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Lente Nederland
   05-03-2018 21:24
Prima banner. Vanaf missie 14 heb je liever een fiets, dan worden de afstanden groter. Grote bonus: Je kan bij de start van de banner (en tevens het einde) gratis parkeren.

Winter Nederland
   26-09-2017 21:50
Prima banner. Logische route.

Maarssen banner
   05-02-2017 19:00
Toffe banner! Loopt lekker weg. Genoten van de omgeving.

Animal Animal
   14-01-2017 19:16
Mosaic is beautiful. Logic in hack order is hard to find. Sometimes you skip portal's that are nearby. Most off the time the next mission is more dan a kilometer away. After mission 16/17 it gets better and better.

Den Haag All Stars
   09-01-2017 16:34
Nice banner. Including cap and mostly glyph hacking walked in 2,5 hours.

UNI Banner
   02-01-2017 15:31
Including destroy, cap and linking it took me around 4/4,5 hours to complete

   02-01-2017 15:28
Nice banner. But in mission 4 and 5 you have to walk pretty far. If you have a bike, use it.

bro banner
   02-01-2017 15:26
Nice banner. Due to some construction work, you have to make a little detour. Or trespass some small barriers.