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Vienna State Opera
   13-05-2019 1:53
Excellent banner if you want a nice souvenir to Vienna in your scanner without it taking up too much time you would normally use to explore and enjoy this beautiful city outside of Ingress.

In Prime you need to refer to the mission list here on IM for coordinates to mission 14. No amount of scrolling made it show up in my scanner.
This is mainly due to some distance between the (current) end (due to some dropped portals) and subsequent start portal and Prime's currently borked mission sorting.

I estimate i took about 1hr and 20 minutes for this banner. Did it at midnight on a Sunday to Monday. Walked at a normal speed (for me but i'm 1,97m), occasionally destroying and capping.

Deksels - De Utrechtse binnenstad
   24-02-2019 19:06
Ended up needing about 6 hours total mostly per bike.
Banner is constructed fairly well, route mostly feels natural.
Excellent tour of the city center of Utrecht.

To boldly go
   12-08-2018 18:18
Aside from some backtracking that seems to serve no purpose a nice little banner. One you must have as a sci fi fan.

Great little banner through a classic part of the hague.

   12-08-2018 16:41
Great banner to kill some time. A bit finnicky due to construction work at the moment (12-08-2018) but easily worked around by entering the mall.

Gran Via Madrid
   03-03-2018 1:32
Nice banner for a tourist looking for an Ingress souvenier.

   11-11-2017 19:59
Great banner. Little less then obvious walking route but other then that fun little banner!

Day of the Dead
   11-11-2017 17:26
Great banner to kill some time. Easygoing route through the hague city center. Best done on foot. Takes about an hour and thirty minutes.

Den Haag All Stars
   15-10-2017 19:29
Couple of hard to reach portals around CS on some phones, otherwise very nice banner to do when you have a few hours to spare.
Keep an eye on WP's close to portals. Might accidentally hack in wrong order and have to use hs or wait 5 mins.