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# Name Portale Aktion
1 De cultuurmijl 13 Der Reihe nach Discover Enschede, cultural city of Overijssel. Enschede has all the ingredients for an inspiring, cultural citytrip. The Cultuurmijl connects the city center with Roombeek.
2 Siege of Grol 11 Beliebig The Siege of Grol in 1627 was a battle between the Army of the Dutch Republic commanded by Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and the Spanish controlled fortified city of Grol (now known as Groenlo).
3 Banksy - No Future 6/12 - alternative 7 Der Reihe nach Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist and political activist. Banksy's artwork features striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. Visit Mechelen to gain one of his pieces.
4 University of Twente 15 Beliebig 3,300 scientists and other professionals working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real-world relevance and inspiring education for more than 9,000 students. But there is more...
5 Banksy - Keep your coins 18 / 18 - Alternative 6 Der Reihe nach Banksy's works of political and social commentary have been featured in cities throughout the world. Discover the beautiful city of Lier, to receive one of his most fameus pieces on your scanner.
6 Tour through Lichtenvoorde 10 Der Reihe nach Lichtenvoorde is just a small town in De Achterhoek and it only has a small number of portals. Enjoy the tour and don't forget to get a drink in the town centre.
Hist Town Hall Münster
   27-05-2019 10:00
Nice banner image in always nice city of Munster. City center can be a bit crowded on Saturdays (shopping). Overall route is okay, some parts are quite unlogical.

Bloemencorso 2018
   23-04-2019 11:12
Banner is about 16km and took us 3h by bike with destroying, linking and fielding everything. I have just submitted one edit in the portal order in mission 14 so it's a bit smoother.

Picoas Graffiti
   12-03-2019 11:51
Good banner, with a good route.

In de Haarlemmerhout
   04-02-2019 9:05
Nice banner and the route is quite good. I heard it's the creators first attempt so kudos. At mission 7 there is no sidewalk to the two portals, you'll have to walk over the gras and than return back to the traffic lights to cross the street. In mission 8 there is a portal at a pettingzoo. We were able to reach it from outside, but people without steady gps might have difficulty here. It was nice to do a banner that didn't focus on the city center and brought us through some nice parks.

Let s float
   02-01-2019 12:01
Nice banner and route is okay. Some back and forths, but not too annoying. Some parts of the canals you pass twice (on either side), so don't try to hard to get the unique visits on the other side. We completed it in about 3h walking.

Poland - First to Resist
   31-07-2018 9:33
Great banner with a great route through the center of Warsaw.

Pawie oko
   31-07-2018 9:31
Really nice looking banner and the park it takes you through is even prettier. We went there on the Sunday after the anomaly to find out people were playing live Chopin music. Absolutely amazing.

De Krantelezer
   05-03-2018 8:50
Good route. Did it in 2h10min on foot.

After this banner goes offline I will re-create it for people that want to complete it after Mission Day.

Enkhuizen Centrum
   26-02-2018 10:12
Nice banner through Enkhuizen, which is a very nice city to walk through if it's not as cold as it was last Saturday. We did this in 4 hours including a lunch break.

   26-02-2018 9:58
We did this banner last Saturday and walked it together with the maker and her family. You can park your car for free where the banner starts. It takes you through the city center of Hoorn and all the history it has to offer. Also the trip to the end of the pier with the lighthouse is quite amazing with a nice view over the IJsselmeer. It took us roughly 3,5 hours including a break to warm up, because it was quite cold.

Mission K I T T Day
   12-02-2018 8:50
Did this banner last Friday in the evening. Took us about 2 hours on foot including capping and linking on the city center.

XF Biocard 13Magnus Basel
   30-08-2017 0:00
About 4.5h wtalking and I must say that this banner has been one of the best I've done in quite a while.

Skyline Roma
   17-11-2016 21:40
Easy banner, but missions 3 is in a garden that is closed in the evening and on Monday.

   15-10-2016 10:29
Quick banner, only takes 1 hour on bike.

Rondje WUR Campus
   19-09-2016 8:57
Fine route on WUR campus.

Leukste Dorp van Overijssel
   19-09-2016 8:56
Nice route through Borne. One part is not 24/7 accessible, but from 8:30 till sundown.

Visit Haaksbergen
   19-09-2016 8:55
Best to do this on bike, but we tried by car. First of all on IM mission 1 and 12 are swapped. So do start with mission 1 / 12. Further you have capture/upgrade and questions on portals on busy roads on round-a-bouts. Which is far from safe if you are by car.

Nice looking banner in Bochum. We walked it on foot in about 7 hours. We did some extra detours for more portals and we captured all that we could.

Dom Panorama
   17-05-2016 10:39
Easy banner in the city center. Some of the options in the questions are realy funny (multiple choice). In the end you walk to the other side of the bridge and gives you a nice view of Cologne.

Explore Ehrenfeld
   17-05-2016 10:37
Not the prettiest looking banner, but it covers a lot of portals outside the city center of Cologne. A lot of times you have to go back and forth. In the end that gets a bit annoying. The banner goes past the Melaten cemetary for some extra unique portals.

   17-05-2016 10:35
Great banner, but it covers a lot of the same portals as the Dom banner. We did this on bike and was pretty easy to do. One part near media park it's a bit unlogical. You are in the park on top of the hill, but you will need to go under it eventually.

Cologne Cathedral
   17-05-2016 10:31
Great banner in Cologne! It's good to do on bike, except for a few parts in the city center. Crowded with people and pedestrian areas.