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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Lichfield Court 6 Der Reihe nach Visit and hack the portals around Art Deco Grade II LIsted Building in the heart of Richmond, London.
2 Richmond Thames Waterfront 12 Der Reihe nach A beautiful walk down the side of the river. Take in the sights!
Guildford High Street
   27-04-2019 20:49
A great route taking a sensible meander through Guildford Town Centre. Passphrases annoying, I get that they're there as placeholders due to a lack of portals but the questions were stupid. Could have been simpler, or more relevant to the mission! Should be accessible 24/7.

Super Lazy
   02-08-2018 9:53
Loved this banner, fantastically quick and easy. A very quirky little sculpture garden which was well worth the visit, and some good unique hacks too.

Walking distance is probably about 300m total, as you barely have to move at all inbetween these missions. Super lazy is indeed very much accurate. Longest I had to walk for a portal was 20 metres. :')

This is possibly the most accessible banner I've done to date, less mobile and/or disabled agents will be able to easily do this set of missions!

Mathematical passcodes are basic mental maths, nothing harder than 100+101 or 70-65. No division, mostly simple 1 or 2 digit number addition and subtraction.

Parking is just 0.60€ per hour, make sure you don't make lots of noise and be respectful of the patients staying nearby. Overall, 5/5, would do again!

Queen Of Gulls
   02-08-2018 9:45
Completed this in about 2hrs, it's a very quick route with 150 uniques and coverable 24/7. This was made and intended as a quick tourist banner doable on foot offering good unique coverage without the (frankly) insane distances of some other Brighton mosaics which are not suitable for most ingressing visitors.

Route slightly hilly, not sure if it's wheelchair accessible but for electric chairs it may be okay.

Wolf in Vilnius
   01-08-2018 23:08
Great banner, finished in about 1.5hrs with my partner at a medium pace.

Route sensible, open 24/7 and visits some great spots along the way - we loved the section by the bastion of the wall giving a brilliant view over the city!

Not suitable for wheelchair users, very hilly with small pavements in parts.

Ducky Duckling Ducks
   01-08-2018 23:04
This was a brilliantly fun little banner, most of the portals can be hit at once from one location on certain missions so it's likely shorter walk than the 2.5km route IM calculates. The park shut at 11pm when we were there in Aug 2018.

We had no issues, super easy banner, sensible route and cute image!

This would be a good banner for disabled people, wheelchair users, and agents with limited mobility. The route is around an accessible park with very few deviations and flat terrain. Many free drinking water fountains are dotted around this park too!

The only single downside is that there were no actual ducks in the park when we went. :(

Warsaw Postcard
   01-08-2018 0:16
What to say about this banner?

1) Every single route you'd expect it to take it doesn't. This is not a good thing.

2) It skips portals, constantly.

3) Some portals you need to hack twice in a row.

4) The routing is absolutely hopeless. Doubles back, twists and turns, avoids nice lines of portals etc.

5) the random deploy mods/cap and upgrade are dangerous inclusions in case mod slots are full!

Make sure you check this one before doing it. The beautiful picture is just about worth the faff.

Link Amp Kitten - Vilnius
   01-08-2018 0:12
I love the thrill of install mod banners, as you never quite know what you're going to get. Do ensure you have a couple of flip cards with you in case you turn up and some plonker on your team has dropped common multihacks on all the portals.

I did this with my partner @queenoflions, we got lucky and most portals had at least two mod slots free. We needed to JARVIS just one portal, the rest were all fine.

Route is excellent, sees a great bit of the city. Bring about 40 mods with you, and make sure you save them for the portals that need them!

Should be 24/7 almost all parks are open overnight here. It's not enormously wheelchair suitable.

Suns out Buns out
   01-08-2018 0:06
A thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours spent ambling through Vilnius on this banner. I think on one or two locations (the Presidential Palace particularly) there is a double hack, so bring a heatsink.

Route is excellent, gets maximum hacks (and way points) in with a sensibly thought out path through the city.

Quite uneven terrain at times and somewhat hilly so probably not wheelchair suitable, but an intrepid wheelchair user might manage.

Richmond Kitty Cats
   24-07-2018 2:03
Trialled this new mission banner along with @queenoflions and @philbell. Banner is a short walk around Richmond town centre, not longer than a half hour walk, or 45-60 mins if you link/field etc. Should be wheelchair accessible too, as Richmond town centre has lots of dropped kerbs and no real hilly terrain.

(by the way, the cat in the pictures is called Ada!)

***Gated portal removed from route, and double hack amended to be unique instead. ***

Richmond Stag
   16-06-2017 0:07
Okay, it started so well with a really well thought out route! Three of the last missions had you walk nearly 2km to hack six portals, which was just a bit silly. Would have been far better to travel from Sheen to Richmond by bus - but there were really odd choices of portals miles off the road, doubling back, going strange directions...

Banner was 10/10, really nice image and it fits on the scanner well! Missions 1-6 were great, but 7-12 shouldn't be anywhere near so long.

Resistance Bird
   09-06-2017 22:33
**OLD ROUTE** - Took me approximately four hours to complete on foot in two SESSIONS.