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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Epic Калевала 6 Beliebig Visit this town of legends, where according to folklore, philologist Elias Lönnrot compiled the national epic of Finland. Based on folklore, Kalevala stands for 'Land of the Giants'.
2 University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio 6 Beliebig Visit and hack the portals at the atmospheric campus area near the lake.
3 Religious Viinijärvi 8 Beliebig Visit Viinijärvi, the two churches and surrounding area in this idyllic countryside.
4 Traveller's Vuokatti 9 Beliebig Vuokatti, a place of leizure on many levels, also has portals in many places filled with activity. Enjoy the hacking tour while on vacation, or just visiting!
5 Traveller's Varpaisjärvi 6 Beliebig Visit the famous stone church of Varpaisjärvi, and the portals around it.
6 Animalistic Power 15 Versteckte Mission Scientists at the Science Park may have found proof that animals, even as portals, hold the key to unknown knowledge. Grab your bike and use your portal knowledge to get through this challenge!
7 Kajaani riverside: Koivukosken silta 9 Beliebig Walk along the river of Kajaani, and pass by the bridge between Kaukametsä and Onnela.
8 Traveller's Sotkamo 6 Beliebig Visit the most significant portals in the town of Sotkamo, and learn a little about the surroundings.
9 Heroes of Koljonvirta 6 Beliebig An area made most famous by the battle between the empires of Sweden and Russia on the 27th of October 1808, Koljonvirta is in many ways significant to finnish culture.
10 Traveller's Rautavaara 8 Beliebig Visit this town in North Savonia, known for it's varied nature areas, mining business and youth circus.
11 Kajaani riverside: Kynskiltä Linnansillalle 6 Beliebig Walk along the river of Kajaani, and pass by the newest pedestrian bridge and the narrow Castle bridge.
12 Traveller's Iisalmi 14 Beliebig Visit the most meaningful portals in this North Savonian town, well known for its beer culture and connections to several historic figures.
13 Raatteen Portti 6 Beliebig Visit the museum of the winter war of 1939-40, and the monument dedicated to the fallen on both sides.
14 Traveller's Suomussalmi 7 Beliebig Visit this geographically large municipality in Kainuu, known best for its wartime efforts in WWII, archaeological findings dating back to the stone age and for a varied, beautiful nature scenery.
15 Traveller's Lapinlahti 16 Beliebig Visit some sights and portals in this famous North Savonian town, known for its history in art and outdoor activities.
16 Kajaani riverside: Ponttoonipolku 6 Beliebig Walk along the river of Kajaani, and pass by the pedestrian bridge from the city pond to the cemetery.
17 Koli - Mäkrävaaran Kierros 6 Beliebig Visit the hiking path behind Ukko-Koli, with many different vegetations and sights. Due to the elevation the hike can be quite demanding. Also be prepared to handle low phone reception.
18 Koli - Uuron Kierros 7 Beliebig Walk on the eastern hiking path in Koli National Park, next to Ukko-Koli. Uuro by definition means a steep canyon.
19 Traveller's Kajaani 9 Beliebig Visiting Kajaani, here are some historical sights and figures that we are proud of.
20 Traveller's Vuolijoki 6 Beliebig Visit this small town in Kainuu, known nowadays mostly for agriculture and mining. The name might stem from the northern saame language meaning 'downriver'.
21 Traveller's Vieremä 6 Beliebig Visit some portals in this small town in North Savonia.
22 Memories of War in Kajaani 9 Der Reihe nach With plenty of memorials, Kajaani has been through many wars. Visit these portals to find out their significance, and use them for the benefit of your faction.
23 Kukkosensaari Trekker 12 Beliebig Grab your durable hiking shoes or boots and enjoy the scenery, mushrooms or even grill some sausage while collecting large amounts of XM and AP.
Rowerem do Tyńca
   12-06-2019 1:00
Did the banner on a weekday in the evening. I have to say this, along with Devin Castle in Bratislava, were my favourite biking experiences.

The route was nigh genious, I never had to stop and look for directions, only keep an eye on your scanner.

Don't worry about the passphrases, they are in polish but if you translate the first one you will understand them.

The only time-specific thing might be the monastery, but I arrived there fairly late (~20) in the evening and no passages were blocked - there were even other tourists still around with a monk. If you don't do an all-nighter you should be fine.

Kuopion Keskusta
   09-11-2018 7:34
Works fine

Puijo Sarvi ja Laakso
   18-03-2018 22:03
Authors notes:

I did this banner in winter as a test, on foot while dogressing. I had snowshoes which I used when necessary, and walked a reasonable pace, deploying and linking normally and sometimes taking care of the dogs needs. All in all according to my calculations distance walked was 26,51 km and it took 7h 15min. So technically it's possible to do this in one day, even though that would be quite strenuous. Maybe not for the busy tourist (:

Easier at times in the summer though, when some parts of the "smart" route won't be blocked by ski paths. These are not meant for walking in Finland, and doing so will anger a lot of people. So in the winter you have to look for hiking paths, or just bring along your own skis to bypass this problem (:

Biking will make some parts a lot faster, but at times you would have to carry your bike since the hiking paths are quite rugged. Feel free to try though, I have been through these hills on bike as well.

All of the passphrases are simple trivia questions, with answers readily available on the internet or even the surrounding portal area. All answers start with a capital letter, unless they are simply numbers. Don't loose your cool on these, they were necessary to trim the banner route so it wouldn't get any longer than it already is.

There are a couple of hospital area portals near the route during parts 17-18 which were intentionally left out because they didn't quite fit in, and some players might feel bothered to go through there. They have full pedestrian access, so it won't be a problem if you feel like visiting also those (: