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# Name Portale Aktion
1 From Perrache to Confluence 19 Der Reihe nach Have a tour in the South Presqu'Île (peninsula) from the Old train station to the new and modern museum.
Missions through Time and Space
   14-09-2018 0:00
Fresque plutôt agréable mais bien longue. Plusieurs petites corrections à faire, transmise au créateur. Permet de découvrir des zones vraiment excentrées de Vienne, mais obligé à être plutôt débrouillard.

   26-08-2018 18:14
Nice banner! Easy to do (one stairs to climb), done in 1h29 :) Mission 7 confused me but nothing really important. Thanks to the creator.

   15-07-2018 0:17
Courte, simple, rapide et agréable.

Le Havre
   10-09-2017 21:04
Not very nice way. Visit the city but long moments between two portails (4 or 5 time more than 200m).

Basel Skyline Watercolor
   28-08-2017 9:55
Nice banner, easy to do and few great view point. Twice hacking portail order is strange so be a little careful.

IngressFS Lyon July 2017
   08-08-2017 20:19
Nice banner

Le rêveur
   08-08-2017 20:15
Very cool banner. Few things to change in the first missions but goes easy after.

Lyon Cathedrale Lumiere 2008
   08-08-2017 20:13
Nice banner.

   08-08-2017 20:13
Fresque très sympa ! Les passphrases vous obligent à lever la tête. ;)

La Rochelle
   08-08-2017 20:11
Début un peu lent, portails très espacés sur la première ligne. Reste agréable et plutôt complet pour une visite de ville.

First Saturday Arlon
   05-08-2017 17:24
Any order can be boring but the banner is still nice and offer a look at the city.

   05-08-2017 17:22
Done by bike a Saturday morning, nice ride! 2h with many stops and touristics photos. Two or three loops quite strange. Passphrases very simples.

Palau Nacional
   25-06-2017 23:19
Nice banner. Better to do by day to go to restricted areas (not included in the banner itself).

Colorful Barcelona
   25-06-2017 14:09
Nice banner, easy, without problem.

   12-05-2017 22:46
Parcours traditionnel, fresque agréable

Not nice banner, ways too bad

Lyon Sunset
   12-05-2017 22:27
Could be not 100% on line, check before?