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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Blue Snake 18 / 18 10 Der Reihe nach Vipera berus (or Angis in Lithianian) is only venomous snake in Lithuania. Known by a host of common names including common adder and common viper.
2 Blue Snake 7 / 18 6 Der Reihe nach Snakes can open their mouth up to 150 degrees.
   30-03-2018 15:35
This is one challenging banner. At some point or another you will swear alot, mostly at the banner creator herself... sometimes at yourself for being this stupid to take a risk doing it, but most of the time having great time traveling around the whole country. This banner itself shows some Lithuania's famous places like the oldest living Oak or Highest Hill in County.
Like my friend mentioned before, you really need a car, i can add one thing. If you are stupid enough trying to complete this banner on Winter - make sure your car is capable of driving some snowy roads. 4x4 cars are recommended.

   16-02-2018 10:30
Very smooth banner in Kaunas with a picture of our local food gem.
The only thing you should keep in mind, that the start and the finish of banner are quite far away one from each other, the best way, i think, is to take a bus or a trolley back to the city center.

Mighty Tiger of Riga
   16-02-2018 10:26
One of the best looking banners in Baltics, also one of the hardest.
It inspired many other banners in other countries, including Badger of Love in Vilnius.
Banner itself is smooth and travels thru some portals outside of the city center, so it is very good for uniques if you already been in Riga before.

   16-02-2018 10:24
We completed this banner a year ago and still i remember it as it was yesterday.
First missions starts in a middle of nowhere, but later is goes smooth and easy.
Really challenging to do it at once by foot, but pretty easy if you rent a bike.
Take a challenge and complete it by foot at once!

Zielonooki Kotek
   16-02-2018 10:22
The banner goes thru very nice farm of portals and ends at the train station, from where you can take a metro or a bus back to the city center.

   16-02-2018 10:20
Very easy and unique banner in a city center. Had few troubles reaching some portals from the inside of the building, but overall was very smooth

More than Meets the Eye
   16-02-2018 10:19
You need to do this mission along with Southside Deception banner. 3 missions from that, then 3 missions from this banner so it goes like, mission 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 5, 6 and so on

Southside Deception
   16-02-2018 10:18
You need to do this mission along with More than Meets the Eye banner (3 missions from this, then 3 missions from that banner so it goes like, mission 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 5, 6 and so on.

Tallinn Hero Mission
   16-02-2018 10:15
Had problems with one passphrase about Starlord as the answer can be written in many different words.
Overall very nice banner.

Meno Mūza
   16-02-2018 10:13
Be aware that there is no bridge at mission 9 to your 4th portal, so you will need to go around.
Overall good banner for uniques as it goes thru some places where only few banners sends you.

FS Klaipėda Ghost
   16-02-2018 10:11
Altho this banner was created for FS Klaipėda, it is still in place and creator hasn't any plans to remove it any time soon.
Banner itself is easy and takes place in Klaipėda old town.

Who Hit John
   16-02-2018 10:09
One of the best banners for unique hunt in Vilnius old town.
Start and the finish are at the same place.

Link It
   16-02-2018 10:07
The whole concept of the banner is to make some links walking down one of the most important streets in Vilnius old town.
Do as it says in description, check the situation in Gediminas avenue before starting this banner as you may need to use few viruses otherwise. The good thing is, that this street is usually changing it's color lots of times per day.

Wintry Tallinn
   16-02-2018 10:04
very quick and smooth walk thru old town, perfect for those who doesn't have much free time, but wants a banner to remember the city.

Tallinn wonderland
   16-02-2018 10:03
It isn't the fastest mosaik in town, but it takes you thru some unique places where other banners don't send you.
Not the most unique picture, but it really shows the beauty of the Tallinn

Link Amp Kitten - Vilnius
   16-02-2018 9:52
The start is at the Train Station, so it is a wonderful banner if you arrive to Vilnius by train or bus.
Took me less than two hours to complete and it ends just near the famous Cat Cafee.

Dūkštai Oak Cognitive Walkway 404
   16-02-2018 9:51
The whole banner is located In Dūkštos park, which is ~25 kilometers away from a Vilnius city center. Recommend to travel there by a car, altho buses travels there, but rather rarely.
The route itself is confusing at the start, but it all makes sense later. Don't rush doing other actions not required in a mission. I recommend gathering keys at your first circle, as you will come around one more time.
There is ONE portal where i had lots of troubles gaining internet access on my phone, as the whole park is located in a forest and hear similar stories from other people, so be patient.

Suns out Buns out
   16-02-2018 9:44
Easy walk thru a city.
Had no troubles at all and took me around two hours to complete.

Super Lazy
   16-02-2018 9:43
All passphrases are mathematical, so be prepared to do some counting.
The park itself is open 24/7 but don't make lot of noise at night, as it is just outside of Santaros Clinics.
Parking is free from 5pm and has plenty of parking slots.
One of the best places to get fast AP in town!

Ducky Duckling Ducks
   16-02-2018 9:39
Completed missions while feeding ducks, they don't lie about getting friends this way..
Overall nice banner in very beautiful park.
Park isn't open 24/7 so please check the Bernardines Park website for opening hours as it changes every now and then.

Looks delicious
   16-02-2018 9:36
Did this banner for uniques and very nice picture.
We got the picture, altho had troubles with unique captures as locals recharged every portal till last resonators which was very irritating.

Grumpy fish
   16-02-2018 9:33
Be aware, that you will skip some portals on this mosaik because... reasons mostly ?
Very nice picture, altho the path could be made quicker.

Rasos Cemetery
   16-02-2018 9:31
Banner ends up in Rasos Cemetery which is further from a city center, be prepared walking back to civilization for half an hour, or just have few Euros for a taxi.
Overall easy and stressless banner.

Blue Cat
   16-02-2018 9:29
Made some fishermen wondering what a heck im doing here.
I agree with Iceever about gathering keys, don't bother heatsinking portals to get a key, you will probably hack this portal at least once later.
Altho took few hours to complete and it ends just near the port back to the Klaipėda.
p.s. you can always PM the creator if you will have some troubles with passphrases.

Crooked house in Sopot
   16-02-2018 9:25
This mosaik opened the city for us.
We traveled to Sopot not expecting anything and while doing this banner we starting loving this wonderful place more and more, so thank you for that.
The banner itself is easy and quite fast. Some walking back and forwards near the beach, but it was acceptable.

Fontanna Neptuna
   16-02-2018 9:22
The path was confusing at first, but later it all made sense.
You will travel thru most of Gdansk portals, so it is the perfect banner for those who seeks uniques.
Banner ends in a cemetery, not sure if it's 24/7.

Panorama of Kaunas
   16-02-2018 9:20
I recommend to accompany this mosaik with Kaunas SkyLine, as that banner starts where this ends and both can be completed in less than 1 hour.

   16-02-2018 9:16
Completed this mosaik by traveling with a car, there are around 5 portals we couldn't reach from a car so be aware, that sometimes you will need to step out of your beloved vehicle.
I took us around 4 hours without any rushing and trying to catch every unique possible.
Also be aware, that you won't get much of Unique Captures if you chose ENL faction at beginning, cuz this city is swarming with local green players (as it is now February 2018).

The Prey
   11-02-2018 18:50
Took me 7 hours to do by foot, but could be made faster. Couldn't resist to to just leave portals oposite color than i am.

My google maps shows 22kms done.

There are plenty of places where you can skip one or two missions, always check which mission are you on right now.
Too many people had to recomplete them.

Little squirrel
   05-01-2018 18:34
I recommend to do this banner if you really really really want to visit ALL portals around Nida. Everything's easy till mission 13.
Did it during rain at winter, halfway it got dark so i needed to use a flashlight.
Some parts were hardly reachable because of forest tracks becoming a swamp. After mission 13 - you have to choose from going thu dunes or going back way around and waste three or more kilometers, i chose dunes. Just following animal tracks.
Anyways, one of the most interesting banners out there in Lithuania.

Happy New Year 2018 Vilnius
   29-12-2017 21:24
Took me 45mins to do

Not available at night time from 23h

Japan In Vilnius
   14-12-2017 18:40

Sunset Harmony
   14-12-2017 17:49

Tortoise Tallinn
   30-11-2017 9:05
Will we just ignore the fact that turtoises dwell on the land..
It's turtle, not turtoise ;)

Time Is Ticking
   09-11-2017 12:08
Easy walk thru whole old town of Vilnius.
Very good for unique hunt.
Some passphrases are tricky, feel free to ask me directly @Erylicious

Badger of Love
   29-10-2017 12:36
Attention, mission 9 starts with capture or upgrade of last mission 8 portal.

Mission 13 is doable only till hour 22h.

Overall banner took around 10 hours (with few breaks) and 45 kilometers of walking.

Blue Lion
   25-10-2017 14:19
This is only half of the banner, full mozaik is from 60 missions and is very quick and goes thtu city center.
Each mission starts from earlier mission's last portal with an easy passphrase, which makes it almost inposible to make a mistake.

Weeping Angels in Petrašiūnai
   08-10-2017 21:46
All banner takes place in a cemetery, not recommended if you are afraid of ones.
Otherwise easy and fast banner.
Not sure about 24/7, left cemetery at 10pm, couldn't see much without a flash light, that created special atmosphere.

The Dude
   07-10-2017 21:12
On this moment (early October of 2017) few streets are closed but still all portals are reachable.
But not doable for 24 hours as you need to enter church territory to reach one portal.

Needed 16kms in Ingress scanner.

Parks of the North
   03-10-2017 9:55
1. Drive to Balsių Progimnazija, hack three portals there.
2. Drive to Balsių Mitologinis Parkas, park your car and complete first 3 missions.
3. Drive to Verkių Park, start mission and cargress till the main gates to the park, park your car and complete 4th and 5th missions.
4. Drive to Santaros Vaikų Ligoninė, theres a parking lots just at the first portal of mission 6. Complete missions 6-12.
5. Drive to Jeruzalės Skukptūrų Park (Lobio street), park your car just so other cars can pass you. Don't be loud, this park is just near the private property. Complete missions 13-15.
6. Drive to the beginning of the Mission 16 just at the back of Kalvarijų Church thru Seserų Vienuolynas. Park there and do missions 16 and 17.
7. Drive to Pušyno Sanatorija and finish mission 18.
Congrats ;)

Erycorn Jr
   02-10-2017 10:32
Took me two hours to do, easy and fast-pace banner.

Pałac w Wilanowie
   28-09-2017 11:46
You need to pay small fee to enter the second part of the park.
It is closed by night.

KociaPanda Art
   28-09-2017 11:33
Easy banner which takes you thru the center of town.

Best pizza Vilnius
   28-09-2017 11:28
Banner itself is easy and goes thru New Town of Vilnius and part of Old Town.
You simply MUST visit Pizza Di Ascari at the end of the banner, where the creator of these missions is the owner.
If you are lucky enough to encounter him - maybe you will have a discoint of some sort ;)

Fire Girl
   28-09-2017 11:24
Wonderful banner which all takes place in the Park around the Zoo.
Did it on thursday evening and it was quite and relaxing, despite bad weather i enjoyed every mission of it.

Perfect for unique hunt as this banner goes thru most of city's portals.
Had few struggles in Mission 9 as it goes thru Golfclub of some sort, but overall very well executed banner.
P.s. friendly creator.

   28-09-2017 11:09
Easy and fun banner, had few struggles with passphrases, but managed to finish it without help of locals :)

P.s. passphrases are written in english

Lady Olomouc mise
   28-09-2017 11:05
Not doable at night, two portals of mission 16 can be reached only at daytime.

   28-09-2017 11:03
Easy banner, altho beginning and end of banner are quite far away one from each other. I recommend using Metro at the end.

Salzburg City Panorama
   28-09-2017 11:02
Wonderful and easy banner

Erkundung Brixen
   28-09-2017 10:56
Fast and easy banner, altho a picture isn't that attractive or unique.
Did it because of lack of other options.

Zuckermonster's banners in Wels are way better ;)

Tiroler Wal
   28-09-2017 10:52
1. Any order.
2. Some missions starts where earlier missions ended.
3. Last part of the banner is in the same park, burned out some portals doing this.

Very mediocre banner

Abaddon Great Snak
   28-09-2017 10:48
Just did it in September 2017, still one of the best mission per kilometer mosaic in region

Žvėryno Žvėrys
   22-09-2017 22:55
Visos misijos tame pačiame rajone ir portalai tikrai kartojasi skirtingose misijose.

Rekomenduojama daryti per porą dienų (arba bent padarius keturių valandų perttauką) arba turėti heat sinkų / virusų

ENG Tl;dr - all missions are in the same place and any order, be aware and have option to reset burned portal.

Kulturalny Szczecin
   29-08-2017 14:37
Beautiful picture, even tho it has a frog on it (personally like banners not to be faction locked like only for res or only for enl) and quite enjoyanle walk, altho hated polish passphrases - few of them were hard to google.
Would be perfect banner if it was in english

Salmon Run
   01-08-2017 10:20
The whole banner takes place in Pučkoriai Park starting from Belmontas.

Few hours of peaceful walk, pretty easy

Teddy and Spike
   01-08-2017 10:14
Doable 24/7

You will start from Ozas Park. First 6 missions done in 20 minutes, later you will take a walk to the heart of Vilnius - Cathedral Squere.

Easy banner.

   24-07-2017 19:19
Fastest route :
First Part (missions 1-12) :
Park your car at Lidle at Laisvės pr. In front of Karoliniškių Poliklinika. Run around the Karoliniškės district. It will take you approx 2hours if you won't stop for fielding etc.
Drive to Pilaite. Approx 15 minutes.
Second Part (missions 13-18) :
Park at PUPA shopping center or at any shopping center around, there are at least 3 of them and run around Pilaitė. It will take you around 1 and a half an hour.
Now take a walk back to your car for around 15 minutes.
Total - 4 hours tops without much ap, but can take lots more if you feel like you need uniques. Karoliniškės is blue and Pilaitė is forever green.

Žirmūnai Limbo
   17-07-2017 8:28
Very easy banner starting from the top (geographicly) of the district. You will have to wall thru some playgrounds in this sleeping district, but also will visit Tuskulėnai park, wich was very loved by ingress players back in the days.

   17-07-2017 8:21
Warning - this is not one of those easy walk, hack few portals and have picture banner. It takes some time and sweat. It is doable with a car or bike. There are one or two going forwards and backwards, but overall very neat banner. You will visit most city's portals and explore every beautiful detail of it.

Ingress Resistance Warsaw
   09-07-2017 14:58
The only minus of this banner is the lenght between the start and the end of banner. Other than that solid banner with original picture.

Daugavpils burti
   09-07-2017 14:56
Many passphrases in latvian, but the answers are usually easy to find.
Overall quick and fun banner.

Pawie oko
   09-07-2017 14:18
My personal favorit banner in Warsaw.
Goes thru wonderful parks with friendly squirrels, peacock, free concerts and many many amazing views.
Caught myself hard to choose from ingressing or taking pictures !

Visaginas City
   20-05-2017 10:28
Banner offline !

Via Noir Vilnius
   18-05-2017 8:59
First part of mosaic is doable from 7am till 11pm.
Easy banner in recognision of Via Noir Anonaly held in beautiful Vilnius

Vilnius map
   18-05-2017 8:53
One of the easiest banners in town, altho one of the prettiest (my personal opinion).
The end of the banner doable only from 7am till 11pm !

Mindaugo tiltas
   18-05-2017 8:50
Really easy to do by bike!
Took us 2 hours of slow walk cherrishing the views and good vibe.
Doable 24/7, start and finish are at the Mindaugas bridge at the edge of the old town. Few good free parking spots just at the other side of the river

Vilnius Historic Centre
   11-05-2017 12:58
If you want to visit most Vilnius Old Town portals - this is the banner for you !
Doable from 6am till 11pm

Wolf in Vilnius
   11-05-2017 12:56
Easy walk thro Vilnius center.
Doable 24/7

Vilnius Cathedral Square
   11-05-2017 12:54
Easiest banner to get fast uniques.
Doable 24/7

The Iron Wolf
   11-05-2017 12:52
Banner is doable from 7am till 11pm.
Start is on the Hill at Gediminas Tower

Kauno teriologiniai draustiniai
   11-05-2017 10:53
ENG tl;dr : Banner doable by bicycle or car, lengh - more than 100 kms.

Smagus ir originalus baneris, subalansuotas darymui dviračiu.
Darėme su mašina tai atstumas gavosi maždaug 155km, labai daug kur reikėjo apvažiuoti vietas, kur dviračiu būtume pravažiavę be problemų.
Labai smagūs portalai fieldinimui, tryse padarėme virš 10k MU kiekvienas vien važinėdami banerio portalais ! ;)
Užtrukome apie 8 valandas, tačiau tikrai verta.