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Karlův most
   17-04-2017 22:42
Agree with every word of @Styanera . At the half of the 17th mission you would have to wait in a long queue(1 hour for me) to get into the castle area. Then the last half of the 17th mission and the 18th mission can be totally finished in the castle area. I was just about to visit the places of interests in the castle area so it was okay for me to wait so long a time. Apart from this limit, the mosaic is really beautiful. Strongly recommend to tourists in Prague.

   17-04-2017 22:32
I suggest busgress for this mosaic. These waypoints are all on the routine of some buses on this street. Each mission includes two or three bus stations. So it would take rather longer time to do them on foot. The first four or five missions(I cannot remember clearly) are in one direction, and for the rest one or two missions, just get off and cross the road to take another bus in the opposite direction.
这个拼图最好还是坐公交做。这条主干道上有好几辆公交,大半公交的路线都能完美覆盖任务需要的portal,每个任务大概两三站地,如果步行就相对太累了= = 基本是前四五个任务是一个方向,然后剩下的任务是相反的方向。

Res Enl KRK
   17-04-2017 22:24
Good mosaic to discover Krakow. I did it in the evening so I suppose it is 24/7 available. The missions are located in the touristic places in the old town area. So when I did it at 21:00-22:30 there was still lots of people hanging around and it was safe enough.

Harry Potter Prague
   17-04-2017 22:18
This mission is in a really quiet area. Even a small hill is in the route so it's a bit tiring. I don't really like the order, and I think it would be better if the missions and waypoints are in fixed orders, so it would be easy to complete and I wouldn't have to walk a lot more. I used Google Translate to do with the passphrases, which are based on the Harry Potter books. But English speakers need to notice that, the last letter of "Granger's first name" in Czech language is "a" instead of "e". It took me about an hour to complete it.
这个拼图的地方非常僻静,附近一圈都是居民区,有一个任务里还需要爬一座小山,累得不行。而且这几个任务的顺序非常混乱……任务里的问题都是捷克语的,可以用谷歌翻译,不过“格兰杰的名”在捷克语里末尾字母是a而不是e。我做完这六个任务大概用了一个小时= =

Promenade des Anglais Sunrise
   03-04-2017 19:04
The only mosaic I did in Nice. A very beautiful one. I began at 6:30 am in order to see the sunrise. At first it was all dark outside and then it began to be brighter. I could hear the sound of the waves walking along the promenade by the sea, and then went to see the amazing old Nice. But as it is a round trip, I got a bit tired at the last half of the route. Also, some parts on the road were under construction when I went there on 26 March so it was a bit difficult to access some portals and i had to cross the road to reach the portals for several times.

A beautiful mosaic. I spent about 1h40min to do it. And I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful sunset in Parc de Peyrou and around the Cathédrale. Some missions (maybe 7-9) feel a bit unsafe in the dark. But still a wonderful tour around the city center.

   10-03-2017 22:58
Passwords can be found on wikipedia, though a bit difficult for people who don't speak Spanish.
Cute missions.

   23-02-2017 21:30
Très biens missions pour découvrir Strasbourg. L'auteur a recommandé beaucoup de restaurants de choucroute dans la route. La mosaïque elle-même semble délicieuse.
Great missions to discover Strasbourg. The author has recommended many restaurants of the choucroute near the waypoints. What's more, the mosaic itself seems really delicious.

Paris Pandas
   23-02-2017 20:25
Great missions to discover the 13th arrondissement in Paris. The pandas are really lovely.