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# Name Portale Aktion
1 A Riedel Wrapped In A Mystery 11 Beliebig Explore the Riverfront Park and Riedel Mansion, be sure to stop at the Mississippi Overlook and enjoy the majestic river
2 Putt Some Fun In Your Day 6 Beliebig Don't get goofy, get Goony! Enjoy hacking and putting your way through the Goony Golf courses, but don't forget your Multi-Hacks, with three different courses, you'll probably be here a while!
3 Unity Tranquility 6 Beliebig Walk the Unity garden of hope and enjoy the artwork around the hospital. Please be respectful of the patients and families
4 Lions, Crappies, and Birds, Oh My! 10 Beliebig Explore Lakeside Lions Park and Spring Lake in Spring Lake Park, MN (Coincidence, I think not!). Hack your way around the park and don't forget to pet the Lion
5 Don't Forget Fido 10 Beliebig Springbrook won't let you bring Fido, so just kick it down the road to enjoy Locke Park and the Anoka County dog park. Just bring a bottle of water, bowls, sticks and furry friends provided!
6 Salvation at St Timothy 8 Beliebig Let the struggle end and build your way towards brighter days
7 Cenaiko Lake 14 Beliebig Explore the beautiful shores of the mighty Mississippi, cast a line into the Cenaiko Lake or rent out a pavilion to enjoy the beautiful scenery and good times with friends and family
8 Here's The Church, Here's the Steeple 18 Beliebig Open the doors, and here's Northwestern University. Show up on Sunday for free coffee, just make sure you pay your tithes in mods
9 Springbrook Nature Center 8 Beliebig Explore the Springbrook Nature Center, follow the trails, visit the interpretive center or find tranquility in the meditation garden. Sadly, no pets allowed, so leave Fido at home :(
10 Wild River State Park 12 Beliebig Explore Wild River State Park in Center City, MN. Learn from the "A Vanished Forest" and explore the Amador Prairie and Nevers Dam
11 Conde Loop 15 Der Reihe nach Build the Conde loop and hack away, remember your bread crumbs and the geese will be your friends!
12 Grafton, NH 10 Beliebig Explore the township of Grafton, NH
13 St Anthony Village 7 Beliebig Explore the St Anthony Village, wander through the shops, enjoy the artwork but most of all, don't leave without a tinfoil wrapped piece of heaven from Chipotle!
14 Forge down Riverdale 7 Beliebig Paddle hard and paddle fast, but whatever you do, don't fall out of the raft as you fight your way down the bustling main street of the Riverdale mall
15 Canaan, NH 7 Beliebig Explore the village of Canaan, NH
16 Fridley Classic 8 Beliebig Farm likes it 2012 all over again, build one of the original farms and enjoy playing like The Founders
17 Norwood Young America, MN 7 Beliebig Originally two separate towns of Norwood and Young America, the two merged as one in 1997. Norwood is the home to Stiftungsfest, Minnesota's oldest festival dating back to 1861
18 Oak Leaf Park 11 Beliebig Glencoe’s flagship park is Oak Leaf Park, where you will find thirty-eight acres of fun for any age or season!
19 St Peter Historic District 9 Beliebig Venture down the St Peter, MN historic district and enjoy the beauties from a time before ours
20 Iron Town, USA 6 Beliebig Home of the Michigan Iron Industry Museum, it doesn't matter if you're trying to off load an old stove or brush up on the past of the Iron Range, don't miss Negaunee, MI
21 Welcome to North Minneapolis 6 Beliebig Adventure along the artistic and iconic street of West Broadway Ave in North Minneapolis, please stay safe
22 Big Ernie 6 Beliebig Don't forget about us over here yonder in West Ishpeming, MI, we see your "Old Ish" and raise you the "Big Ernie", just be careful, she's got a hair trigger!
23 Ishpeming, MI 7 Beliebig Considered the home of organized skiing in the US and guarded over by "Old Ish" since 1884, just watch out for the moose!
24 Man-Oh-Man 8 Beliebig Explore Manomin Park, visit the island, feed the geese and enjoy the historic Banfill-Locke Center
25 Big Fork, MN 7 Beliebig Explore the small town of Big Fork, MN which homes many beautiful wooden statues including one of Chief Busticogan, a highly photographed Native American chief
26 Piermont, NH 6 Beliebig Venture through the Upper Valley and explore the small town of Piermont, NH. Don't forget to stop and check out the Four Corners' ice cream shop
27 Plato, MN 10 Beliebig Explore the small town of Plato, MN, stop for a bite at the King Pin Pub and maybe even stumble upon one of their local famous Burgers in the Park nights
28 Glencoe, MN 8 Beliebig Explore Glencoe, the home of the annual Fire Department fundraiser "Heat in the Street" concert and subject of the 1985 film "God's Country"
29 Spring Lake Park, MN 11 Beliebig Explore the city of Spring Lake Park, MN
30 Sibley State Park 8 Beliebig Hike through Sibley State Park in New London, MN. Visit the Interpretive Center and enjoy the view from Mount Tom's observation tower
31 Conquer Spring Lake Park 55 Beliebig Explore the city and capture all that would stand in your way!
32 Church of the Epiphany 19 Beliebig Explore the beautiful grounds of the Church of the Epiphany in Coon Rapids, MN
33 Capture the North...town 6 Beliebig Watch out for the skaters in the food court
34 Hamburg, MN 6 Beliebig Explore the small town of Hamburg, MN and yes it does come with a side of fries
35 Banning State Park 7 Beliebig Explore the Banning State Park in Sandstone, MN
36 Minnesota Square Park 6 Beliebig Explore Minnesota Square Park in St Peter, MN, home to many bandstands, community events and veteran's memorial project ongoing since 2013
37 Almelund, MN 8 Beliebig Explore Almelund, MN, home of the Amador Heritage Center Museum and host to the annual Amador Apple Festival
38 Lester Prairie, MN 8 Beliebig Explore the small town of Lester Prairie, standing in the heart of Minnesota since 1888
39 Hibbing, MN 15 Beliebig Home of the Hull–Rust–Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine, the largest open pit mine in the world and the legendary Bob Dylan