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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Five Points 6 Beliebig Drive through Barrie's infamous intersection, five points. What better way to learn all the wonky rules regarding this marvel of civil engineering than to drive through it several times?
2 Visit Shelburne 9 Beliebig Visit the small town of Shelburne, found at the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 89. Shelburne is best known for the Annual Canadian Championship Fiddling Contest, held locally each August.
3 Walk along Fletcher Crescent 13 Beliebig Walk along Fletcher Crescent, Alliston. Check out the parks, or maybe stop by the Museum on the Boyne while you're there.
4 Visit Thornton 8 Der Reihe nach Visit the small hamlet of Thornton! Whether you're driving through on the way to cottage country, or you're walking the Trans Canada Trail, stop and see what Thornton has to offer.
5 Visit Angus 12 Der Reihe nach Visit the small town of Angus! Located next to CFB Borden, this small town has plenty to offer. Try out some of the local food while you're here!
6 Barrie Fair 2016 6 Beliebig Visit the 163rd Annual Barrie Fair. The first Barrie fair was held in 1853, and has continued every year since then. Visit the nearby town of Thornton too!
7 Cruise Down Bayfield Street 9 Der Reihe nach Take a nice drive (or a long walk) down Bayfield Street, one of Barrie's busiest roads. Start off in Midhurst, pass by all three of Barrie's malls, and end in the downtown core. Plenty to do and see!
8 Post Offices in Barrie 8 Beliebig Capture all the Canada Post locations in Barrie!
9 Capture West Cundles 11 Beliebig Capture or upgrade the area in and around the west side of Cundles, Barrie's northern community.
10 Simcoe County Museum 7 Beliebig Visit the Simcoe County Museum, open year round, and learn about the history of Simcoe County. With 5 indoor galleries and 16 outside Heritage and Display Buildings, there is plenty to see and do!
11 Walk Parry Sound's Waterfront 14 Beliebig Walk around Parry Sound's Waterfront, maybe you'll catch the Island Queen going by!
12 South Shore Park & Allandale Station Park 18 Beliebig Visit South Shore Park and Allandale Station Park, two of several parks in Barrie along the waterfront. Home to the South Shore Community Centre, and the Wildflower Trail.
13 My Ankles! 7 Der Reihe nach Come break your ankles on this journey along the Waterfront, using benches as your guide (and for a quick rest).
14 Walk around Queens Park 6 Beliebig Take a walk around Queens park, home to both the historic Barrie Armoury and one of Barrie's largest skate parks (as well as a baseball diamond and tennis court).
15 Innisfil Beach Park 6 Beliebig Located within the community of Alcona, Innisfil Beach Park provides public access to Lake Simcoe for swimming, boating, and fishing.
16 Visit Downtown Collingwood 19 Beliebig Visit the historic town of Collingwood, conveniently located between the ski hills of the Niagara Escarpment and the sandy shores of Georgian Bay. Collingwood is a great place to visit year-round!
17 Explore Downtown Barrie 19 Der Reihe nach Walk around downtown Barrie using portals to navigate. See what downtown has to offer!
18 Take a walk through Heritage Park 6 Beliebig Visit Barrie's Heritage Park, a popular spot for graduations, weddings, and other local events.
19 County Road 27 8 Beliebig Formerly known as Highway 27 before ownership was split up between municipalities. Drive down the Simcoe County portion, between Barrie and Schomberg.
20 Georgian Mall Barrie 7 Beliebig Originally opened in 1973, and with major renovations in 2004, Georgian Mall continues to be a major shopping destination for both Barrie locals and tourists passing through.
21 GO to Barrie 8 Beliebig Take the GO train to Allandale station in Barrie and do some local hacking along the waterfront.
22 Visit Orillia 31 Beliebig Visit the city of Orillia, Ontario's all-natural outdoor playground. Depending on the time of year, stop by for the Winter Carnival, or the Summer Waterfront Festival. There's always something to see!
23 Stroll through Centennial Park and Beach 13 Beliebig Visit Barrie's Centennial Park and Beach, a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Whether you plan on attending Kempenfest, or you're just here for the playground, it's fun for everyone!
24 Cruise Sunnidale 6 Beliebig Drive (or walk) along Sunnidale Road in Barrie. Stop in at Sunnidale park for a nice afternoon walk on your way through!
25 Thornton Vault Dwellers 8 Beliebig General! Another settlement needs your help! Capture or upgrade Thornton as you make your way through the wasteland.
26 Cruise Cundles 6 Beliebig Drive (or walk) along Cundles Road, Barrie. Stop and visit either the Kozlov or Bayfield mall on your way by!
27 Barrie Frog Walk 11 Beliebig Begin at the local amphibians favorite meetup spot, and follow in their frog steps around this south Barrie neighborhood while hacking portals along the way. Start on a Thursday evening for extra fun!
28 Visit Downtown Parry Sound 16 Beliebig Visit Downtown Parry Sound, one of the most popular places to visit in Cottage Country.
29 Explore Downtown Alliston 9 Der Reihe nach Visit Downtown Alliston! Take a walk down the main street, and maybe visit some of the unique shops and restaurants Alliston has to offer.
30 The Museum on Tower Hill 6 Beliebig Visit West Parry Sound District Museum. Learn about shipwrecks, the logging trade, the early days of northern life, and much more. Check out the lookout tower too!
31 Visit Cookstown 11 Der Reihe nach Visit the small town of Cookstown, also known as the antique capital of Southern Ontario!
32 YYZ Terminal 1 Arrivals/Departures 7 Beliebig Whether you're waiting to pick someone up, or about to jump in line to check in for your flight, enjoy this quick mission around the departures/arrivals loop.
33 Visit Minesing 8 Beliebig Visit the small community of Minesing, birthplace of Hockey Hall of Famer Frank Foyston. Found along Highway 26, Minesing is perhaps better known for the nearby Minesing Wetlands.
34 Visit Innisfil 10 Beliebig Visit the town of Innisfil, just south of Barrie. While historically a rural area, Innisfil has recently seen a surge in residential development.
35 Explore Dunlop Street 6 Beliebig Walk or drive along Dunlop Street, one of Barrie's busiest roads. Crossing through downtown, there are plenty of independent businesses and sights to see that are unique to Barrie.