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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Lunchtime in Eastpoint 6 Beliebig Follow Tuffy, the unofficial Eastpoint Business Park Mascot and fluffiest business park cat around on a lunchtime walk.
2 Ratoath Ramble 10 Beliebig Ratoath or in Irish: Ráth Tó, meaning "Tó's ringfort", is a small commuter town worth a stroll.
3 Verdauungs Spaziergang 7 Beliebig Ein kleiner Spaziergang durch den Tatenhausener Wald / A stroll through Tatenhausen Forrest.
Obsidian Seattle
   25-01-2019 1:29
This banner can not be completed at the moment (January 2019) due to renovations around the key arena! Can't reach the needed portal for mission 7

Geschichtspfad Kaffeemühle
   20-06-2018 10:53
Great forest hike, if I do say so myself. Stepcounter made it nearly 10 kilometers, so keep that in mind.
I was on roaming with a non German sim and network was sketchy around mission 7. But doable with a bit of patience. This was also the time of the Ingress log in problems in June 2018, which didn't help.
Also one portal in that Mission is still waiting to have its location adjusted (Obelisk Vogelsang) as the portal is located incorrectly up the hill and not where it should be.

Bielefeld gibt s doch gar nicht
   20-06-2018 10:37
Walked it myself, shortly after creating. Can not judge the 24/7 as one old cemetery is included and I don't know when / if it closes at night.
I enjoyed the stroll through the city. Only downside I could see is that Bielefeld has so many missions / banners, that even though I stood within 25 meter of the starting Portal of the next mission, I still had to go to the second or third page of missions to find it.

North Bank Wander
   24-05-2018 14:25
Lovely image and great banner. Got off the tube at Big Ben and just finished it while making my way & sightseeing to get closer to the start of the HMS Belfast Banner.

Cork City Banner
   24-05-2018 14:21
Love the image. Considered this a bit tougher than the 'Rebel Resistance' one, which mainly sticks to the city centre. This does go up and down some hills and steps in the outskirts of Cork, but maybe I found it more challenging as I only did 'Rebel Resistance' the afternoon before. :) Definitely worth it