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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Kerken in Aalten 7 Beliebig In het dorp Aalten vind je diverse kerken van verschillende geloofsgemeenschappen. Loop/fiets je mee langs de prachtige kerken van Aalten? Enkele gemeenten/geloven zijn niet meegeteld (geen portals)
   31-07-2018 12:59
The seperate missions are in exactly the reserved order. Each mission should start near the end of the last mission, but you have to scroll down 2, 3, 4 or 5 pages of missions before finding the next part of this banner and then hacking them in the reversed order. This is time consuming and it irritated me quite a bit. If only this was fixed :-)

Institut Pere Mata
   01-04-2018 14:59
I think the park is closed at night. Please note that the passphrase is at the end of each mission, so fill in the answer to the question first, then start the next mission and then hack. DynamoJoe is aware of this little problem and will change it. Done in a little over 1,5 hours.

Zaandam centrum Banner
   25-02-2018 13:12
Done in 1 hour 30 minutes

Utereg me stadsie
   25-02-2018 10:24
Done in 1 hour and 44 minutes with deploying, capturing and such.

La Muerte
   19-02-2018 20:20
I'd rather kill myself than doing this mission again. Lots of crossing big roads, unlogical routes and repetition. Mission 13 starts at the Palacios Real portal, but if not available, see through the nearby missions. Mission 26 is available, ingressmosaic is lying. :)

Link and Navi
   19-02-2018 17:07
Doable in 2 hours walking. Numbers 12/13/14 are not logical. Walk back beginning of the bridge to walk the street in for numbers 12 and 13. Walk to the lowest point for 14 (if I recall correctly). Route is somewhat strange to follow. At the end of mission 42,you have to make a field with the final link coming from the last portal.

Gato o Minino Madrid
   16-02-2018 16:23
Missions are 100% online. Please look on nearby missions and click a few times in 'more missions'. Can't find the mission on on the starting portal, but they are certainly available.

Done in 1 hour on foot.

Banksy - Achieve greatness
   06-12-2017 16:06
Overdag kun je nog extra uniques scoren bij 't Begijnhof, ik meen de 3de of 4de missie. De laatste 4 zijn in vergelijking met de rest een beetje lang. In 2:20 was ik klaar (lopend) met de nodige captures, mods deployen en linken/fielden wat maar kan.

   06-12-2017 10:33
I had no problems with the portals at the Groentenmarkt. I did it in a little under 3 hours, with the occasional stops. After mission 18 it feels a bit like a repeat, but it goes quicker at the end of the banner. Would recommend.

Reinaert de Vos
   05-12-2017 19:47
Have to search sometimes for the best route (with mission in random order). In mission 17 there is a way point which is hard to reach. Within 2 minutes I had enough drift. Otherwise, it's a great banner. I did it in a little over 3 hours with a trip to McDonald's and linking/fielding.

Banksy - acceptable level of threat
   05-12-2017 16:25
Looks like it's available 24/7. Took me 5 hours but with linking, capturing and drinking beer. Would recommend.

Belfry Of Bruges
   04-12-2017 15:03
Certainly not 24/7 available. In mission 5/6 there is a closed property (begijnhuis?) which is open from 6:30 until 18:30. The route is quite unlogical. Mission 29 is suddenly quite longer than the rest. And the reason I did this banner? Because there is another banner (12 part) with exactly the same name. I really would like to see this banner to be renamed.

Edit 30-12-2017 Changes have been made to mission 29 (and others?) and the whole banner is renamed, so no confusion anymore between the 12-part and 48-part banner :-)