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Stonecutters Bridge Mission
   19-11-2018 15:22
Loop the park 4 times in nearly the exact same path. Be sure to only hack what you're told to since everything needs to be hacked 4 times. I walked at a decent pace and got this done under an hour, it is really quick to do and looks great. The park is nice enough, and there's some nice views along the water. Maybe only slight bad thing about this mission is that it's about a 20 minute walk from the MTR.

Good banner, pretty good walk though some decent hills and stairs for some of it. Generally no issues, a few at the end are pretty spread out and you go all the way down a long street and back, works all right though. Last one ends at Kennedy town station, but a bit annoyingly has portals in each direction from the entrance.

HK Resistance
   15-11-2018 14:27
A bit strange, feels like the HK should be the first one and the ingress logo isn't really part of it the way it's routed, but a nice easy quick walk around the park anyways.

Nice banner, no real issues except maybe needing to cross roads some times with nowhere immediately possible to do so.

Tramgress Hong Kong
   14-11-2018 10:44
Cool mission. Where I'm from Trams usually called streetcars so I started this one a bit wrong. Make sure you take the right tram at the start or else it will not turn when you need to. Need to transfer from happy town to k town trains somewhere along the way. Last one was longer than needed really, but brings you back to MTR. I only had to get off once for drift.

Nathan Road
   13-11-2018 18:26
Previous review is spot on, cool picture and goes through some interesting areas (slowly and in a roundabout way usually) but the design is just mad. I don't know if it's just old and there wasn't a lot of portals back then or what, but very frustrating to walk back and forth, dead ends, huge spacing, skipping over clusters of portals, having to cross busy roads way too many times, usually nowhere convenient to do so, it's not in order so it's easy to go down the wrong dead end way first and end up having to go way back to the start of the mission. Definitely need to watch a map of the missions to not make mistakes. I had some minor issues with data speeds and took a few stops to get drinks and stuff, but this took me something like 5.5 hours to do on foot and I was pretty dead by the end.

Fireworks Mission
   13-11-2018 10:20
It's all outside the admission area. Walk up and down the park area twice, hack everything 4 times total so watch up. Quick enough but not super interesting or anything, wouldn't really suggest unless you were there anyways and had time.

In November 2018 the pier was closed and you need 3 portals on it, there were guys fishing there and just a small barrier to get over, but keep in mind.

A Symphony of Lights
   13-11-2018 0:36
Pretty good banner that takes you around a lot of good spots in Kowloon. It's needlessly long for what it is and the routing isn't always super good, but good way to casually explore the area.

Macau Skyline
   11-11-2018 16:26
Good short banner

印象澳門 - 大三巴牌坊
   11-11-2018 11:47
Starts out in a little bit spread out area but gets better. Overall good banner, nice picture. You end up at the thing the picture is of. When I did it they were setting up for Macau GP so the streets were blocked off in a lot of places and it was a pain, I think though most of the routing was very good normally.

Pretty good banner for the most part. I kept accidentally hacking when I was supposed to passphrase which added time. For the most part routes were pretty good, but a few strange ones where you have to walk way around to a dead end side street or back where you came from etc. Generally took you through some cool areas, when I played there were tons of L8 portals so it was good for farming too (but not always so much for captures). Walking probably the only way to do a lot of this one.

Passphrases all ask (in English) what number mission you are on, so super easy.

夢幻澳門 - Fantasy Macau
   10-11-2018 17:16
Tried doing the first one, the passphrase seemed challenging without knowing the language. Aborted and tried the second one while asking for some help. Seemed like it used portals that were very tough to get to, one I went into a casino and connected to their wifi, but the other one didn't figure out and just gave up on it. The banner looks amazing so I am sad, but thinking this would have been painful to complete.

   09-11-2018 11:11
This one was painful for me to do, even by scooter. Nearly every mission has a capture and a deploy mod and it went through heavy green territory so I burned a ton of gear and time, took 5.5 hours without much of a break, but I glyphed many of the portals (because I needed gear). The pictures nice but I wouldn't really suggest it unless you know the areas been pretty well cleared. The passphrase answer is the artist of the painting, struggled as a foreigner to figure out the question or the answer, but a local gave it to me: 吉田初三郎

   07-11-2018 11:42
Pretty good banner, nice picture. Did it on a scooter plus walked one park, there is u bikes on one corner of that big park which would speed those couple missions up a bit. Pretty long if you were to bike the whole thing. At least one mission (22 I think) had a portal relocated quite a ways away so it's a trek there and then back for the last few. Seems like it's meant to be driven, but still uses portals on the wrong side of the road and stuff so you're forced to get out and cross road or make u turns sometimes. Goes by a couple of really nice parks, I imagine in cherry blossom season it is lovely.

Passphrase answers are mostly in the portal titles or are the street name that you're on. Answers hopefully in order and complete below:




















   06-11-2018 9:10
Good banner

   06-11-2018 8:19
Good banner, a couple long stretches between airport and the parks, bicycle probably the best way but like not too bad to walk. The airport where it starts has limited hours I think 5-23:00 and you will need to go inside, but all accessible from before security.

   06-11-2018 1:51
Picture is amazing, the banner is a grind for sure. You will almost definitely want a bike for this one, there is some pretty long stretches, I think 29 to 30 was the worst if you were walking definitely suggest to get an Uber or something between those. Passphrases answers almost all 'A'.

   03-11-2018 1:24
Overall pretty good, some back and forth for sure. Loved the passphrases.

花蓮 - Hualien
   02-11-2018 5:41
Quick banner to get the city name on your profile. Well laid out to drive or bike, walking wouldn't be bad either. If you drive park on the side of the park and walk the last few missions completely, you end up back where you start.

   01-11-2018 10:42
Nice picture of a pretty little scenic area that you go through to get it. Starts in a sort of museum park type area, not sure if you can get in after hours and there was a small fee to enter and to park. There was a pretty good set of stairs to go up here. One portal seemed in the middle of the woods down a steep slope totally inaccessible, but turns out about half way down the big stairs there is a path going to the right that will take you to it. After that area it goes back and forth across all the portals along the lake, about half of them are mostly reachable from the road the other half very walk-able (or bike-able). Routing isn't too bad and it makes decent use for the most part of the number of portals there to make the banner.

Passphrases at one end of the walking section so that you can reuse the portals, they are completely in Chinese and I think quite simple if you know the language because they're all based on the portal names. I figured a few out using translate and some guessing and then got some help, answers below:



   31-10-2018 10:43
Really lovely banner, quite a nice place to walk around. There aren't a ton of portals in the area so I think it makes fairly good use of what's there. Lots of walking back and forth and reusing portals through cap/hack/passphrase. Try to follow instructions carefully so you don't hack before you are supposed, still will need some heat sinks to not wait at least at one point. The last 3 of #11 are a ways off and when I did it (2018) the obvious routes to get there had broken roped off pavement or a locked sketchy looking tunnel or a busy off ramp. There is a way through the town a bit and up some stairs but it wasn't on the map and might be a bit tougher to find. I did it on foot not going terribly fast and stumbling around 11 quite a bit in just under 2 hours I believe.

Passphrases were all either multiple choice or something akin to 'Enter this Chinese character number in Arabic numerals. Answers in order below, hopefully didn't miss any:

1 2 7 6 2 1 3 5 3 2 1 3

   30-10-2018 13:13
This banner goes through the stunning Toroko Gorge, an absolute must visit place. The banner itself is pretty good for the most part. I did it with a scooter stopping at the various points along the way and getting off to do the missions. Number 18 makes you re-climb a giant set of stairs up by a temple, the first time was cool the second time not so much, so be prepared for that.

Number 20 when I did it had two very poorly placed portals that were not accessible from the walk-way where they actually were. Instead they were in the gorge itself and not sure if you're allowed in there on a tour or something, but it seemed closed off when I was there. My suggestion if they haven't moved would be to skip the last row of this one.

The two passphrases for #18 are both multiple choice so easy even without the language.

   30-10-2018 2:07
Did first 4/5 rows. Used a scooter/walking primarily but rented a bike ($100 TWD) in the forest park to get the last 5 as it's quite large. Banner is decent but very spread out, takes you to some of the things to see in Taitung. Would not want to do it without a vehicle I think, biking would take a long time.

Good news for those that can't speak or read Chinese, no passphrases! Which is basically why I choose this one over some of the others in the area.

   27-10-2018 15:45
Did the first 12, almost definitely need a vehicle.

蓮潭水色 Kaohsiung City
   26-10-2018 17:29
OrangeRice gave the link with the answers. I will post them below also. Lovely place to visit even if it's a bit touristy and a little over the top. The banner is fairly well designed as long as you can cap things there fairly easy as it reuses a lot of portals. Lucky for me everything was single capped blue when I went and I had all the answers, so a quick easy bike ride around the lake got it done. Love the banner pic for this one.

A:Illuminator 【第一個i要大寫

   26-10-2018 17:20
First of all, lovely looking banner. Did it on a motor scooter, likely would have to be that or a bike. It pretty much all goes down this one big road, but a few places the last one ends after the start of the last one so you have to go back and also quite a few places you have to cross the road which is a major pain. It feels like it was designed for you to just go down this one street on the right side, but it didn't work very well. It was fine, but not super fun to do.

It goes by the metro station with the colorful lighted roof and pillars, so stop in there if you haven't seen it. Also goes by some nice looking places near the river and ends at a very cool looking bridge.

The passphrases were lovely, all multiple choice. Answers C - A - B - D.

Wei Wu Ying Metropolitan Park
   26-10-2018 17:14
I did the top 3 rows because there was construction in the park and I was worried about 3-5. Did this mission on bike which is the best way, rent one if you can the city has bikeshare type bikes nearby that can be taken with a credit card. Would have been a really nice banner, but a bunch of the last row of mission were all captures in heavy green territory so it took way too long and burned a ton of gear, if it were all hacks bet this could be done in an hour on a bike.

   26-10-2018 17:10
Started this without refreshing it, turned out 3-5 were unavailable. I did 1-2-6-25-26-29, then in order, 2 black missions from other banners, 27-28-30, another black one from another banner. It was not fun at all lol. For the big park I highly suggest renting a bike, the city has some available that are easy to take with a credit card just search Kaohsiung bikes. One of the passphrases was 五甲廟, the other one I think I got with google translate + searching online.

高雄師範大學 和平校區
   26-10-2018 16:10
Did the first and the last, the passphrase answers are:
1: 誠敬宏遠
12.1: 13
12.2: 1

Starts off pretty well and then makes some questionable use of portals and routing in order to get you very far away to the thing that the picture is of. I did it walking most of the first 32 then with a motor scooter the rest of the way, still took quite a long time. The picture is nice and you get to see a lot of pretty interesting places along the way, but probably could be better. Note you go by a university a couple times with a fair number of portals but the missions don't actually go in there, so I'd take a short detour if you are looking for uniques. A pain for me on the last few was that the scooter parking was quite far through a park from the last bunch of portals, you could rent a bike there and that is probably advisable otherwise decently long walk for 1 or 2 missions. I think there was closer car parking.

Taipei 101 超級月亮
   24-10-2018 5:01
Really good banner for the most part. A couple missions maybe where there's portals used across busy roads that you have to cross back and forth, otherwise good routing. I did most of it on a bike which is probably the best way. I think it probably could be done in 3-4 hours, driving definitely won't be good as it's a lot of parks and walkways and stuff. The big park where bikes aren't allowed, I walked mine through and the security guards didn't complain.

As mentioned most of the passphrase answers are the mission number, a couple were the last mission number.

For whatever reason it's done in groups of 12, but the next mission nearly always starts at the same portal as the last one and I had no issues getting them done in the correct order. Watch out because the Taipei No. 1 banner does a very similar route so don't accidentally do one of those missions.

#MP Summer Fun Taichung - Taiwan
   23-10-2018 4:52
Really good banner for the most part. Takes about an hour I think. The part around the medical college seemed a bit strangely laid out but not too bad, not 100% sure if it's accessible after hours.

   22-10-2018 16:11
I did it on a motor scooter walking where needed. Took me maybe 6 hours not including breaks and some touring about. When I did it the 25th mission had all of its portals removed so was not doable, so I skipped that entire row and the banner still looks good. You will need heatsinks and viruses on this, because there's repeated portals and plenty of deploy mods. Even though it was long it wouldnt have been too bad but the routing is just awful I. Some points and you will have to cross the one town dozens of times in seemingly random order.

The 3 passphrases weren't bad, I figured them out with Google translate and some googling, but I'll give the answers below:




台中公園 - Taichung Park
   21-10-2018 6:09
Very nice banner in a lovely park.

Milky Way
   20-10-2018 0:04
It was all right, took a long time and definitely had some backtracking and not amazing routing at points.

VanRE Cassandra Prime
   19-10-2018 23:59
I believe the issue with the one portal you coulnd't get to got fixed, otherwise this was a great banner.

Note, a couple missions seemed to go through a pretty sketchy area so I wouldn't super suggest doing this a lone in the dark late at night, you've been warned.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Vancouver CA
   19-10-2018 23:58
It doesn't look like much but it's fast and well made.

MB Legislature Mosaic
   19-10-2018 23:57
Didn't super much care for it, seemed a lot longer than it needed to be.

   19-10-2018 23:53
The first loop was pretty good, a couple weird routing things but good overall. Then for no explicable reason that I can see the second loop only uses like every 10th portal or so which means you have to do an entire extra loop of the park when it could have easily been a quarter of that. Also be ware lots of using capture/upgrades at the start of the next mission to double up on portals. If you're allowed to bike in this park it would be pretty fast if it wasn't too crazy busy there.

Whether you do this banner or a different one here or non, would highly suggest visiting this area anyways, the buildings and gates are unreal.

Pride Winnipeg Route Mini Banner
   19-10-2018 23:49
Nice 6 mission banner

North Vancouver Art
   19-10-2018 23:48
Very nice banner, explore some of North Van.

   19-10-2018 23:41
It was probably ill advised of me to attempt this banner since the passphrases were all in Chinese and I don't know any, but got it done with some help and trickery. Routing wasn't great and you have to do a big walk to get 3 or 4 portals at one point. I did not do the 18th as it started with a passphrase and had 20 hidden portals, which I was afraid would be 20 more passphrases and I was getting help with all of them. Instead I did this one which is a duplicate of 17, and I think it looks not bad:


The passphrase answers in order and not missing any hopefully:







   19-10-2018 23:28
Really good banner

   19-10-2018 23:28
Pretty much needs to be driven and you'll need to put some sort of hacking mods on at some point to get extra hacks out of portals. It's a small town banner that looks nice and there's not many portals to choose from so it is what it is, the creator did a decent job with what he had but this mission is still quite a grind of doing the same lap around outlook a dozen times or so, and a few of the portals you sort of have to park and out a few meters to get.

Rider Nation
   19-10-2018 23:20
Really bad, wouldn't suggest at all unless you have loads of time in Regina or absolutely love the Riders. Only thing it is good for is getting remote uniques in remote residential areas. This banner clearly designed to be driven with how far you have to go for no reason, but yet then suddenly there will be one portal in the middle of a park again for no reason. I think it took me over 4 hours in a car. Biking would be doable but not fun at all.

When I did it the mission ended at the old stadium which was under construction and I had to use drift magic to get to the portal, likely this will either be accessible now or removed.

Fun With Flags - Saskatoon
   19-10-2018 23:17
Not bad, the routing and stuff a few places wasn't amazing. I remember the passphrases being pretty annoying to guess the correct answer.

Via Lux RES Toronto
   19-10-2018 23:16
Lovely banner, don't recall the passphrases but don't think they were too bad.

Anime Styled Banner
   19-10-2018 23:14
Wouldn't really suggest at all, routing isn't good at all, have to cross the street a whole bunch of times to get like one portal down an alley and come back.

Explore Bloor Street West
   19-10-2018 23:13
Good one to do on bike, pretty much all along one street. Be prepared for some pretty good hills near the end if you do.

Land of the Living Skies
   19-10-2018 23:11
Great Banner

River Exploration
   19-10-2018 23:10
Fun banner to do on a bike and see a lot of the river area. There were a few missions unfortunately that there was quite a large gap between so you had to move to near the start of the next one to find it.

The Legends Lightning
   19-10-2018 23:08
You do the same loop 4 times, it took me about an 1 hour 15 minutes to do.

City Of Roses
   19-10-2018 23:06
Awesome banner, can't remember the passphrases

Welcome 2 PDX Banner
   19-10-2018 23:04
You repeat some stuff but super fast for a cool banner this large.

Portland Reawakens
   19-10-2018 23:03
Did it on bike and it was all right, but took a long time and wasn't super fun. Was definitely designed to be done in a car.

   16-10-2018 22:49
The one passphrase question is A/B.