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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Care by Caryn Koh 6 Beliebig Painted in conjunction of Shell's 125 years in Malaysia celebration through art project featuring famous local artists
2 Message in a Mural 6 Beliebig Every mural tells a story that the artist want us to know. Do not destroy it. Caring is sharing.
3 #MissionProject Tribute to Stan Lee 15 Beliebig This mission pays homage and tribute to Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee. Take a walk around Seremban town, a historical place of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
4 Kedai Kopi Kheng Nam Seng 15 Beliebig Was famous among the Seremban people during its heydays. I miss the aromatic toast bread with cold butter and homemade kaya.
5 Beautiful Mural 6 Beliebig Mural painting takes time and effort of the artist, who is trying to convey a message to the public.
The Lady and the Unicorn
   14-07-2019 10:00
Best do during day time

very easy questions and answers.

My biggest problem is gps drift!

Good job girl!

   06-03-2018 11:36
never know that Iran is under Asia..

HNY2018 Malaysia-KL
   19-02-2018 18:20
heat sink is a must! Unless you don't mind waiting.

13MAGNUS Reawakens Memory PJ
   28-09-2017 9:37
love the color combinations

   29-08-2017 9:21
no major problems except finding a place to park the car

Ayam Penyet
   29-08-2017 9:14
Overall okay except is a bit drifty

Taman Tasik Seri Serdang
   27-06-2017 11:43
Watch out for bird shit.

KLCC Explorer
   09-06-2017 14:58
Very drifty

Just hack only

Visit Dataran Merdeka
   11-05-2017 21:45
Always bring umbrella in case rain.

Some missions are against traffic flow.

Princess Saga - Chapter
   01-01-2017 23:34
Why is the story so long?

Our Linked Lives
   01-01-2017 23:32
Gps drifty inside building. Best to walk outside if no rain