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Mosaike 14
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Gelöschte Missionen 126

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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Haagse Beeldenroute 34 Der Reihe nach Route langs de bekende en onbekende beelden in Den Haag.
2 Poems & Art 43 Beliebig Can you find your favorite poem? De Stoeptegels offers a great variety of poems along the path you walk. Just don't listen to Ramses Shaffy for once where he asks to look up.
3 Thorbecke 12 Beliebig Johan Rudolph Thorbecke (Zwolle, 14-1-1798 - Den Haag, 4-6-1872) was een Nederlands staatsman van liberale signatuur. Hij wordt als de grondlegger van het parlementarisme in Nederland beschouwd.
4 Molenwijk 24 Beliebig Van de Laakmolen tot aan Rijswijk, allerlei onderdelen van een molen komen aan bod.
5 Naar de Veiling 5 Der Reihe nach We nemen de Veilingroute naar FloraHolland toe. De grootste bloemenveiling ter wereld!
6 Rade? 22 Beliebig Rondjes over de rades
7 Kerketuinen & Zichtenburg 15 Beliebig Rondje door Kerketuinen & Zichtenburg
8 Walk The Candy Trail 51 Beliebig Walk by the finest art installations Moerwijk has to offer. Not only will you see the most awesome Candy art, but also lots of animal statues.
9 Wilhelminapark 12 Beliebig Rondje door het Wilhelminapark
10 Constantijn Huygens 10 Beliebig Constantijn Huygens (Den Haag, 4 september 1596 – aldaar, 28 maart 1687) was een Nederlandse dichter, diplomaat, geleerde, componist en architect.
11 Vreeswijk 07 7 Der Reihe nach Wander around the historic part of Vreeswijk and its surroundings.
12 Like A Wrecking Ball 10 7 Der Reihe nach Walk or bike through the historic centre of IJsselstein and its surroundings.
13 Vreeswijk 01 7 Der Reihe nach Wander around the historic part of Vreeswijk and its surroundings.
14 Like A Wrecking Ball 01 7 Der Reihe nach Walk or bike through the historic centre of IJsselstein and its surroundings.
15 Newton 7 Beliebig Isaac Newton (Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, 4-1-1643 – Kensington, 31-3-1727) was een Engelse natuurkundige, wiskundige, astronoom, natuurfilosoof, alchemist, officieel muntmeester en theoloog.
16 Sweet Lake Dorpsstraat 20 Beliebig Over de Dorpsstraat van Zoetermeer
17 Florence Nightingale 11 Beliebig Florence Nightingale (Florence, 12 mei 1820 – Londen, 13 augustus 1910) was een Brits verpleegkundige, sociaal hervormer, statisticus en mystica.
18 Rondje Honsel 10 Beliebig Lekker rondje touren door Honselersdijk
19 De Kraayenmars 10 Beliebig Rondje Kraayenstein
20 Vreeswijk 02 6 Der Reihe nach Wander around the historic part of Vreeswijk and its surroundings.
21 't Hart van de Poeluk 13 Beliebig Wandeling door het centrum van Poeldijk.
22 Ik ben niet gek, ik ben een vliegtuig! 12 Der Reihe nach Logica is ver te zoeken hier...
23 Nach hause 11 Der Reihe nach Auf wienerschnitzel!
24 Het Seizoen 10 Beliebig Allerlei kunstwerken. Verspreid over de Siergaarde.
25 Walk the Gaardetrail 23 Beliebig Rondje over de Gaardes
26 Vreeswijk 12 7 Der Reihe nach Wander around the historic part of Vreeswijk and its surroundings.
27 Spuimarkt Art 25 Beliebig Rondje langs alle kunst rond het spuimarkt
28 Delierious 11 Beliebig Rondje door De Lier heen.
ENL Meganomaly Amsterdam 2019
   13-05-2019 9:54
Great banner for walking. Only the start of 11 is far from the end of 10 and crossing Rokin several times during missions 11 and 12, isn't very nice. But overall a great banner!

Fluffy Unicorn
   16-07-2018 7:43
Pretty easy banner. All questions are very easy to guess. Did it in almost 4 hours while shooting, capping and linking.

   29-06-2017 9:58
Op een paar klein schoonheidsfoutjes na is het een heerlijke banner om te lopen. Neem wel een heatsink mee voor missie 31.

The Water Nymph
   02-05-2017 8:55
Took me 1,5 hour walking, hack only.

The Dragon Lady
   24-04-2017 10:29
Great banner to see the city centre of The Hague. Doable by bike, but by foot is recommended. Done this in slightly less than 2,5 hours including some shooting and fielding.
Although there are a buttload of fieldtrips, it makes the walk pretty short.

Rondje Brielle
   24-04-2017 10:26
I did the first three missions by car and the rest by foot since the first 2,5 missions are outside the city centre with some larger distances. Halfway through the third mission I parked my car (for free!) within the city walls.

It's partly a carbanner where you skip portals because of the one-way-streets, but partly a walkbanner because of the bridges you have to cross, or pillars in the road or multiple portals against the one way streets.

Overall a good banner which will show you the beautiful city of Brielle, just be prepared to walk or bike more than neccessary.

First Kiss
   25-10-2016 14:50
Makkelijk te fietsen en te lopen.

OFFLINE - Diertjes
   28-08-2016 11:17
Great banner to see every part of the northern side of Alkmaar. Done this by bike in slighty less than 3 hours.

Abstract art banner
   28-08-2016 11:12
Done this one in 3 hours by bike. Great banner to see every part in the city centre.

Utrecht Zuid
   21-07-2016 8:58
Nice small banner. Done this in 2 hours by bike including a lot of upgrading and linking. Could've done this in half the time if hack only.

Haarlem Tour
   19-07-2016 12:50
Done this by bike. The picture is nice, but this banner is not for those who want to grab as much uniques as possible. Because of the length and tht the last portal is near the start of the Discover Haarlem banner, this one is ideal to combine with that one.
This banner took us 1,25 hour including some capturing and fielding.

Discover Haarlem
   19-07-2016 12:46
I've done this with one fellow agent on bike. It's a banner in which you have to turn a few times, but it's only to capture every portal. Pretty nice banner overall where we saw every part of the beautiful city centre of Haarlem.
It took us a bit more than 3 hours including a bit of capturing when the inventories where full.

2 Den Haag de weduwe van Indië
   15-07-2016 7:36
Great banner! But The Royal Gardens are in it too. Which are only accessible at daytime.