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World In Hands
   29-07-2019 13:26
4-5 hours of walking, car- or bike-gressing not possible, lots of stairs. the route is ok but its missing a lot of portals. also 1 portal in mission 15 is not accesible at the weekends and only at certain hours during the week (i climbed over the fence). about 15-20 km

Shining Museum
   29-07-2019 13:23
great mosaik, completed in 1-1.5hours. NOT accesible to disabled, there are some stairs

Kaunas Cathedral Basilica
   29-07-2019 13:15
took about 3-4 hours but it can be done in less than 3 if u only hack. it could be designed better (missed a lot of high portal density areas). bike and car gress is not an option due to lot of stairs and pedestrian areas

#IngressFS June 2019 Kaunas
   29-07-2019 13:13
very fast and small mosaik probably doable 24/7. it took me about 20 minutes

Myriad Kaunas Biocard
   29-07-2019 13:12
24/7 doable in 2-3h the route is quite usefully designed but it has some strange turns. mission is wheelchair accesible, no stairs

Weeping Angels in Petrašiūnai
   29-07-2019 13:09
good mosaic doable in 1.5h, picture is great and route is very good. not much stopping. but not accesible to wheelchairs due to lots of stairs and narrow paths

Nuremberg Watercolor
   09-07-2019 21:21
The best mosaic ever. Doable in 30-40min. Fast and with pretty picture

   09-07-2019 21:20
Mosaic for 4-5h. Some places are inaccessible at night not 24/7. First few parts are really good then portals are further apart but still nothing horrible. Watch out for your route missions are complete in any order. 22th mission contains one portal at the zoo area. Just do random mission instead of that

Kwadrat Zamojski
   09-07-2019 21:15
Mosaic for about 1h. Quick but very annoying. it's "12 times around the church" and out of the blue one mission is create a link from portal. Bring rmh with you

   25-03-2019 16:24
Horrible mosaic!!! Why install mod on portal? I wasted 5 JARVIS for it. Why create link from portal? Also very annoying.
You can't do this mosaic with 4+ people because of install mod on portal

   25-03-2019 16:18
Very good mosaic much better than west.
Usefully designed route. The only minus is that you need to look for the next mission
Doable in 4-5h

   25-03-2019 16:05
Good banner doable in 5h. But the route is sometimes horrible, going back and forth no the traffic lights, skipping a lot of portals