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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Ko-Lan asset hunt 52 Beliebig Work your way to the end gathering assets and shaking anybody who may be following you
2 MD: Pune, Empress Botanical Garden 6 Der Reihe nach A sprawling garden of many rare species of plants and trees. It was named after Queen Victoria.
3 MD: Pune, Vishram Baug Wada 6 Der Reihe nach This 3 storied mansion, also known as Teen Chowki Wada was the residence of Peshwa Bajirao II in the 19th Century.
4 MDPH: BGC Passionfest 2018 - Europe 9 Der Reihe nach Welcome to BGC Passionfest - The World is Here! Experience Europe through different activities in this area.
5 MDPH: BGC Passionfest 2018 - Africa 10 Der Reihe nach Welcome to BGC Passionfest - The World is Here! Experience Africa through different activities in this area.
6 MD: Pune, Chattushringi Temple 6 Der Reihe nach Goddess Chattushrungi Devi is said to be the presiding deity of the city of Pune. The temple was built by her ardent believer Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan.
7 MD: Pune, National War Memorial Southern Command 6 Der Reihe nach This Memorial is an expression of the nation's gratitude for the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who defended our country since 1947. The museum shows the great history of soldiers of Southern Command.
8 MD: Pune, Tulshi Baug 6 Der Reihe nach Tulshibaug is Pune's most popular and a busy street shopping market that also has a historic 18th century Temple precinct.
9 MD: Pune, Shaniwar Wada 6 Der Reihe nach A historical fort built around the residence of Peshwa Bajirao I, by the Maratha Empire in the 18th Century.
10 MD: Pune, Sarasbaug Mahalaxmi Temple 6 Der Reihe nach With Dravidian style of architecture, this beautiful temple has marble carved idols of Goddesses Sri Mahasaraswati, Sri Mahalaxmi and Sri Mahakaali and images of 12 saints carved on the temple walls.
11 MD2019: ENEMY MINE 8 Der Reihe nach You are the chosen of Nemesis.
12 MD2019: ENEMY MINE 6 Der Reihe nach You are the chosen of Nemesis.
13 MD: Pune, Pu. La. Deshpande Garden 6 Der Reihe nach Also known as Pune Okayama friendship garden, this is the biggest Japanese style garden, out of Japan, in Asia. It is a symbol of Indo-Japanese friendship.
14 MD: Pune, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai 6 Der Reihe nach This Gothic styled historic building is currently the biggest vegetable market in Pune.
15 Path to the Osiris stone 18 Beliebig the final path
16 MD: Pune, Aga Khan Palace 6 Der Reihe nach Built to provide employment to famine struck villagers in 1892, this palace now holds memorials of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi.
17 MD 2019: Palm Springs, PS Art Museum 6 Beliebig Palm Springs Art Museum creates transformative experiences that expand our understanding of ourselves and the world. Founded in 1938 as the Palm Springs Desert Museum at La Plaza in downtown Palm Spr
18 MD 2019: Springfield, Lincoln Memorial Gardens 6 Beliebig Lincoln Memorial Garden features native plants from KY, IN, and IL that would be representative of those Lincoln would have known. Several unpaved hiking trails wind through the park's hills.
19 MD: Pune, Omkareshwar Mandir 6 Der Reihe nach Built in the 17th century with splendid architecture, this temple is a symbol of survival as it survived the mayhem of floods in Pune in 1962.
20 MD: Asunción, Escalinata Antequera 6 Beliebig Escalinata Antequera, se comenzó a construir el año 1928. Construida para solucionar el desnivel existente entre dos calles paralelas, estando una de ellas ubicadas en una de las colinas de Asunción.
21 MD: Pune, Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Tem 6 Der Reihe nach Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati is the most endearing deity to the devotees, and is the epitome of pride and honor to the city of Pune. The Temple is 126 years old.
22 MD: Pune, Pataleshwar Cave Temple 6 Der Reihe nach Said to have carved out of a single rock in the 8th century, this cave temple is a architectural wonder and is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.
23 MD: Pune, Sarasbaug 6 Der Reihe nach In the 18th century, the Maratha empire built the Ganesh Temple here in the lake at Parvati foothills and used it for secret strategic discussions. The garden was developed after the lake dried up.
24 MD: Pune, Cafe Goodluck 6 Der Reihe nach A very popular 8 decades old Irani cafe at the Deccan Gymkhana area.
25 MD: Pune, Rani Laxmibai Statue 6 Der Reihe nach A beautiful and monumental bronze statue of the warrior queen, Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi carrying her child on her back and going to a battle.
26 MD: Pune, Parvati Hill 6 Der Reihe nach At a height of 2100 feet above sea level, Parvati hill offers a beautiful panoramic aerial view of the city. The temples here are the old heritage structures from Peshwa era. Only 100 steps to climb!
27 GDC @ The Gardens with Niantic 10 Beliebig Join the Niantic team at Yerba Buena gardens for 3 days of fun, swag and engaging conversation.
28 MD: Pune, Late Sanjay Mahadeo Nimhan Gram Sanskrut 6 Der Reihe nach A Village themed park depicting life and culture in rural Maharashtra. There are total 555 life-size statues at this park.
29 MD: Pune, Kesari Wada 6 Der Reihe nach This building complex held offices of the newspapers Kesari and Maratha run by Lokmanya Tilak and was a place of community gathering during the Indian Freedom Struggle.
30 MD: Pune, Shri Someshwar Mandir 6 Der Reihe nach This temple of Lord Shiva is about 900 years old, it is located at the banks of the river called Ram Nadi.
31 MD: Pune, Fergusson College Road 6 Der Reihe nach One of Pune's most lively and busy road that features many cafes, street food joints and street shopping stalls.