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# Name Portale Aktion
1 The coal mines in Eygelshoven 10 Der Reihe nach Until their closure 1974 the coal mines were the biggest source of employment and wealth in Eygelshoven, this mission takes you past mine nostalgia.
Beatles Liverpool
   15-07-2019 10:04
Easy to do banner, route was clear and everything was easily accessible.

Dark Fox
   15-07-2019 9:54
Did this banner on 13-7-2019. The order of the portals is sometimes illogical and has you backtracking or using a heatsink. Other than that is pretty easy to do, it does skip some portals along the way and might need an update.

   15-07-2019 9:50
Did this banner on 14-7-2019. Route is easy to follow, starts and ends at the main train station. The route skips some portals which were probably added after the banner's creation.

Flag of Norway
   20-03-2018 20:57
Nice flag picture, the route needs some adjustment though. There's a lot of back and forth between portals, in some missions the order is rather frustrating. Could do with a review from the creators to make the route a bit more logical.

OSLO freske
   20-03-2018 20:55
Nice little banner, starts at the central station, takes you past the parliament and ends round the town hall.

Do you even farm
   13-06-2017 9:06
Fun mosaic which takes you to 4 farms around Tallinn. Unless you want to do a lot of walking, using public transport or a car to move between farms is your best bet. The last row is in the Armed Forces cemetery which may not be open 24/7.

Dragon in Helsinki
   13-06-2017 9:02
Great picture for a banner. Quite a walk around Helsinki, not all portals you meet are part of the banner so if you're on the lookout for unique visits be aware. Missions are in any order which sucks at times if you're not a local.

Unicorn Banner
   11-05-2017 12:34
Quite a walk on foot, but can be done in a day depending on your pace. Passphrases are all beer brands, best to ask for an invite to the Aachen visitors chat to get a list of answers.

Národní divadlo
   09-05-2017 12:25
Nice banner centered around the national theatre in Prague. The questions/passphrases are in Czech so some Google Translate skills are required for foreigners. Other than that the questions are pertinent to the banner subject. The banner finishes where it starts.

Croatian National Theatre
   09-05-2017 12:20
A nice banner taking you from the national theatre on a tour around the city centre of Zagreb before ending up at the start point.

Zagi - Policeman
   09-05-2017 12:18
Easy to do banner with cute pictographs.

Zagreb Crkva sv Marka
   09-05-2017 12:16
A beautiful image but a rather dull banner to do. It goes round the St. Mark's church four times. The local who created it told me he made it a long time ago and the challenge is to do it as fast as possible. There's some climbing involved as the round has a portal halfway up/down the funicular incline which is pretty steep. Other than that you might need to bring some heat sinks in case you get burned out. If you want to do it at a leisurely pace there are cafés near the church where you can stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

Prague Praha
   06-05-2017 0:08
Did the first 18 of the banner as I didn't like the top row. First 18 can be done rather quickly, pass phrase at mission start is the mission number.

Periodic Resistance
   22-04-2017 10:01
A leisurely walk around the main square in Zagreb, passcode answers van be found in the pictures of the banner.

Art Pavilion Zagreb
   22-04-2017 9:56
This banner takes you in and around the city centre of Zagreb giving you a nicd picture of the art pavilion.

ZAGREB Letter missions
   22-04-2017 9:52
Nice banner round the city centre of Zagreb. Some capture and upgrade actions which might cost you a virus.

Zagreb card
   22-04-2017 9:50
The order of the portals in most missions doesn't really make sense. A lot of portals along the way are skipped too. There's a lot of senseless way points where you could hack instead. After mission 17 the distances between portals increases exponentially, I stopped after mission 18 and the banner looks fine.

De Gelaarsde Kat Van Alphen
   17-09-2016 22:29
Did the banner today (17/9/2016). Cycled/walked about 40km in total. There was a street market and one of the streets was closed to cyclists. In some missions the portal sequence seemed a bit off to me, but that could be down to the bike path you take. Other than that, a nice banner to cycle in an afternoon.