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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Beergress Leiden 24 Der Reihe nach Follow this route and you will visit some of the best pubs in Leiden. Start and finish are at the station. And remember: don't drink too little!
I was the first one to do this. I did it walking. It wasn't nice. Got chased by a dog and had to go through a field of cows. Wrong portals, no access, closed gates etc. Don't do it.

Leiden district
   13-06-2017 12:42
I did this one on my bike. It took me ages and my arse hurt for weeks after.

Den Haag City Tour
   13-06-2017 11:41
I walked this one! Can't find out the exact time, because my phone lost data in an upgrade ( :( ) but it was LOOOONG.
In total it was a couple of months, but I had to stop in between for 2 months because of an injury.

Depending on how the weather was some missions were nice, others were sheit.
Especially near the beach (I hate sand) it sucked because there was lots of wind that day.

However, at the final portal KiraKage was there waiting with a sixpack of beer to congratulate me on both something amazing and something amazingly stupid.

HTM tramlijn 1
   13-06-2017 11:24
I walked this one, it was a little over 35km in total. Very nice, it was about 30 degrees that day, so that helped ;)
Too bad the picture is not tram 1, but tram 16 though ;)

Kwak Leiden
   08-07-2016 15:59
It looks like 35 is missing, but it's there. It's called 'Rondom de Camp' and it fits the picture. It took me over 7 months to get this one accepted, the only reason it finally worked is because I completely changed the title. So sorry for the confusion.