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Cardiff Skyline
   21-03-2019 16:17
Nice quick banner, except for the first portal of mission 9 being a bit off course.
Also mission 10 may not be accessible when the walkway is closed.

EDIT: contacted creator, first portal of mission 9 had been moved. The issue is corrected now.

   21-03-2019 14:31
Great banner with a fairly logical route. The only possible downside I can think of is that the missions are any-order, but in this case it's acceptible.

The Beast of Bristol
   20-03-2019 21:13
Nice to see some other part of Bristol, however the route was quite illogical in some parts and a lot of portals were skipped , while they could have been included easily. The picture is nice though.

Clifton Nights
   19-03-2019 15:34
I really enjoyed this banner, route is good and scenery is fantastic

Lycabettus Hill
   21-02-2019 20:46
The first half of the banner was great, however the second half consisted mainly of waypoints.

Halfway I took the cablecar to the top of the hill and back, only to find out the last mission took me back to the top, only by foot this time...

The goddess of wisdom
   19-02-2019 23:43
The banner contains more waypoints than portals, and even then I needed a few heatsinks because I had to hack some portals twice in short succession.

Hellenic Parliament
   19-02-2019 18:26
Can be done fairly quickly, unless you get 'distracted' by the changing of the guards (which is great to see).

Downside is that the missions are composed almost entirely out of waypoints.

   19-02-2019 16:17
Was unable to do this banner as the last portal of the first mission is inside the acropolis museum (which was closed now)

UPDATE: Did the banner on my last day in Athens, and it is a nice walk. Finally a banner without waypoints!

Acropolis of Athens
   19-02-2019 15:23
Nice picture, but terrible route. You need to cross very busy roads many times and there are quite a few trackbacks.

Somewhere in the middle of the banner the missions have many waypoints in them (sometimes 5 waypoints and 1 portal) , while skipping portals on the way.

Took me over 5 hours, also due to the many times I had to wait before being able to cross the street.

Port de Barcelona
   18-11-2018 14:23
Very nice banner through the Harbour.
There are a lot of missing portals, mission 2 even has only 1 portal left (one of the fastest missions I ever did ;-)), so it might be wise to do an update.

Palau Nacional
   14-11-2018 20:44
Nice banner at a stunning location!
Only downside is the ridiculous route of missions 3 and 17.
The view was worth it though!

Sagrada Familia 2026
   14-11-2018 15:22
The first part takes you through less interesting parts of Barcelona. The cemetery is an impressive highlight, but the part beginning at the park is far better.

One portal in mission 6 is located on a sports field, which is inaccessible if the gate is closed.

The last portal of mission 11 is also on the cemetery, so you cannot finish that mission outside opening hours.

For the last 3 missions you need either a lot of drift, or else a (paid) ticket to access all portals.

The grand tour
   16-08-2018 17:18
In 4 uurtjes gelopen, prima banner.

Het stadhuis van Gouda
   05-08-2018 23:03
Leuke route, al zit in missie 2 een onbegrijpelijke detour naar de andere kant van het station.

   02-11-2017 14:58
I did the banner by bike and this was terrible. I had to ride on the wrong side of the road the entire time. On a few occasions I had to cross a street twice for only 1 or 2 portals.
Might be better to do this one by foot.

   20-08-2017 17:39
Hele leuke banner. De route zit goed in elkaar en ik heb af en toe hard gelachen om de vragen (en vooral de antwoorden). Aanrader!

Molen de Put Banner
   23-07-2017 19:06
Het begin zit zeker goed in elkaar maar vanaf ongeveer halverwege wordt de route wat rommeliger.
Voor missies 2 en 3 moet je door museum volkenkunde, en ben je dus afhankelijk van de openingstijden. Ik weet niet of de portals ook bereikbaar zijn als je buitenom gaat.

Schiedam Black Banner
   02-07-2017 21:35
De route zit aardig in elkaar, alleen zijn de laatste 3 missies echt veel te lang en saai vergeleken bij de rest. Toch blij dat ik hem gedaan heb.

Hoorn Banner
   25-12-2016 23:30
Sommige delen zijn rommelig, maar andere stukken zitten goed in elkaar.
Voorheen was je voor missie 7 afhankelijk van de openingstijden van de ijsbaan, maar dit is inmiddels aangepast. De banner is nu dus gewoon het hele jaar te doen.

AMS Advent
   18-12-2016 14:09
Very nice banner which can be done in under 2 hours.

   17-12-2016 20:52
De route is bijna identiek aan de Utrecht Blue Canals banner.
Iedere missie eindigt met een passphrase op een portal, en de opvolgende missie start met een hack van die portal. Je moet dus erg goed opletten dat je de laatste portal van iedere missie niet hackt!

The Final Judgement
   12-11-2016 7:54
You need to enter St Peter's square which is freely accessible, but probably not at night.
The route is a bit illogical has quite a few trackbacks.

XM Anomaly (P) -Via Noir - Rome
   10-11-2016 17:26
Nice banner except for a few places where you need to backtrack.

Romanorum vita
   10-11-2016 13:57
Nicely laid out banner.
Takes you through some beautiful parts of Rome, only the last few missions were a bit boring.

Città Eterna
   09-11-2016 23:04
Nice banner which takes you to many beautiful parts of Rome

Colosseo -Via Noir- Roma
   09-11-2016 16:48
Terrible banner.
For missions 4-6 you need to enter the university grounds (which is probably closed at night and perhaps in weekends) and roam amongst the students.
For mission 12 you need to enter a park which is closed at night.
Also the parts of Rome visited (except the Colosseum) aren't really inspiring.

Rondje Langedijk
   13-10-2016 15:18
Eerste missies zijn kort qua aantallen portals maar lang qua afstand. Tweede deel van de missies bevatten veel portals, de route is niet altijd even logisch.
Lopend is deze banner zeker niet te doen.

Wapen van Heerhugowaard
   03-10-2016 18:32
In mission 7 one of the portals (Sunnytimes Statue) is located on the terrain of 'Intratuin'. This portal is not accessible outside opening hours of said garden centre.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
   27-09-2016 17:49
Aangezien iedere portal meer dan 4 keer gehacked moet worden is het van belang dat alle portals een multihack bevatten (common is voldoende).

Het terrein is (officieel) van 09:00 tot 17:00 uur open, maar ook daarbuiten kan je vaak gewoon terecht. Er is echter nagenoeg geen verlichting, dus na zonsondergang is het gewoon te donker.

XM Anomaly (P) – Via Lux Köln
   23-09-2016 17:00
Very nice banner, if you don't deviate from the portals needed it can be done in 1.5 hours

Rund um die Lanxessarena
   23-09-2016 14:42
Didn't like it at all. Cannot be done on foot, a few times the same portal needs to be hacked in a short time, and sometimes the order of portals in a mission is eratic. Bit of a waste of my time.