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LODY 2019
   13-07-2019 1:37
Highly recommend! Very accurate and logically made banner. Good for both locals and guests.
Be aware that Jordan's Park is not 24/7 (opening hours 7-22 in summer), still it may be considered as always available in a day light)
Big respect to creator! All missions start from the next portal on your route, so it's near impossible to get lost and I would also recommend to check nearest portal instead of searching through list of available missions.
Thank you for the great time I spent doing this banner! I really enjoyed it!

   08-07-2019 17:58
Nice and easy mosaic. Recommend!
Very logical and pleasant for those who don't really know City. Covers the most beautiful and interesting places in both lower and higher cities. Be prepared to take a funicular in the middle - it's easier than climbing up by foot)

Logo Resistance
   06-01-2018 0:59
Nice banner, good route with lots of uniques ) took me more time: I couldn't resist and leave L7 - L8 green portals on my route. If you do hack only it will be much faster )
I never been before in this area (except for Andel), so it was good to visit this part of Prague. Thank you!

The Wawel Dragon
   05-08-2017 15:38
Agree with previous comment. In mission 9 you will need to climb up to the castle walls to reach the single portal 5 in case you're doing it outside of open hours. First part should be started within open hours only (10-17).

   17-07-2017 12:41
Park is under construction. Missions are not available now 17/07/2017. Very disappointing (

Jarvis Ada
   15-07-2017 14:48
Nice mission. But! Castello open hours are 7-19in summer time. Bear that in mind when you plan doing it. Missions 7-12 are inside. Free admission but is not accessible 24/7

Love Wins - Milano Pride 2017
   14-07-2017 16:03
Easy and nice mission starts at Centrale, goes via shopping street (danger! ))
Recommend for those who is short of time. It took me less than hour (with capture and deploy)

Warsaw Old Town
   10-07-2017 9:23
Would not recommend doing this mosaic unless you want this clumsy picture in you profile.
Hope one day it will be fixed but till then beware of taking this mission.
It's easy to do though

Gnijąca Panna Młoda
   10-07-2017 9:13
Easy banner at very nice old cemetery. Highly recommend for those who is short of time or simply likes quick missions )

Pawie oko
   10-07-2017 9:07
One of the most pleasant banners I ever did. Easy, fast and leads you through very nice places.
Highly recommend to organize yourself to start this at about 11 on Sunday (in summer time). This will mean that you'll also have chance to listen to open air concert of Chopin music played next to Chopin's monument.
Fantastic parks and yes you will have to fight yourself between need to do missions and wish to take photos of that beauty.

   18-06-2017 12:01
Очень большие расстояния между порталами. Увы, не последовательные миссии, поэтому приходилось бегать туда-сюда по 300-500м. Рекомендую проходить на велосипеде / авто или хотя бы частично на авто. Такси можно взять на час за 600р.