship].

Brenchley Link Amp
   08-04-2018 1:19
"pass-phrase heavy", you say? ;)

This was a very interesting format-screw - instead of walking a ways and hacking several portals, you sit in one spot and answer trivia questions about the game. Topics varied from badge names, character names, stats about XM and AP, and other related topics. An interesting change of pace.

Only change I'd make is removing the two dumb questions about "spell Enlightened/Resistance backwards" - that was less 'interesting question' and 'hunt-and-peck your keyboard as you try and spell'

Nottingham Hedgehogs
   26-03-2018 0:01
A nice little series to give you a flavour of Nottingham, that's simple and straightforward. Really, the closest thing to a criticism is that it could do with replacing most of the waypoints with some of the newer portals in town (or, to be fair, nothing at all).

A few steep hills that might be challenging for wheelchairs, and while you can get to every portal 24/7, you'll have a bit of a round trip getting from mission 1 to 2 without the shopping centre being open.

Messier 83
   10-03-2018 12:30
So overall, an entirely pleasant banner, covering an area of London I hadn't visited before. I enjoyed the double-loop round the Emirate stadium, and I definitely enjoyed the lack of non-linear mission.

My main beef is that there is a lot of crossing of busy roads on the route - lots of backtracking to find suitable crossings was required, especially round the previously mentioned roundabout. There were also a lot of waypoints (up to five in a mission or two), which isn't fun when there's so many unused portals along the route.

Kennington Resistance
   20-02-2018 0:17
So this banner was not created in the most charitable spirit - ganking the route of the Kennington Enlightened banner, and initially the banner image too, because of the colossal wankery of that banner (see my review for further details). And from that spite, came a banner that wasn't my best work, because even with some of the doubling up of the ENL version removed, there's lots of unpleasant long stretches and doubling back on this banner. Plenty of confusion was caused by passing portals that you came back to later, and various other niggles came up on the way.

It's not a banner you can crank out after work- it's closer to 6 hours if you don't dawdle, and quite a bit longer if you take your time. I'm not sure if it's 24/7 - the Imperial War Museum's grounds are supposed to be closed after dusk, but we managed to get every portal a fair way after sunset. And as of this review, NIA are being cunty about actually approving the new icon on mission 26. Plenty of uniques though!

Harrow Green to Blue
   18-01-2018 13:33
Did this one very early in my Ingress career, so my details may be fuzzy.

A pleasant enough banner, taking in most of the portals in Harrow town centre. At the time, I wasn't happy about the walk from the end of mission 5 to the end of mission 6, but I've seen much worse since then, and it wasn't that bad. Only real accessability issue is the bridge across the station to go from missions 1 to 2 - there's a bit of a detour if you can't do stairs.

I did this after doing the Discover Harrow banner, and they pair fairly well in this order.

Discover Harrow
   18-01-2018 13:26
Did this one very early in my Ingress career, so my details may be fuzzy.

A pleasant banner round the old and new parts of Harrow. I remember being pleased by the passcodes in and out of each mission at the time, but now I think I'd rather have more hacks - especially now there's more portals on the route thanks to OPR. There is also a massive hill into the Harrow-on-the-Hill section (well, duh), which may prove very challenging for wheelchair users).

I did this before doing the Harrow Green To Blue banner, and they pair fairly well in this order.

Kew Gardens
   14-01-2018 19:21
This is a banner badly suffering from legacy issues. The huge number of portals skipped over, even ones right next to ones on the mission, clearly suggest it was made well before new portals from OPR - perhaps even before submissions were disabled in the first place. But as a result of this presumed scarcity, the route takes an absolutely bonkers route for the second half of the banner - huge jumps between missions, and a bizarre figure-eight round the bottom of the park. Plus, there's my big bad banner bugbear, non-linear missions!

Really, I'm not sure there's a way of making this banner work without adding another six missions to the end, and completely reordering the banner from mission 7 onwards. Frankly, it might just be better to make a second banner.

#IngressFS Chesham Jan2018
   06-01-2018 19:43
Reviewing my own banner now that it's live, and overall I'm happy with it.The route is much more straightforward than my previous Meander Round Chesham banner, and if this banner goes down I'll update the older one to use this route.

The use of passcodes wasn't very good - many people missed them, as they appeared in the portal description for the preceding mission which is usually ignored - and now I don't need to keep people from playing the banner I should probably remove them. And there's a few odd backtracks in places, but nothing debilitating if you presume you're hacking every portal you pass eventually.

Richmond Bridge Banner
   30-12-2017 17:44
Overall, an entirely plesant banner, with a good, linear route. There are a few long walks and oddly placed portals - altho apparently less than other Richmond banners - and the hills and stairs make it very difficult for players with mobility issues. But for the most past, an entirely lovely 2.5 hours.

Ceci est une pipe
   06-12-2017 10:44
I'm presuming this is a separate banner from "Ceci n est pas une pipe" because of NIA's restrictions on banner length, rather than because they're thematically separate.

This doesn't quite have as intuitive a route as the "first" six missions (I presume it's an older banner, hence why it misses so many portals), but for the most part it's a perfectly fine banner.

Ceci n est pas une pipe
   06-12-2017 10:27
I'm presuming this is a separate banner from "Ceci est une pipe" because of NIA's restrictions on banner length, rather than because they're thematically separate.

This turns out, however, to be a solid standalone banner, if you want to declare that the next banner you do is not a pipe. Straightforward route, quick and enjoyable, nothing bad to say about these six.

Longcat Brugge
   04-12-2017 17:15
Quick and easy banner, all good by me.

In Bruges
   04-12-2017 15:22
Apparently Bruges folk just do banners well - not a bad thing to say about this one. Quick, well plotted, linear missions, all good. Good show!

EXO5 MD Bruges
   03-12-2017 22:35
For the most part, perfectly reasonable MD missions. We did 12 of them. Not very happy about the random ones that were linear instead of any order (the opposite of my usual complaint on this site

Winter in Bruges
   03-12-2017 22:30
So this is a golden model for a banner, I don't have a bad thing to say any it. Good route, reasonable distance between portals, linear missions, lovely scenery, fantastic picture. All acessable too. Top marks!

Bruges Dark Skyline
   03-12-2017 18:15
A nice quick banner, that is a good introduction to the centre of Bruges. Extremely quick and easy, bit not brilliant if you have mobility issues - Bruges has lots of cobblestones already, and there's a bridge in the middle you're flat out not crossing if you're in a wheelchair.

Southbank Sombrero
   20-11-2017 19:31
A nice, straightforward banner, with no real complaints by me. Good route, linear missions, all good by me.

If I were going to nitpick: the route is a bit too straight to do much fielding on route; phone signal on o2 is diabolical; there's lot of stairs that may cause problems for players with mobility issues.

Kennington Enlightened
   20-11-2017 12:00
EDIT: Since this comment was posted, the first mission has been removed, making this banner impossible. You might need to do another mission to fill the hole in

You're not supposed to rate banners here without having done them. And so far I haven't done this banner. I'm sat outside the portal for the first mission, hammering on the creator in Comms to give me the password for the first mission, which is stopping me playing it. But won't stop me smashing Kennington flat when I post this.

Don't passcode off your banner so only your mates can do it, you colossal fuckwomble

The Staines Massive
   12-11-2017 19:14
So the big overarching problem with this banner is that there aren't enough portals in Staines to make an 18-mission banner. There's nary enough to make a decent 12-mission. So a barrage of issues stem from here - the mission doubles back on its own route verbatim for the last third, there's lots of doubling-back on top of that so that the mission can include out-of-the-way portals (that tax obelisk in mission 5 quadrupled the length of that mission as I struggled to even get to it), and there's many long, long walks between portals.

   09-11-2017 15:42
A nice quick jaunt around Borough Market - I did this on a Tuesday evening, so crowds weren't an issue, but I can imagine them being a nuisance when the market is open. For the most part, worth doing if you're in the area.

Two complaints:
- Missions 1 and 6 are a bit heavy on the old waypoints. It's not as bad as the Soho Rainbow, which was about 40% waypoints, but I did manage to complete mission 1 without moving from where I started.
- Mission 5 is the wrong way round - you finish mission 4, have to walk past all the portals/waypoints for mission 5, then walk back mostly the way you came to do mission 5

Bedford Castle
   05-11-2017 22:10
So overall, a very nice banner. A bit less of Bedford itself than I was expecting, but the parks and waterside sections were nice, and so was most of the architecture. There were some VERY long stretches between portals, which I normally mark a banner down for, but seemed perfectly acceptable here. Took us six hours and about 14km.

Not sure whether to mark it 24/7 - I think you can access everything at any given time, but you'll have a time and a half getting round the first five missions in the dark, and the parking in the park shuts at 9pm. Plus, there's one portal in a section that closes for winter, and if you don't get good drift you may struggle with it.

Pro-tip: if you want to visit a pub for lunch/dinner, hold off until at least mission 11. We were ravenous when we got to 10, and settled on one of the shitty chain pubs... then found every other pub in town was much, much nicer. Keep the faith!

London XM Research
   01-11-2017 10:07
A nice little banner to commemorate the second visit of NL1331 (or as I prefer, the Stupid Black Bus) to London, meandering from the site of the event to the nearest Tube station. Quick, straightforward, no surprises. The passcodes need a tiny amount of mental arithmetic, and knowing that the one question about binary comes out at 1331, as would be expected.

As of time of writing, the only issue seems to be IM going bonkers, putting up 2/3rds the banner as incorrect images, and adding an extra creator. Should be refreshed in a week.

The Dark Land
   01-11-2017 9:46
For the most part, a very good banner - good route, plenty of UPVs for me, linear order, no huge walks between portals. As far as the actual route goes, it's an excellent model for banners. There's only two niggles that stop it being a 5*, and they really are just niggles.
- Mission 10's image seems to be corrupted - it's not actually the briefcase currently in the IM pictures and described in the previous review, but it is 90% black and doesn't fit the rest of the banner. Possibly just needs reuploading?
- Mission 15 starts on the portal that mission 14 ended on, and instead of being a very witty passcode like the other missions, it's another hack. Not a huge problem, as we were having a bit of a dither at that point, and I just used a HS, but probably wants fixing for completeness's sake.

The Warrior of Wembley
   15-10-2017 21:43
So for a start, Wembley is neither a thing of beauty, nor a joy forever. There's a reason every rail station specifically diverts you towards the stadium. Barham Park was reasonably nice, but everywhere else on the route... eeeeh.

And then there's this banner, which is... hmm. Since NeonSpirit unfortunately passed away, it's not possible for changes to be made, and this banner really needs some changes. The first half is mostly fine, but passes by a good chunk of portals that must have been approved since OPR was introduced. The second half is... just terrible. Huge long walks between portals, weird route choices, doubling-backs, just all-round not fun. And it could all be patched up if it were possible to edit the missions...

Mostly, this banner is saved by having a cool image. And it's not the most unpleasant banner ever, just full of bad choices. And it's at least linear, which is far less common in banners than you'd think. But it's not one you should put too high on your to-do list.

Ingress Audio Player
   04-10-2017 9:55
So I've had my eye on this one a while, and now it's on my scanner it's as amusing as I was expecting. The route is good as well, not requiring much doubling-back or wonky road-crossing. And it's linear as well, which is a massive plus so many banners cock up.

Really, my only objection is that the missions really need numbering - even seeing each next mission being high up on the Missions tab, I was still uncertain at each point, and had to keep checking this site to make sure I had the order right.

North Bank Wander
   04-10-2017 9:50
A nice little banner, taking in a nice view of the river and some nice parks. Straightforward route, and none of that non-linear nonsense. While it's technically not 24/7 (all the parks are shut in the evenings), it shouldn't slow you down, as the mother-in-law and I were able to get them all just with drift. I'd agree with SirHackal0t's suggestion to walk up the central reservation with the bus stops - while you'll miss some of the view, it's much easier for getting in range of portals earlier on.

Stroll Across Marlow
   30-09-2017 18:29
31/01/18 edit: Since writing this review, many of the waypoints have been removed. Still a bit of backtracking involved though.

Finally finished my own banner, so time to review it!

Mostly good route, although some backtracking required for out-of-the-way portals and waypoints. Last mission has too many waypoints, and the first two were a bit to situated in residential areas, but the middle was nice.

Plus, free parking at the station, and no damn any-order missions.

Team Kraken London
   19-09-2017 11:46
Tales are told in London smurf gatherings of The Dickishness Of The Kraken. About huge missions, many double-backs, random any-order missions. So naturally, I thought it'd be a good one to wrap up my onyx SpecOps. My wife and I did it over a month and a half, taking what I estimate to be 30 hours.

And for the most part... it's alright, if you know what you're in for. With each mission averaging 16 hacks and 870m of walking, it's not one to bang out in an afternoon. Many, many parks that close in the evening, several staircases that require long detours for agents with mobility issues, lots and lots of doubling back. But it's mostly well designed, and were it not for a gigantic elephant-sized niggle, I'd think very highly of it.

And that niggle is the random non-linear missions that start appearing about halfway through.

I don't like banners that are full of non-linear missions - it's just bad design for a medium that has an inherently linear path. I further dislike non-linear missions in a banner designed to provide a challenging route. I'm outright angry about randomly selected non-linear missions that start appearing halfway through the banner, and utterly fuck you over if you don't neurotically check the in-app mission map - or print out all the non-linear missions like a mad person who is me.

Banner would score a 5-star from me if zimitry went back and set every mission to linear - then the route is just challenging instead of actually hostile.

Breakfast at Tiffany s
   25-07-2017 10:09
So for the most part, it's a nice quick banner, and there's nothing glaringly wrong with it. My only beef is how many portals it goes right past that aren't in the mission - if every portal on the route was included, the banner would stop about where mission 3 starts. I have to presume that it was a very early banner, and a lot of portals got added since it was created, otherwise it's a very odd choice. But again, a fine banner for the most part.

London Skyline
   10-07-2017 10:32
A fun little banner, going through some of the more vintage parts of town. Mostly a sensible route, but a few parts where it stuck me on the wrong side of the road, and I had to backtrack (I was on the complete wrong side of London Bridge, and there isn't really a way to cross it on the Eye side of the road).

NB: Roadworks prevented me from doing mission 5, but I was still able to follow the route.

The Cake is a Lie
   10-07-2017 10:27
A nice quick banner. Route was good, didn't take too long... almost too quick, if you need some criticism. But a perfectly fine banner if you need to crank out 12 missions in under an hour.

The Bridge From St Pauls
   17-06-2017 22:32
No real complaints about this banner - quick and easy, straightforward route (linear missions - you'd be surprised how many banners don't do that), and very few unnecessary road crossings.

It also pairs well with the Bridge To St Pauls banner - I suggest you do that after this one.

The Bridge to St Pauls
   17-06-2017 22:30
No real complaints about this banner - quick and easy, straightforward route (linear missions - you'd be surprised how many banners don't do that), no need for multiple crossings.

It also pairs well with the Bridge From St Pauls banner - I suggest you do that first, then do this one.

   10-06-2017 0:26
So overall, a fun little banner. Straightforward route, and a delightful callback to the Flash animations that helped shape my teenage years. Point knocked off for non linear missions, because that simply doesn't work in banners, but otherwise all good!

Troutdale Gateway to the Gorge
   31-05-2017 3:12
So the time listed for walking this mission may make it seem like a walkable mission - it isn't. There's roads you absolutely can't walk on.

With that in mind, most of this mission is very nice, and blitzed through quickly. The only black mark was on mission 5, where two waypoints were precisely on top of a portal, which made it nightmarish to select them.

Trash Panda
   26-05-2017 20:21
So it's a nice quick mission with a sensible route, and there's nothing bad to say about the banner itself. But deep in downtown Seattle, right amongst the skyscrapers, our location was all over the place, and we spent more time trying to stay on the portals than hacking them. Be prepared!

OSU 180
   25-05-2017 8:03
So you need to pay attention to both parts of the name of this banner - we went for it because we were in Corvallis and wanted to visit OSU, and then discovered how long each mission was! Not really the creators fault, but definitely a slog for someone expecting the usual 6-a-mission.

More unforgivable is the use of non linear missions. With so much doubling back and second guessing en route, it's another banner I have to ask the creator: did this banner get walked; and what inspired the choice of non linear missions in an inherently linear series of missions.

Fists of Fury
   25-05-2017 7:47
A nice easy mission with a good route, for when you're visiting Salem and have as hour spare. Not much more to say than that.

Zoo Hacks Level Two
   23-05-2017 2:08
Do not do this banner, it's absolutely horrible. Just do the Level One banner and go home.

Imagine you've gone to the zoo with your wife and step daughter. You've introduced the daughter to Ingress with the Level One banner, a fantastic banner that's fun and well layed out. Afterwards, late in the afternoon, the daughter leaves for work, excited about playing the game on her own, and you decide to do the second banner because the first one was so good.

If my daughter had stuck around for the second banner, she would have ragequit the game halfway through the second mission. We quit the banner on mission 6, and would have quit at 2 if we weren't banner snobs.

Why the damn hell does every mission loop round the entire park? Why the basically random placement of portals? Why the multiple capture objectives, when we had upgraded nearly every portal doing the first banner? Did jdthyme chug a Mr Hyde potion after making the first banner and decide to dick over everyone who had enjoyed it? Why, why, why?

Zoo Hacks Level One
   23-05-2017 1:57
First off: do not do the Level Two banner with the lions. Just don't. It's thoroughly unpleasant, and will make you retroactively hate this one.

But this one is very nice, with a good path through the zoo, taking in nearly every portal on the way, with minimal back tracking. It's non linear, which I always dislike in banners and is the only reason this banner is not a 5 star, but the route is sufficiently well layed out that it doesn't hurt the banner. Changing that would make this perfect. Unlike the shit show of the other banner.

Exploring Portland
   21-05-2017 18:47
My first banner in America, and it's a pretty good one! Straightforward route, no significant backtracking, and all around enjoyable. Nothing really bad to say at all! The missions are a bit longer than I'm used to, but I'm used to a mess of six-hack--mission-bare-minimum banners, and the length worked just fine.

A Police Box Too Far
   08-05-2017 10:11
This... was an exercise in how not to lay out a banner.

First off, it's non-sequential, which I was over for banner missions on my very first banner. It just doesn't work. I've looked at the mission map for this banner, and the route seems ten times more sensible than the constantly doubling-back nightmare my wife and I went through.

We did four laps round the roundabout the first three missions were on, because we didn't come at the first mission from the "first" hack, and did them all backwards. And the rest of the banner is an exercise in "if we follow the wrong portal next, are we going to have to double back half a kilometre at the end of the mission, then walk another half kilometre to the next mission?".

The picture is pretty, I suppose. As was Hyde Park. And I was also a bit cranky because we were trying to do the Magnus Builder event, and the entire park was deployed blue. But this wouldn't have been a banner I enjoyed on the best of days. Just make your banners linear, guys, it's the default for a reason.

Ministry of Funny Walks
   18-03-2017 1:10
A nice quick blast of a banner through Westminster, with a straightforward sensible route. It was very quick to complete - took me and my wife 15 mins in rush hour crowds - which may be too short or just perfect. Worked marvelously for us!

EDIT: Forgot to add that this is the one non-linear banner I've found where it didn't completely mess up the flow. And apparently means you can do it backwards!

Le Touquet
   13-03-2017 19:05
Starting with what I did like, I appreciated that missions got shorter nearer the end, as opposed to longer. And Le Touquet is a nice town with eclectic architecture. The banner image is nice too.

That said, this banner was generally quite messy. The missions were non-linear, which resulted in back-tracking and confusion, as it always does. But having the first mission absolutely nowhere near the rest of the missions was a very black mark. We were very grateful to have my parents driving so we could cargress it before parking up and doing the rest of them, because that walk would not have been fun.

** Français avec Google Translate **
En commençant par ce que j'ai aimé, j'ai apprécié que les missions se sont rapprochées plus près de la fin, par opposition à plus longtemps. Et Le Touquet est une ville agréable avec une architecture éclectique. L'image de la bannière est sympa aussi.

Cela dit, cette bannière était généralement assez malpropre. Les missions étaient non linéaires, ce qui a entraîné un back-tracking et une confusion, comme toujours. Mais avoir la première mission absolument nulle part près du reste des missions était une marque très noire. Nous étions très reconnaissants d'avoir mes parents de conduite afin que nous puissions cargée avant de stationnement et faire le reste d'entre eux, parce que cette promenade n'aurait pas été amusant.

Soho Rainbow
   05-03-2017 1:00
If you're looking for a quick banner to blast through in 15mins, this is it. Quite a nice image, and not too taxing. But way, way too many waypoints. It's like 40% waypoints, and two of the missions are almost completely waypoints. It's like the banner was sponsored by Big Waypoint. And in some cases they're so densely packed, rotating your screen to get the right one to tap is like playing a lockpicking simulator - lord help the player with chunky fingers.

Kingdom of Brunel
   02-03-2017 9:56
Overall, a good, solid banner - mostly straightforward, well-thought route, that doesn't leave you lingering or stranded. The choice to finish at a pub half a kilometre off-campus is an odd run, but didn't put me out too much, as I was planning to head there anyway. And the last few portals in mission 10 need a bit of doubling back around a raised area to get, but they're literally the only double backs in the entire banner.

If you're in Brunel and can only do one banner, this'd be the one to do - while I prefer the image on the Walk the Brunel Campus, the route is much worse and it uses non-linear missions.

Ealing banner
   26-02-2017 23:13
For the most part, a perfectly fine banner, but a lot of unfortunate design choices involved - a fair chunk of looping back, repeated crossings of the very busy Broadway road, and lots of 200m+ walks between portals - the last mission has three in a row! Having said that, it did take us round some very nice parks, and would have been generally pleasant if we hadn't been out in pounding rain in just hoodies and optimism!

Grimsby Town Tour
   15-02-2017 18:13
If you cut out the last two missions, spread the hacks from the first four into six missions, and topped up the hacks from other town centre portals, this would be a very good banner. Even if you just lost the fifth mission, and found some more portals to link 4 and 6, it'd be perfectly enjoyable.

But the fifth mission is ludicrous - dragging you kilometres out of town for a small cluster of portals, then whiplashing you to the other end of town for the sixth mission. And if you're silly enough to do it at night, the park is literally pitch black (and the second mission needs a detour to start). Not the best banner ever.

Camden Banner
   15-02-2017 18:03
A nice straightforward banner for visitors to Camden. The only black mark against it is the use of non-sequential missions - you end up in the middle of the first mission if you start from the tube station - and perhaps also the darkness of the lettering on the icons, which I realise can't be changed with NIA's mad new policies on mission icons.

Resistance London
   15-02-2017 17:58
For the most part, a very good banner, taking an interesting route through Zone 1. One odd mission that was mostly waypoints, but up until Paddington I didn't have a bad word to say.

Then we tried going from 50 to 51, and weren't sure if we needed to be in the courtyard for Paddington Basin - seeing as we'd passed the way in six hacks back. This lead to trying to complete 51 from the road, which wasn't happening. And there was only one entrance to the Basin, which we had to backtrack to. But really, that would have been a minor misgiving if it'd finished at 57.

Mission 58 started half a kilometre from the end of 57, and walked past a dozen easily accessible portals to get there. The remainder of the missions carry on with similarly sized gaps - some that are longer than entire earlier missions! It made the finale of this banner an unpleasant slog instead of a victory lap, and would kill smaller banners entirely.