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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Stolpersteine in Limburg 5 Beliebig Auf der Spur jüdischen Lebens in Limburg. Stolpersteine nennt sich ein Projekt des Künstlers Gunter Demnig.
2 Graffitis in Limburg 15 Beliebig Eine Reise zu den Graffiti Portalen in Limburg. Dauert etwas länger, da sie über das ganze Stadtgebiet verteilt sind. Gebt mir bescheid wenn ich welche vergessen habe.
3 Rumd um das Weilburger Schloss 19 Beliebig Eine kleine Tour in Weilburg.
4 Limburger Kuriositäten 5 Beliebig Eine kleine Tour durch die Kuriositäten Limburgs.
5 Rund um den Dom 14 Der Reihe nach Eine Reise um den schönen Dom und durch die Altstadt von Limburg. A trip around the beautiful cathedral and old town of Limburg.
6 Taunusanlage 5 Beliebig Ein Spaziergang durch die Taunusanlage in Frankfurt.
7 Kreuzweg 13 Beliebig Jesus Weg zur Kreuzigung.
8 Warten auf den Zug in Limburg 8 Beliebig Was gäbe es besseres als sich die Zeit bis zum nächsten Zug mit einer Ingress Mission zu vertreiben?
9 Frankfurt U1 11 Beliebig Eine Fahrt mit der U1 von Dornbusch nach Ginnheim.
Прогулка по Арбату
   07-07-2018 16:24
Very nice - quick missions and almost no repeats.
Took me about 2 hours without linking.
I had some issues finding the way on mission 16 and 19.

Moscow City
   07-07-2018 16:20
After taking more than 2 hourss to finish the first 6 missions, I gave up. Luckily there was public transport close by.
I suggest to do this only if you have a lot of time and are prepared to retrace your steps multiple times.

75 - 55 (2018)
   04-07-2018 10:11

   13-06-2018 13:11
Awesome banner - but there are a few things to take into account.
You will have issues if you try to do this in one go, as I did, because some portals need to be hacked 6 times. So don't deploy mods if you don't have to!
As soon as you have to hack portals outside the park, it gets difficult. Finding the way is not always easy and I had to track back several times.
The next Metro stations are 1.5 km away from the park. Add this to your travel plans.
I did it on foot and it took me around four hours.

   19-02-2018 11:01
I could hardly resist the urge to give up on this mosaik several times. Especially I was a nightmare in my opinion. The author is sending you on the strangest pathes through the weirdest places in Sochi.
It took me about 3 hours to finish this on bike!
I really had to earn this one...