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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Rund um die Grube Laurweg 19 Der Reihe nach Die Mission führt um das ehemalige Steinkohlebergwerk Laurweg in Kohlscheid, auf dessen Gelände sich heute der Technologiepark Herzogenrath befindet. Bushaltestelle Linie 47 Technologiepark.
2 Hauptbahnhof Aachen 5 Der Reihe nach Arrive, leave or change trains at Aachen Main Station? Do this short mission while you wait.
3 Aachen Graveyard Shift 40 Beliebig Visit Aachen Westfriedhof where many famous citizens lie. Be respectful to mourners.
4 Runde durch Bardenberg II 9 Der Reihe nach Der östliche Teil von Bardenberg, zu Fuss machbar. Parkplatz am Friedhof, nächste Bushaltestelle Linie 21 Grindelstraße.
5 Runde durch Bardenberg I 14 Der Reihe nach Bardenberg ist ein Stadtteil von Würselen. Diese Runde ist zu Fuß machbar, am Startpunkt ist ein Parkplatz und eine Haltestelle der Linie 21 (Bardenberg Krankenhaus).
6 Aachen BucketList 2015 6 Der Reihe nach Commemorating the BucketList 2015 operation: Places you must visit before you die.
Urfahr Schriftzug
   02-08-2018 17:03
Challenging banner, bring lots of time and better have a local for help with passphrases. Can be done with tram/pöstlingbahn.

The Wawel Dragon
   04-06-2018 13:29
All mistakes made that can be made. One mission requires you to get from inside to outside the castle apparently meant to use the Dragon's den which had a long queue, for one portal while being outside the castle you have to climb the hill to get near a portal which is in the castle. Portals used for two consecutive missions, missions having you walk in reserve - which also means you have to scroll down in the list of missions to find the next one, this is made worse by the bad rating of the missions.

Cemetery is a bit difficut to navigate, because of the fence around it and the fact that the ingress map only roughly matches the actual paths, I had to walk between graves more than once. This also makes it probably difficult to navigate with wheelchair/strollers. Make sure you recognize when the next portal is in cemetery, you have to walk a bit back to enter it.

MD Palermo 25-11-2017
   29-11-2017 16:33
Mission Day missions are all in sequence, but doing them in the order shown here makes walking them like a 18 mission banner.

Burgos Skyline
   16-10-2017 13:11
Passphrases are just the number of each mission.

Kharkiv ferris wheel Art
   17-09-2017 8:06
Park closes at midnight

Berliner Fernsehturm
   01-08-2017 19:56
I suggest you do this in 6 days on foot, as it is made of 6 parts each starting from the TV tower portal and visit some of the attractions along the way. Done in January 2016.

   06-11-2016 12:08
Achtung, bei Mission 3 (EN) anfangen. Lässt sich gut im Anschluss zu Dinosaurier spielen, capture or upgrade beachten!

Cascais Lighthouse
   12-06-2016 23:57
Check Parque Marechal Carmona opening times!