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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Mighty Angel II 6 Der Reihe nach Hack your way through Mountain View Cemetery to complete this banner
Sitting Cow Cat
   31-12-2018 18:14
Thought it would be fun to make a banner of my fiancé's cat. I completed in 2 hours however I was smashing and trying to get the most amount of points as well. Should be 24/7. If you were just doing the banner and nothing else can probably be done in 45min

North Shore
   14-10-2018 9:00
Completed in about 2 hours 15 min. Walked 1-8 then drove to 9 then walked the rest. 15 needs heatsinks so plan ahead. The paths in West Vancouver are filled most weekends with walkers and bikers.

The Cassandra Clock
   11-10-2018 0:54
Banner is no longer available

Undies for All
   23-09-2018 20:53
There were a few gaps between missions that could have been closer with other portals along the way but over all nice banner to do. Completed in 35 minutes

Parade Your Pride
   23-09-2018 20:52
Easy enough banner, completed in 35 minutes capturing moat portals along the way

Zoo Hacks Level One
   04-09-2018 23:10
Not a hard banner when you follow the path set out by the author. Hits most of the zoos portals. Didn’t time myself as I was enjoying the sights

City Of Roses
   04-09-2018 6:27
Fantastic banner, great lookin and a good walk around downtown. Completed in about 2 hours capturing most of the portals along the way. The pass-phrases were fun too.

2018 MD Vancouver
   27-08-2018 3:37
Completed in about 4.5 hours. Recommend you drive between the larger sections of the city. There are a few drivable missions like Main Street and kerrisdale but most require some walking . The aquarium needs drift to get the penguin portal or connect to their wifi to help.

VanRE Cassandra Prime
   23-08-2018 4:52
Completed in 71 minutes but I wasn’t looking for unique or tourist sights. Currently 33 has construction on the second half. I would duck down to the parking lot and drift. Plenty of tourists out as well.

Forest Lawn Cemetery - Burnaby
   13-08-2018 21:08
Fun banner. Took around 40min to complete and hit most of the stops in the graveyard. Not a 24/7 banner

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
   13-08-2018 21:06
I would drive this one as it is a bit far to walk. If you have access to a bike and some time you could do it too

Port Alberni Harbour
   10-07-2018 1:24
Easy enough banner, I would drive between locations to save time

Vancouver Skyline
   23-06-2018 19:35
Completed in about 45 minutes. Great looking banner. I would recommend going early as the paths fill up with tourists quickly on a weekend

#MP World Cup Soccer CA-Vancouver
   03-06-2018 21:56
Completed in about 20 minutes. Great looking banner and an easy walk along the drive. Lots of places for food and coffee when you are finished too

False Creek Dragon
   27-05-2018 1:42
Quick banner didn’t keep track of time but maybe 15-20 minutes

Summer s End
   27-05-2018 1:41
Completed in about 55 minutes. Great looking banner and a nice walk down commercial drive

Milky Way
   17-05-2018 21:16
Completed in about 4 hours 30 min including coffee break. Number 25 has a bad path so watch out and anything near the stadium is annoying. Great looking banner overall and glad to have completed it.

Link Amp Moose
   16-05-2018 5:52
Completed in about 70 minutes. Some pathing and drift issues. Very nice looking banner

IngressFS - Burnaby BC Banner
   14-05-2018 17:56
Completed in about 35 minutes. As Laing said there is a 6th mission in the banner. Quick walk around the park

Magnus Liminal Continuum Vancouver CA
   08-05-2018 18:24
Completed in about 55 minutes. The hard part was selecting the mission you wanted to complete. It was a fairly straight forward walk, downhill to start and uphill back. Slight amount of drift problem around mission 16.

Mission Project HNY2018 Vancouver CA
   08-05-2018 18:21
Completed in about 15-20 minutes. Quick easy walk through the gas town section of downtown Vancouver.

SFU Academic Quadrangle
   23-04-2018 18:20
Completed in about 35 minutes. Bring a good mixture of resonators as it will help upgrade any portal. Check out the portals ahead of time to save yourself trouble.

MD Vancouver
   22-03-2018 19:31
You will want to bring a car or plan out transportation since the missions go all over the city. The downtown sections get much more difficult depending on the time of day with all the people walking around.

New Westminster Paddlewheeler
   12-03-2018 16:33
Completed in about 22 minutes or so. I walked around the tracks instead of using the bridge. The banner uses 3 sets of cluster upgrades just don't hack randomly. Fun and easy to do.

Howe Sound
   06-11-2017 17:18
Competed in about 2 hours. Currently #5 requires admission to the mines. Edit is pending to do the reverse of #4 which will require waiting 5min or heatsinks.

Far Far Away Artwork
   30-10-2017 16:16
Took about 1 hour 45min at a slow-medium pace. There is an admission fee to enter the grounds. Missions 2 and 24 are completed towards the parking lot outside the gardens.

Kitsilano Beach
   16-10-2017 16:54
Nice looking banner. Mission order was a little funny but nothing too difficult. Took about 20-25 minutes at a casual speed.

Granville Island
   16-10-2017 16:52
Great banner, easy to complete. Took about 50-55 minutes. Crowds could be annoying if you go on a busy day.

North Vancouver Art
   10-10-2017 18:57
Completed in about 1 hour 50 min. Most of the hacking doesn't require you to cross the street many times.

Dude Chilling
   26-09-2017 18:35
Completed in 2 hours 20min which includes a 15min walk back to the car and stop for coffee. The banner looks great but crossing Main Street is difficult. The missions would have been better to set in sequential order instead of hack any as I had to back track a few times.

False Creek at Night
   18-09-2017 17:14
Completed on foot in about 45min, only stopping to take a few gray portals

Cat Blue
   05-09-2017 23:06
Completed in about 3 hours before the edits. #6 could use a second look at since it loops back.