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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Victory Dash 6 Beliebig Addendum to the alphabet missions - dash across Victory Memorial Parkway to get a hyphen!
2 Vadnais Heights Long Bike Loop 13 Der Reihe nach Bike around Vadnais Heights and find some neat portals!
3 Explore Downtown Stillwater 37 Der Reihe nach See the sights of Downtown Stillwater. Hack in order.
4 Churches of Hastings 8 Beliebig Explore some churches in Hastings.
5 Stillwater Long Bike Loop 16 Der Reihe nach Bike around beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota and hack some portals!
6 St. John's Church 6 Beliebig Capture St. John's.
7 White Bear Lake Long Bike Loop 17 Der Reihe nach Take a pleasant bike ride around the city by the lake.
8 Welcome to Hastings! 8 Beliebig Coming to Hastings? Hack on your way in to gear up!
9 North St. Paul Long Bike Loop 14 Der Reihe nach Bike around North St. Paul and explore some of the portals there!
10 Villa Park Hike 13 Beliebig Hike around the beautiful Villa, Tamarack, and Reservoir Woods parks, finding exciting new portals as you go.