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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Hochburg 18 Der Reihe nach Entdecke die Ruine der Hochburg bei Emmendingen. Los geht's bei der Domäne Hochburg.
   14-03-2019 22:39
Being sequenced, this banner is really easy and simple. Only in some areas you might need some patience or hs in case you anticipated the wrong direction and hacked left or right.
The path is crossing streets very often, so for wheelchair it might be troublesome.
Timing is fair, I stayed below despite some neutralizing and capturing and did not run at all.
Nice banner and nice area even more. Lot of bars and pubs along the way inviting for a snack or drink.

   01-03-2019 3:21
Nice walk through Bologna center. Only there are so many portals left and right, that my time was far off: 3.5 h non stop.
Duplicates are one hack and one passphrase, so unless you mess with the sequence no need for hs.
There is a lot of cobblestone and steps, so quite some barriers.

   09-01-2019 17:16
I have to admit that I write this comment without having completed the mission. So I cannon really judge path and how doable it is for disabled persons. Yet, I can judge that it is not 24/7. Maybe due to my poor Chinese, but already the first part is on the ground of the polytechnics Highschool, which is closed at night time. So, please seek information upfront whether you still can enter the grounds or not. I started at 22:39 and every gate was closed.

Walking Into The Rainbow
   11-12-2018 14:15
1hour seems to be a fair timing. With the setup I. Prime I found it annoying to hit the waypoints, especially the ones with several waypoints underneath one mark.
I do not have any issue with the security staff at the city hall, but in the beginning couldn‘t reach waypoint far inside the building.
The access to the last set of waypoints/portal might be difficult for disabled agents, yet I did not check wether there are different ways to access.

Houston is Inspired
   11-12-2018 14:10
Nice mosaic, and the indicated time is fair if you walk through with hack, only. It took me some more time as I also went to the portals left and right of the banner sequence. As usual, the „complete in any order“ creates some additional distances, but not a big deviation.

Portaling Palafox
   08-12-2018 12:37
Nice banner, only I am not good at doing the banner only. Especially from the end of one mission to the start of the next I spent a lot of time on the portals on the way. I clearly needed much more time than the indicated 2:17, rather 3:40. overall I prefer missions with a defined sequence-more a convenience thing. Nice thing: Along Palafox you‘ll find a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants, so no worry about supplies or stops. In this Season there is very nice Christmas decoration all over Palafox, so nice to spend some time without daylight.

Schöne Runde durchs Städtchen. Bei Hack-only kommt man auch schneller durch. Es gibt jedoch noch viele Möglichkeiten, nebenher zu hacken oder zu Feldern.

   11-09-2018 2:11
Dem Kommentar von Hoppelhasi folgend habe ich kurz zu Beginn jeder Mission auf die Karte hier im Tool geschaut um den vorgesehenen Laufweg zu finden. Damit ging es super. Mit dem Tretroller und viel captures und Feldern hab ich knapp 6 Stunden gebraucht.

Drenkelingenhuisje banner
   30-05-2018 22:16
Nice banner of an impressive institution from Terschellings past. The guidance is nicely done and takes you to typical and must-der places around the island, only missing the far east.
24/7 is not possible due to one single portal in Formerum. You need to access the wrackenmuseum, which is subject of opening hours.
With kids joining we did it by feet and the longer distances by car. In the end with a lot of breaks it took us not as long as by feet alone, but much longer than by bike

   28-05-2018 23:19
Did this today. Unfortunately the banner as in this tools is in reverse order, so we went the way to obtain the word Terschelling in your scanner profile. This means significant additional distance and time. Nevertheless was a very nice day in West-Terschelling.
It certainly will because struggle for disabled persons ( lot of cobblestone and single steps and also some passages with soft sand ).

West Terschelling Sunset Banner
   28-05-2018 23:15
We tried to do this mission banner today, but at the starting point acc this site, der is no mission. Obviously this Mosaik was taken down, but is not updated in this database.

Sélestat Centre Alsace mission
   15-04-2018 9:56
Covers most, but not all portals along the way, so you can collect some more unqiues if you move attentively.
Selestat is a nice small town to walk through and maybe to enjoy some coffee, wine or Flammkuchen in between.

Isenburger Schloss Offenbach
   10-04-2018 0:44
Schöne Runde durch das Zentrum von Offenbach, mit dem Fahrrad in ca 2 Stunden zu machen.
Per Definition Barrierefrei, aber manche Gehwege sind schon recht schmal und es geht häufig mal ne Kante runter oder hoch.

Froschkönigmission Mosaik Detmold
   06-04-2018 23:10
Schöne Runde durch eine schöne Innenstadt. Die Wegführung ist meistens gut, und man kann hier und da noch ein zusätzliches Portal mitnehmen.
An fast allen Portalen heißt es einnehmen oder upgraden. Der zeitliche Aufwand kann also stark variieren je nachdem wie und von wem die Portale besetzt sind. Unter Umständen geht die Erfüllung der Aufgabe auch nur per Virus und zurückholen

Place de la réunion
   31-03-2018 20:57
Nice walk through the center of Mulhouse. Quickly done in case of hack only.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg
   30-03-2018 22:14
We did it in quite exactly 7 hours, incl several coffee breaks and a lot of captures, yet we used air tyred kick boards for the few passages longer than like 80 m.
Good path, yet not really barrier free (cobblestone, some stairs).

Rothenburg snowball hunting
   12-03-2018 22:50
Schöne Runde durchs Städtchen. Wer nur hackt kommt unter 2 Stunden leicht rum. Ich hab aber ein paar heatsinks verbraten, weil ich das letzte Portal jeweils erst gehackt habe. Die sind aber immer Startportal für die folgende Mission.
Viel Kopfsteinpflaster und ein paar Treppen.

Aachen Cathedral
   08-02-2018 8:24
Schöne Runde durch die Stadt, aufgelockert durch ein paar Fragen, die aber leicht zu machen sind. Die Antworten finden sich alle im Spiel.
Wer sich die 5 Stunden Zeit nimmt, kann sich auch ne Pause gönnen, oder zusätzlich zum hacken noch etwas bauen. Es geht auch am Stück in unter 4 Stunden.

Virtual Laval
   24-01-2018 19:44
Not yet done. However I find important to mention, that mission 6 has some portals with limited accessibility as they are in a parc that closes over night (just as LavalCityTour).

LAVAL City Tour
   24-01-2018 19:41
Very nice composition along Laval.

Sonnenuntergang in Kempen
   28-12-2017 23:44
Gut angelegte Runde in einem schönen Städtchen. Keine entlegenen Portale, die doppelten schön verteilt, so dass Cooldown kein Thema ist. Im Sommer mit etwas mehr Zeit zum durchbesetzten und bauen bringt die Runde auch noch jede Menge AP. So machen Mosaike Spaß.