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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Coldstream Stroll 14 Beliebig Wander around this quaint Scottish border town.
2 Take a walk up 6th Street 19 Der Reihe nach Walk up 6th Street in New Westminster, Finish half way up for a refreshment.
3 Raid Coldstream 14 Der Reihe nach Wander through this ancient border town, capturing/upgrading all portals.
Hommage à Howl s Moving Castle
   05-03-2019 15:49
Completed in 3 hrs and 10 minutes by walking. Best advice for this banner, is do not hack out of sequence. There are multiple instances of walking past portals only to return the next minute to hack that portal. Worst is #8 and #10. Walking/Bike recommended.

First row is fairly long, and wanders around, second row a lot quicker, final row covers the most distance, despite mission start points being closer together.

Apart from that it is a good looking banner.

Starts at Viau station, and ends at Joliette.

   05-03-2019 15:39
Completed in just under 5 hours by walking. Decent route, was only one minor construction issue, I think #18, but was able to walk around the fence to reach it, could probably have also got it from the far edge of the playground area that contained the next waypoint.

Goes into lots of parks, so not really driveable or 24/7.

Fierté Montréal
   03-03-2019 12:59
Completed in 1 hr 20 minutes, has some very small backtracks, so don't hack out of sequence, especially on mission #12.

The Montreal Skyline
   03-03-2019 6:08
Completed in 65 minutes, mostly spent walking, as portals are mainly clustered around start portals, for the later missions it's another 500m to the next mission.

Some construction around mission #2, nothing significant, I drifted on from a parkade, should be reachable from around the back.

   02-03-2019 4:37
Completed in just over 20 minutes.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Montréal
   02-03-2019 4:33
Super quick, completed in just under 20 minutes.

   02-03-2019 4:30
Nice banner as a welcome to Montreal. Completed in 35 minutes walking. Slightly busier then expected. Some steps in #4.

Coffee Anomaly
   04-02-2019 5:38
Completed in 68 minutes by walking. Good layout, capture / upgrades are predictable, so no surprises.

Broadway Musical
   04-02-2019 2:22
Nice looking banner, completed in 1 hour 41 minutes by walking, unfortunately that included a 55 minute detour to get the last portal of mission 3, which was apparently relocated 1.4 km away sometime after November 18.

Probably okay if driving, but not so much fun when walking to do an extra 2.8 km. There are plenty of portals to hack on the way there and back, so it's not a complete waste of time.

Missions 4, 5 and 6 use the same group of portals, with 6 being a capture / upgrade of some of those portals, so don't do any full upgrades on 4 and 5.

Panda Play Time
   04-02-2019 2:07
Nice looking banner, completed in 2 hours 25 minutes by walking. Decent route, although the alley missions 19 and 20 are a bit sparce of portals.

   03-02-2019 3:02
Quick walk around a block. Completed in 20 minutes.

Hungry for a Cheeseburger
   03-02-2019 0:03
Nice looking banner. Completed in just over 80 minutes by walking.

   03-02-2019 0:01
Quick 20 min walk around the park.

#IngressFS Davis
   02-02-2019 19:46
Completed in 22 minutes by Walking.

Earth Moon Tree Rising
   02-02-2019 6:33
Decent banner, completed in 53 minutes walking. I frequently walked directly across the grass between paths, so that can get a bit muddy in the rain. No access issues after dark, and the grounds seemed relatively safe.

Welcome to Sacramento
   02-02-2019 6:26
Completed in 2 hrs 15 minutes walking, as I wanted to get the adjacent uniques. Good looking banner, some sections don't seem particularly driving friendly, but I had no issues while walking.

Island of the mice
   13-01-2019 6:12
Completed in 2 hrs 5 mins. Drove 1 to 5, walked 6 to 9, drove remainder.

1 hr 43 mins driving, 22 mins walking.

Route overlaps the town from end to end, so not really suitable for much walking.

As of 01/12/19, construction next to mission 8/9, does not impact start of 9, but need to go back over mission 8 route to continue mission 9. Does appear to impact Connecting Whidbey Island.

Just checked an image I had of the route from last November, and that had a significant amount of missions going through the construction area, so thanks to the owner for submitting route updates.

Tour of Anacortes
   13-01-2019 6:02
Completed in 3 hrs 30 minutes. Drove 1 to 3, walked 4 to 13, drove remainder.

2 hrs driving, 1 hr 30 mins walking. Missions 14 and 16 access a private road to get a waypoint. Missions 16 wanders around quite a lot.

Sitting Cow Cat
   02-01-2019 1:07
Completed in 1 hr 30 mins, spent about 60% of that time making fields, which can be really slow in Prime. Nice layout, nice cat.

Spiral Jetty
   19-11-2018 6:28
Completed in just under 2 hours walking. Nice looking, fairly good route,have to cross to other side of road occasionally. Could do with some route updates, missions 6 and 7 share 3 portals. Mission 16 has one portal next to the final portal of mission 17, which means you need to walk the entire block, then turn around and walk back to the start of the block again.

Mission Day Walk
   18-11-2018 16:08
Completed in just over 25 minutes. Nice walk around Temple Square. Not sure if all areas are 24/7.

Salt Lake Skyline
   18-11-2018 0:24
Took nearly 90 minutes, had to Google all of the answers. Final missions required names as answers, and those used inconsistent formats. Some times the full name, same times middle name is abbreviated, some times a shortened form of the name is used.

Magnus Liminal Continuum – SLC
   18-11-2018 0:19
Quick 20 minute walk.

Completed in 27 minutes. Order of mission #5 is not great, however just going to next portal from end of mission 4 works out fine.

Salt Lake City Enlightened
   17-11-2018 7:01
Completed in 1 hr 40 minutes walking, well laid out, probably a good driving banner, as sufficient distance between a mission end and the start of the next mission.

Completed in exactly 54 minutes walking, however did in the order 1,6,5,4,3,2 to get a better sequence of colours, so lots of back tracking after mission 1. Probably not suitable for driving.

Seattle Skyline
   01-11-2018 22:18
Replacement Mission 18 has been created, named Seattle Skyline 18: Exploring Elliott Avenue.

Harbour City Stroll - Nanaimo
   28-10-2018 3:28
Nice looking banner, covers the majority of downtown portals. Completed in 2 hrs 40 minutes, probably faster than advertised, as the first 9 Missions are quick to complete.

Completed first two rows in 60 minutes, final two rows in 50 minutes each.

Missions 12, 20 and 20 are a bit longer than usual, nothing excessive, however portal density does not really support any quicker route. For Mission 20, make sure to continue up the hill until the middle group is covered, otherwise you might inadvertently go directly to the end portal, and then have to go back for the missing portals.

Nice walk through Bowen Park, however some of the trails are a bit rough in places, so need to be fairly mobile. Park officially closes at 11pm, so banner is not 24/7. This is not a banner than can be done easily by car. There are sections that can be driven, but most need to be walked, especially as the harbour path bans bikes.

I did Vancouver Harbourfront first, that provided the beach.

Nanaimo Harbourfront
   28-10-2018 3:15
Completed in just over 20 minutes. Super quick walk around the harbour area. Don't hack out of sequence as the missions do overlap at the start. Lots of public Art here, so worthwhile to take a look around.

Explore Sedro-Woolley
   21-10-2018 23:47
Completed in just under 60 minutes. Drove the first, and walked the remainder. You could probably drive all of this if the traffic is quiet, however walking allowed me to capture all of the adjacent portals, make some fields.

Nice banner, good route.

Take a Walk on Mount Vernon Avenue
   05-09-2018 20:27
Completed in just over 40 mins. Nice quick banner, routing is good. Final action is a question about a local agent max badge level. Not really something a non local would know. I guessed seer.

Green Gears
   05-09-2018 20:22
Completed in 45 mins.Had to use a couple of HS.

Time for Music
   05-09-2018 20:19
Completed in 12 mins, had to flip the portal first, to be able to complete required upgrades.

History of the US Capitol Building
   05-09-2018 20:16
Completed in around 1 hr 50 mins during the afternoon. Area has lots of foot traffic, but had no access issues.

George Washington University
   05-09-2018 20:13
Completed in just under 2 hrs, walking. Good looking banner, don't hack out off sequence as it does cover the majority of portals around the campus.

GOA Huntress
   05-09-2018 20:10
Completed in 3 hrs 30 mins walking. Most loop backs are annoying, but they do cover outlying portals. Routing on #25 is bad, no reason for trip to portal #6.

Apart from that nice colourful banner.

Alexandria Waterfront
   01-09-2018 1:38
Nice quick banner, completed in 70 minutes walking, kept mostly to the route. Mission 15 route is a bit weird, goes to the start area of mission 17, then almost back to tthe mission start area. Fortunately does not overlap mission 16.

Undies for All
   25-08-2018 1:43
Good cause, cheeky banner. Completed in 30 minutes, was walking quite fast.

The Cassandra Clock
   25-08-2018 1:40
Nice banner, completed in around 90 minutes. One potential disability issue is the transition from 4B to 5B, as you need to climb some steps to get to the upper plaza. During normal hours, the seaplane elevator is available, or you could go completely around the convention centre. Drift on parts of 6B was bad.

Forest Lawn Cemetery - Burnaby
   18-08-2018 3:43
Completed in 40 minutes walking.

Cute Robot
   23-07-2018 19:09
Nice walk for a quirky banner. Completed in 30 minutes.

Betray the Force - BKLYN NY
   23-07-2018 13:58
Completed in 30 minutes walking. Be careful doing full upgrades for mission 1 and 2, as missions 3 and 4 are capture / upgrades on most of the same portals.

Avenue P
   22-07-2018 21:47
Completed in 50 minutes walking.

Peace in Brooklyn
   22-07-2018 21:44
Completed in 1 hr 15 mins walking. Nice straight forward banner.

Welcome To Luna Park
   22-07-2018 0:05
Completed in 55 minutes walking. Passphrases are straight forward.

Greetings From Coney Island
   21-07-2018 23:56
Completed in 1 hour 35 minutes walking. Nice banner, started at 8:30 am, so no real issues during the off boardwalk sections.

Remembering Old Friends
   21-07-2018 4:49
Completed in 2 hrs 25 mins while walking. Covers most of Greenwich Village.

Magnus Liminal Continuum - NYC NY
   21-07-2018 4:44
Quick walk around Union Square Park. Completed in 10 minutes. Park closes at midnight.

Completed in 56 minutes. Nice loop between the bridges, but kind of long for a 6 mission banner.

Dom Panorama
   13-07-2018 13:57
Completed in 2 hrs 20 mins, with a couple of side visits. Final viewpoint is worth the effort.

Link Amp Kitten Deventer
   12-07-2018 17:03
Completed in 2 hrs 20 mins. Covers most of the town, if that is what you are looking for. Could really do with an update to either include a lot of new portals, or shorten it.

The road to Hannekes Boom
   11-07-2018 19:04
Completed in 1 hr 20 mins, nice and quick.

Amsterdam art
   11-07-2018 16:07
Nice abstract banner. Completed in 2 hrs 10 minutes. Have walked Amsterdam several times, so I generally followed the mission route exactly.

Stirling Banner
   10-07-2018 18:09
Nice looking banner, completed in 90 minutes. Have spent lots of time in Stirling, so this was a quick walk around, rather than capture all uniques.

Number of stairs by the castle, so reasonable mobility required.

East Lothian Mission Series
   09-07-2018 19:48
Completed in 6 hrs 30 mins. Drove in the towns were I could, mostly got out and walked around. Probably could have driven majority of towns if the traffic had been lighter, but wanted to take a look around, as I spent time in all of these towns growing up.

Started at Dunbar, did a clockwise loop and finished at North Berwick. Banner is not 24/7 as Dirleton mission requires paid access to castle and grounds.

Pooting along Princes Street
   06-07-2018 17:41
Quick 20 minute walk.

Nice quick banner completed in 45 minutes.

The Higgs boson
   06-07-2018 16:10
Completed in 70 minutes. Nice looking banner, very well laid out, start of next mission passphrase is on the end portal of the previous mission, so no need to search the mission list.

Wallsend Parks
   03-07-2018 12:45
Completed in 70 minutes, easy walk around the park, mostly flat, there are a couple of steep paths and some steps in missions 4 and 5.

Not 24/7 as the gates are locked at 9pm.

#TS-Morpheus Newcastle
   02-07-2018 23:58
Completed in 39 minutes, no significant issues.

Gray s Moument
   02-07-2018 19:01
Completed in 4 hrs 20 mins all walking. As this goes through shopping centers, not possible to bike or drive. Also due to route, not 24/7.

First 2/3rds are about 25 - 30 mins per row. Final rows take a bit longer, as some missions are quite spaced out. Reasonable number of steps in places.

Nice looking banner, effort was worthwhile.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge
   02-07-2018 18:54
Completed in 40 minutes, mostly due to the detour to the start of mission 5. Should really be modified to continue along the bank, plenty of portals there.

Jersey City Waterfront
   25-06-2018 19:44
Completed in 1 hour 25 minutes. Reasonable route, bits of back tracking.

As of 06/25, last portal of mission #9 is blocked by construction on the path, however is reachable by walking around the block and reaching over the construction barrier.

New York Liberty - confidential
   24-06-2018 23:41
Completed in 45 minutes, so quick banner. Some minor drift issues, but nothing significant.

   24-06-2018 23:39
Completed in 2 hrs 20 mins. Nice banner, however the route loops through some of Manhattan's busiest tourist areas. So expect lots of foot traffic and some drift issues around Times Square.

Pepsi-Cola Sign
   24-06-2018 23:34
Completed in 1 hr 35 mins. Nice banner, and good views across the East River. Route takes you back to the start location, with a small amount of overlap.

Jersey View
   23-06-2018 23:48
Completed in 40 minutes.

Walking Historical Morristown
   23-06-2018 23:45
Completed in 2 hrs 15 mins, lot faster than expected. Not 24 / 7 as some missions enter a cemetery which is only open dawn to dusk.

FDNY Engine 10
   23-06-2018 3:29
Completed in about 95 minutes, drift issues are annoying for the first 12 missions, especially for portals located inside closed areas.

Multiple steps going to Battery Park, so need to be mobile.

Everett Blackbird
   17-06-2018 23:20
Completed in 1 hr 44 mins, 60% walking, 40% driving, definitely too far to walk the later sections. Walked 1 to 9, drove 10 to 11 (parked on 18th). Walked remainder of 11, then 12 to 14. Drove 15 to 18. Probably could have also driven 12 to 14, as roads were empty on a Sunday morning although that section is only a couple of blocks and portals are right next to each other.

Nice banner.

Edmond Walkabout
   17-06-2018 1:21
Completed in 2 hrs 15 mins, first 18 are reasonablly quick, the final row has a bit more walking between clusters. Marine section goes over elevated walkways, so reasonable mobility required. Final section goes through several parks, which are only open from 6am to dusk.

Cap Hill Ingress Pride 2018
   16-06-2018 7:37
Completed in just under 1 hr 40 minutes. This is my third Cap Hill Pride banner, so fairly familiar with the area.

Blessed St Jarvis
   16-06-2018 7:32
Completed in just under 2.5 hours, well laid out banner.

Downtown Mount Vernon
   16-06-2018 7:27
Completed in 20 minutes, nice and quick.

La Conner Daffodil Festival
   16-06-2018 7:25
Completed in about 35 minutes. Could probably be done a lot faster as I was visiting all of the portals on the way.

#MP World Cup Soccer CA-Vancouver
   02-06-2018 3:43
Completed in 20 minutes. Quick walk along the drive, plenty of places to stop for refreshments.

Completed in 35 minutes. Routing for mission 3 does not appear optimal, but there are shortcuts between streets.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Vancouver CA
   13-05-2018 22:11
Completed in just over 50 minutes. Mission start portals now easy to find, so fairly quick to transition between missions.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Burnaby
   12-05-2018 8:55
Completed in under 60 minutes by bike.

Currently not 24/7 as the final Waypoint of mission 6 is inside Swanguard stadium, which is only open to the public on fairly restrictive hours : 7:30am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday.

Summer s End
   09-05-2018 4:49
Completed in about 50 minutes, quick walk along the drive.

Municipal Park Boise Idaho
   06-05-2018 21:28
Completed in 25 minutes. Nature center is well worth spending time looking at the information boards.

Idaho State Capitol Boise Idaho
   06-05-2018 21:21
Good walk around the downtown core, completed in 60 minutes.

Freak Alley
   06-05-2018 6:19
Completed in 70 minutes by walking. Could have done this by bike, but gets busy in the downtown core in the evening.

   06-05-2018 6:16
Completed in about 40 minutes, all by bike, two loops of the park.

Goose on the Loose
   06-05-2018 6:12
Completed in 38 minutes, was mostly Biking,except for the far end park that is walking only.

Boise Depot
   06-05-2018 6:05
Quick banner, completed in 27 minutes, so no HS required, was doing lots of deploying/linking, so that slowed me down slightly. Stop and take a look down Capital, great view.

   05-05-2018 3:15
Quick walk around the downtown core. Good routing majority of time I could find the start of the next mission, rather than scroll through the list. Completed in about 50 mins.

Completed in 30 minutes, two laps around the capital building.

Completed in 3hrs 20 mins, all walking. Majority is in the downtown core, so biking is not ideal.

Missions 8,9,10,11 seem to overlap, but that might a consequence of Freak Alley being closed, so I had to use a couple of heatsinks as I was starting missions at the end portal, which I had just hack during the last mission.

Magnus Liminal Continuum Boise
   05-05-2018 1:32
Quick walk around, completed in 25 mins.

Butterfly Mission
   01-05-2018 2:21
Completed in 90 minutes. Nice walking banner.

Santa Monica Series
   01-05-2018 2:20
Quick walk around the main spots of the town. Final section on the pier can be very busy. Completed in 1 hr 20 mins.

Carpinteria Beach
   01-05-2018 2:18
Easy walk around the town. Completed in 60 minutes.

Quick 20 minutes walking. Matches the Santa Barbara Mission Day banner perfectly.

Santa Barbara April 28th 2018
   29-04-2018 2:05
Completed in 1 hr 40 minutes. Great momento of Mission Day Santa Barbara.

Hearts for Agents - Santa Barbara
   28-04-2018 5:27
Nice and quick. Completed in 20 minutes.

The American Riviera
   28-04-2018 5:25
Completed in 75 minutes walking. #14 is quite easy to miss if you are not paying attention.

Memories of Sedona
   28-04-2018 5:22
Nice walk around the upper town area. Completed in 70 mins.

Bellevue Pink Sunset
   23-04-2018 16:11
Completed in 1 hr 30 mins. First two missions are inside a mall, so not 24/7 and drift can be an issue.

Namaste Supreme Trash Panda
   23-04-2018 16:06
Completed in 2 hrs 30 mins. First 12 are very quick, last 6 take all of the time. They should really be done by bike or car.

Doing the Puyallup
   22-04-2018 3:45
Completed in 2 hrs. Walked 1 - 16, then drove the remainder.

Capital Stroll
   22-04-2018 3:08
Completed in just under 2 hours.

The Duck Stops Here
   21-04-2018 5:45
Completed in about 1 hr 45 mins. Nice walk around the town. Lots of stairs for the final section across the freeway. Route is fine for the first 17, 18 seems excessively long for a walk around downtown.

I walked 1 to 17, then walked a km back to hotel, and drove the rest of 18. Could have walked 18, but had stuff to do after, and the walk back would have been discouraging.

Bellevue Golden Sunset
   21-04-2018 5:33
Completed in just over an hour. No construction issues in the park.

Bellevue view to Mt Rainier
   21-04-2018 5:29
Completed in just over an hour. Several sections have steps. Final mission seems a bit long.

SFU Academic Quadrangle
   11-04-2018 4:41
Completed in 50 mins. Essentially 4 clusters of hack / capture - upgrades.

Low level resonators not essential if portals are neutral, but might be wise to check if any really high level portals exist that can not be flipped. Deploying mods also counts as an upgrade action.

A rainy night
   08-04-2018 7:49
Completed in just under two hours, and that includes catching the bus from end of mission #9, to start of mission #10, which only saved about 15 minutes walking.

Passphrases are very straightforward.

False Creek Dragon
   31-03-2018 23:13
Completed in 15 mins. Plenty of boats racing around.

Sunset in Vancouver
   25-03-2018 21:34
Completed the original banner route in 3 hours.

04/15/18 - Has now been completely reworked, so should be a lot easier and quicker to do.

Completed in just under an hour, some minor drift issues at various points.

Williamsburg Bridge
   12-03-2018 19:47
Completed in just under an hour, good route, nice banner.

Roosevelt Island Tramway
   12-03-2018 19:31
Completed in 95 minutes. Encountered a weird T-Mobile data deadspot around missions 10/18.

Find the Marshmallow
   11-03-2018 23:20
Completed in 2 hrs, great route, starts and ends at Subway stations, next mission start always easy to find. There are a couple of overlaps, most are for passphrases (very sticky), but a couple need application of a HS.

Let s Go Ride the High Line
   11-03-2018 17:44
Completed in about 75 minutes. High Line section is quick, although can be a lot of sightseers.

Renaissance Era
   09-03-2018 23:57
Completed in 2 hrs 15 mins. Middle section would have been better with a sequential path, as sometimes the portals in the next street over, were highlighted, causing one to go the long way around a block.

Pennsylvania Station
   09-03-2018 23:52
Nice banner, well layed out, finishes close to initial start location. Completed in 95 minutes.

Old New York - City Hall
   09-03-2018 23:48
Completed in 95 minutes, no significant issues, just too many side portal visits.

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
   09-03-2018 4:19
Completed in 95 minutes, nice quick banner. Drift is annoying in places, spent the last five minutes walking in very small circles trying to drift onto the final two portals.

#IngressFS Trout Lake March 2018
   02-03-2018 0:20
Mission order is Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Cross Faction.

Double Cross
   26-02-2018 18:40
Drove the first 5, and parked by the pedestrian bridge. The routing of #4 and #5 did not seem optimal, as I kept having to go around the block, as no time to select the next mission.

Check the pedestrian bridge is open, before starting the mission, as it can be closed due to inclement weather, or maintenance.

Calling Your Bluff
   26-02-2018 18:35
Nice quick banner, essentially two loops over the same set of portals.

Downtown Omaha
   26-02-2018 18:33
Completed in just over two hours. First two rows go back and forward over the Riverbank area. Final row goes around downtown market area.

Creighton University
   25-02-2018 5:58
Completed in 2 hours, however was walking fairly fast due the cold weather. 60 minutes for the first 12, mostly on campus. Used a couple of heat sinks at the start, as number of overlaps.

60 minutes for the final 6 as that wanders off campus.

Princeton Roars
   29-01-2018 8:16
Completed in 30 minutes, although was chatting to someone while waiting for them to finish on the last cluster. HS might be required, as there are just enough hack actions to require them.

Buttery Gardens
   29-01-2018 8:12
Completed in 80 mins walking. Routing does not seem optimal and the presence of the occasional capture/upgrade seems inconsistent.

The Punisher
   27-01-2018 20:54
Completed in 3 hrs 23 mins walking.

Make sure you select the 'shorter' versions for #1,24,25,26. #24 is the only start portal that shows both original and the 'shorter' version.

Garden State - Princeton
   27-01-2018 4:08
Completed in 46 minutes. Route wanders a bit.

Catedral de Guadalajara
   13-01-2018 2:15
Completed in just under 60 minutes.

IFS Guadalajara
   12-01-2018 21:22
Nice quick banner, completed in 35 mins. Routing is not optimal in the middle as it double backs on itself, and there are some overlaps, however nothing significantly painful.

La Minerva
   12-01-2018 21:19
Nice banner, completed in 3 hrs 15 mins. First 5 rows are 30 mins each, final row is more spread out. Some overlaps, but nothing significant.

   12-01-2018 4:17
Nice quick banner, completed in just over 40 mins.

Mission Project HNY2018 Vancouver CA
   01-01-2018 23:41
Nice quick holiday banner, completed in 15 minutes. Majority of hacks / waypoints are in small clusters, so don't hack random portals out of sequence.

Snow Globes of Whistler
   28-12-2017 19:00
There are only 9 missions, so I decided to just complete 6 of the best looking ones, in a reasonable order, and that took me just over 60 minutes, even though I walked the entire village, and had some backtracking.

I skipped Lonesome Road (Glass is cracked), Mormon Fort and Sierra Madre.

Ol Blue Eyes
   18-12-2017 20:05
Nice banner. Does wander a bit as detailed by @KingConstantine, but that's mostly due to portal density, or lack off.

Completed in just under 2 hours.

Central Park in the Rain
   17-12-2017 23:25
Completed in just under 2 hrs, no issue with the zoo portals everything reachable from 5th Ave.

Avengers Tower
   17-12-2017 23:13
Completed in 1 hr 45 mins, drift really bad on the last row, that also coincides with the busiest pedestrian traffic.

Empire State Building (Panda Edition)
   17-12-2017 23:09
Completed in 60 minutes, tried to keep mostly on route.

Just Invader Canal St Sewers
   16-12-2017 23:16
Unable to complete the last mission, as the final portal is on a dock controlled by the Park Board, and they decided to close the dock due to snow.

Did the nearest Scary Panda mission as a filler.

How to be a panda in the West Village
   15-12-2017 23:48
Completed in 30 mins, looks great.

Just Invader With A Parasol
   15-12-2017 23:46
Completed in 1 Hr 45 mins, on a Friday afternoon so reasonable amount of foot traffic. Not that many portals, but don't hack out of sequence as sometimes it goes back and forth over the same group of portals, selectively hacking some in each mission.

Brooklyn Bridge
   15-12-2017 23:41
Completed in just over 2 hours, no significant issues.

Financial District March
   15-12-2017 23:37
Some drift issues, overall was good.

Charging Bull and Fearless Girl
   15-12-2017 5:34
Completed in just over an hour. Drift is an issue in places, plus route not always optimal.

Howe Sound
   26-11-2017 0:44
Completed in 90 minutes, light traffic on the Hwy.

Visits the places on the Sea to Sky Hwy that you normally by pass on the way to Whistler. Britannia Beach section has been rearranged, only needed 2 HS. Downtown Squamish layout is good, no overlaps.

Only tip, is to familiarise with the route, as traveling on the Hwy will speedlock for a couple of minutes, so only open Ingress when at the actual mission location. Beware this route requires winter tyres, so check weather forecast before attempting.

Milky Way
   19-11-2017 20:22
Nice long walking banner. Completed in 4 hours 30 minutes. Well layed out, was normally able to get the next mission by selecting the nearest mission available portal, rather than scrolling through the list. There are a couple of overlaps, so bring HS, or go hack the rest of the mission portals.

Plenty of stairs everywhere, so need to be mobile.

Mission around BC Place is not ideal, as there is no longer a single walkable path, however still doable, even if you need to wait to drift on to some of the portals.

City Of Chilliwack
   18-11-2017 2:24
Did this one quite a while ago, however providing some comments for those that come next:

Overall took about 8 hours, across two days. Drove #1 to #3, then walked downtown Chilliwack #4..#9. Should have drove more of the last section of Chilliwack by car. Mission 14 requires an entrance to the Heritage Park, so make sure to check what events are on, and what time it closes. Walked all of Mission 16, should have driven more of it. Missions 17 and 18 are a pain, as "Any Order" route just shows the nearest, which is not always advantageous when driving around subdivisions.

Far Far Away Artwork
   18-11-2017 2:13
Completed in just under 90 minutes. Keeps mostly to the paths, although some mobility is required for some of the steeper sections at the back of the gardens. Hits the majority of the portals.

New Westminster Paddlewheeler
   16-11-2017 4:42
Completed in just over 20 minutes. First two clusters can be done from the same location, the final cluster requires some movement.

Bridge with steps between cluster 1 and 2, so alternative path is available for those with mobility issues.

Halloween in Houston 2017
   05-11-2017 22:58
Nice banner, completed in just over an hour. Does 3 laps off Discovery Park.

City of Houston
   05-11-2017 22:56
Super quick mission, finished in 17 minutes. Can be completed from a single location, no walking.

Self-Similar Across Scale
   05-11-2017 16:59
Completed in 75 minutes. Bring plenty of low level resonators.

Two additional passphrases in the middle, however answers are straight forward.

Red Faction
   05-11-2017 2:34
Completed in 2 hrs. Some drift issues, but nothing significant.

Distance from end of #11 to start of #12 is excessive.

Walking Into The Rainbow
   05-11-2017 1:50
Completed in 60 minutes. Low level resonators not essential, but helpful for those coming next.

Houston EXO5
   04-11-2017 3:01
Nice banner, captures the event. Completed in 1 hr 30 mins, should have been a bit quicker but the first 6 missions coincided with the Astros parade, so cell network slowed to a crawl. Should be done in 1 hr 10 mins if not stopping.

Aurora Over Jaycee
   03-11-2017 19:33
Completed in 40 mins, keeps mostly to edge of park, so don't have to upgrade the Kitties portals that often. Bring low level gear, or glyph the first 6 missions.

Link All the Kitties
   03-11-2017 19:31
Completed in 21 mins. Bring lots of L1s,L2s and L3s, otherwise might not be able to upgrade, especially if you want to do the other capture upgrade missions.

Explore Uptown Park
   03-11-2017 17:08
Nice banner. Completed in 1 hr 35 mins. Bring flip cards for the initial capture upgrades, then MHs for the remaining missions. Don't hack if you don't need to.

Love - Houston
   03-11-2017 17:03
Nice banner. Completed in 52 minutes.

IngressFS - Burnaby BC Banner
   29-10-2017 20:41
Completed in 36 minutes. Don't forget to do the final Mission which is not currently included in the banner.

Forest Lawn Memorial
   28-10-2017 23:26
Did this banner with two filler missions, Burquitlam Church Tour and Graveyard to Graveyard. Took about 2hrs 45 mins, drove where I could, mostly walked. Overall image is not to bad as it reflects the layout at Forrest Lawn, but from a banner perspective it is not great.

I did the Church Tour first, then 10 .. 6, then Grave Yard to Grave Yard, then 5 to 1. Mission 10 is terrible, goes from bottom to top for no good reason, remainder are fairly well grouped.

   09-10-2017 7:19
Nice banner, took me 50 minutes walking, which seemed a lot longer due to the zig zag. Drift on the first two missions is annoying, just persevere.

Seattle Gum Wall
   09-10-2017 7:16
Fun banner, completed in just under 15 minutes. Start and End take place inside the market, so not 24/7.

NYC in Seattle
   09-10-2017 7:12
Completed in just over 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, so fairly busy foot traffic. Banner is well laid out.

Central District Candy Land
   09-10-2017 7:09
Completed in 2 hours walking. It is a decent distance to walk, although some parts are kind of boring.

Missions 7, 13 and 14, have an RE counter part, that replaces the green EN banner with a blue RE banner, so make sure you choose the appropriate mission.

Cap Hill Ingress Pride 2017
   09-10-2017 7:03
Completed in 90 minutes. That does not include the detour into Lake View Cemetery, which is recommended for the uniques and the slice of local history.

   09-10-2017 6:59
06/15/18 : Redid the banner in reverse to match the 2018 Cap Hill Pride.

Completed in 20 minutes. Probably better to slow down and smell the coffee.

Seattle Grunge Scene
   07-10-2017 8:04
Completed in 60 minutes, late on a Friday evening, so not many people around. Very familiar with the grounds, so that helped. Lots of steps/stairs to be navigated.

North Vancouver Art
   17-09-2017 0:06
Nice banner, well layed out. Completed in just under two hours. Used public transport, so bus to start and walked down the hill.

Need to use some stairs for the shortest route to complete mission 12/A12 and start 22/B10, however you can go around. There are also some small steps at the boardwalk side of Lonsdale market, however ramps are also present.

Cat Blue
   02-09-2017 21:45
Completed in 2hrs 45 minutes.

Points of Polygonz
   30-08-2017 23:31
Took about 120 minutes. Drive/Walk 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Park for 6, walk remainder.

DB in DC
   28-08-2017 19:50
Nice quick banner.

04/15/18: Comment was for the Portland version.

Deploy With Compassion
   28-08-2017 19:49
Actually starts in Pettygrove Park, the passphrases seem to confuse the mission start locations. Pioneer Square has steps in most corners, but everything should be reachable.

Link Amp Moose
   19-08-2017 23:11
Nice banner, seems very Canadian. 82 minutes on a Saturday morning, so not excessively busy, although certain sections have lots of cruise ship tourists milling around. Sections of the downtown canyons cause some GPS drift, but nothing that was very unreachable, just a bit annoying.. Some of the final row missions wander back and forth a bit, which can cause issues for non sequential missions, so try not to hack untargetted portals in that section, or be prepared to deploy HS.

Dude Chilling
   19-08-2017 5:53
Nice banner. Only pain points are the number of times Main Street has to be crossed. Completed in 95 minutes, had estimated it would be closer to the 120 minute mark.

Western Washington Campus
   01-08-2017 3:24
Make sure you start at 12/12, and complete in reverse order.

The portal list here and map correctly shows the start mission is 12/12.

There are some steep sections of the path, so full mobility is required.

Saltire Sprint
   17-07-2017 0:36
Nice banner. Was not walking that fast, so took me 100 minutes. Did do some smashing/linking on the way which probably slowed me down.

Grouse Mountain
   16-07-2017 1:13
Nice banner. Completed the mission components in just over 2 hours. The main issue is getting from base of Grouse Mountain to the upper part of Grouse Mountain. Skyride is $45 + taxes, parking is $10. I parked down the hill from the base and walked the BCMC trail, which essentially goes parallel to the Grouse Grind, but is less steep in the end sections, that took 100 minutes, so not too bad. Both trails are rated as difficult, so make sure you can handle that level of activity.

Final mission goes to the peak, 15 mins medium walk, unless you buy a peak ticket at $49 instead of the $45 Gondola ticket.

If you walk up the Grind or the BCMC, then you probably have to buy a download Gondola ticket for $10, (unless you walk back down the BCMC), so this mission will cost some additional money.

Capillano fishery section is the only part that prevents most disabled access, several steps to climb. It's also one of the more interesting areas, stop at the fishery building if you can.

North Shore
   11-07-2017 3:37
Mission portals have been restored.

Amsterdam Bunny
   24-06-2017 17:30
Nice and fairly quick banner, completed in just under 2 hours, although I am kind of familiar with the area, and was able to walk at a decent pace in early afternoon.

Was starting to get busy towards the mid afternoon, and some of streets were getting fairly crowded. Probably not a good idea to do this in the evening, unless you are prepared to deal with the crowds.

No access issues opted.

Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt Lastage
   24-06-2017 17:23
Nice banner. Completed in just over an hour during the mid afternoon. Was getting busy, so will take longer in the late afternoon / evening.

There are some steps, but portals can still be reached by going around on the road.

Passphrase is straight forward, just read the clue, and think like a local.

The Red Clydesiders
   21-06-2017 15:14
This is a long mission best done over multiple days. I wanted to do it mostly for the historical background.

I walked it all, taking just over 7 hours, bike would have been much faster, except for the middle missions in the center of the city. Started by getting the train from Glasgow Central to Scotstonhill, and finished by getting the subway back from Govan to St Enochs. First day I finished at mission 8 (20) of the 40 hour strike (it was close to Queen Street station). Started at mission 9 (21) the next day. Times/distances for each banner as follows:

160 , 135 , 142 : total 437 mins = 7 hrs 17 mins

15 , 8.5 , 11.3 = 34.8 km

The time was under the current suggested time (10 hrs 23 mins ), however the distance was significantly over the suggested distance (28.7 km).

One other point to note, was that searching for the next mission was at times difficult, especially in the city centre, assume this was because so few people had done the missions and so they get ranked into the noise. I kept the map page available, and looked for the portal that should have the start of the next mission.

As always with sequential missions try not to hack everything, don't recall any specific overlaps.

Visit Falkirk
   15-06-2017 21:09
Nice banner, consists of two individual banners. Both banners start in the centre of town and cross over multiple times, so don't do any random hacks. There is one overlap, so bring heatsinks.

Probably better to do these over two days, as it is a long walk, much longer than predicted. Couple of the later missions could be driven, perhaps bike would be a better option. Mission 33 (15/18) goes off to the side, 1.6 km from the end of 33 to start of 34.

Visiting Falkirk - 112 mins - 6.9 km
Roaming Falkirk - 197 mins - 17.6 km

Total = 309 mins : 5 hrs 9 mins - 27.5km

Edinburgh Skyline at Night
   13-06-2017 14:39
Straight forward mission, walked it in 50 minutes. Walking recommend.

Bird of Paradise
   13-06-2017 14:34
Fairly long mission, especially if walking. Would be okay on bike, bit more challenging to drive.

The Royal Mile
   13-06-2017 14:31
Fairly easy mission, downhill from the Castle, pavements are narrow in places, and can be crowded with tourists, so watch where you are going .

Sidney Pirate
   24-04-2017 18:09
Well designed mission, covers the majority of town portals.

Nature Trail Hike for Wildlife
   24-04-2017 18:06
04/24/17 : Last portal of Mission 16 is currently just behind a construction fence, it's fairly easy to reach. Get to the start of mission 17 by retracing your steps to portal 5, then heading to Admirals Road.

Songhees Hike and Exploration
   23-04-2017 3:18
All of the missions need to be started at the last portal in order to not constantly retrace your steps. It's okay once you get going as portals don't have to be done in sequence, just watch out where you start Mission 1.

Get to MORE-MI Banner Series
   10-04-2017 1:17
Currently offline, author objected to someone completing the banner.