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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Team Kraken 44/ 48 6 Der Reihe nach Second set of missions to complete the Kraken banner, starts and ends at metro station Hoogvliet.
Team Kraken
   24-06-2019 21:59
I dont know what's wrong with the picture, can't get it right.

grand tour door de hoeksche waard
   20-01-2019 0:54
Its great banner to do, if you know the erea, especialt mission 1til 12 have long distances between the portals, so if you are not familiar its hard to find youre way. It took me 10 hour to complete the banner. Not all portals are recheable by car, so somethimes you need to walk. There is some very nice pieces of nature to see and you will enjoy the banner.

Welcome to Bordeaux
   27-07-2018 14:46
Banner is offline !!!

The Guardian Angel
   22-07-2018 13:09
Great banner, easy walking. You see some nice parts of Lier

Exploderende Grote Smurf banner
   16-07-2018 8:31
First 6 missions i did by car, a few portals you need to get out.
At the start of mission 7 you can park youre car and go by foot. The banner ends close to where you parked the car.
Nice banner to do.

Bob Marley Banner
   16-07-2018 8:28
Nice banner to do, first 3 missions are a bit long walk but after that all is in the centre.
You get a lot off uniques and i got almost 400k AP.
I first did the Exploding grote smurf banner and then this one, perfect combo in less then 4 hours.

Historisch Bergen op Zoom
   30-06-2018 18:05
Easy banner to walk, through the city center.

XF-CC Bannerday
   10-06-2018 14:45
Lekkere banner om te lopen, incl alles slopen en opbouwen iets meer dan 2uur over gedaan.
Top Sven

Stichtse Vecht Nigtevecht
   13-05-2018 12:09
Beutifull route to explore, you go from village to village by car and do the missions on foot.

Chinese Blossom
   11-02-2018 15:47
Redelijke banner om te lopen, deed er 2 uur en 40 min over. Gesloopt, geglypht en linken.
Missie 4 en 5 zijn wat rommelig met heen en weer lopen in 2 straten.
Verder goed te doen, voorkeur zou een fiets zijn. Is na een kleine aanpassing nu 24/7 te doen.

Goudse Winter Banner 2017 2018
   02-01-2018 16:31
Lekker banner om te lopen, bracht me
472662 ap, 178 upv , 215 upc en maar 13 km gelopen. Ondanks ik toch geregeld extra straatjes nam om alle portals in het centrum mee te pakken.
Banner zit verder goed in elkaar en bij hack only heel snel te doen .Top!!!

   03-09-2017 21:37
We walked the banner today, its easy going and can be done 24/7.
Great option is the possibility to choose between green or blue eyes.
Nice work Lancewood.

A Link to the Past
   08-07-2017 15:32
Little under 17 km took me 2.55 hour to complete walk it. Incl clearing all the green.
Very nice bannee to do.

Antwerp Winter is coming Banner
   10-06-2017 14:10
Its a nice banner to walk, it took me 5 hours to complete.